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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Possible Bi-Pedal Canine - Georgia 1941

I received the following account earlier today:

Hi Lon - enjoy reading your newsletter and thought I would send a story my Grandfather John told me.

In 1940 he volunteered for active duty and was later shipped off to Camp Stewart, Georgia. He had graduated high school (in New York City) the year before and thought that the US would be fighting in the war eventually, so he signed up before he was drafted.

At the time, he was part of an anti-aircraft training unit that was housed in large tents. Camp Stewart (now Fort Stewart) was a fairly new facility and much of it was under construction. Most of the tents were in or near an area that was densely forested. I don't know how many guys were in the tent with him, but he was friends with another guy from NYC named Pete.

They hadn't been there long when stories about weird creatures in the woods started to circulate among the soldiers. One of the rumors was that a few soldiers had been attacked by an unknown beast within the camp. There wasn't a lot said and no one (he believes) ever witnessed the attacks.

One early morning, Grandpa John and Pete along with other soldiers were transporting garbage to an area north of the camp. He said that there was a large ditch where all the refuse was dumped. It was hauled in large barrels which were emptied one by one.

He was in the lead truck as they pulled up to the dump area. They noticed a very large dog on the back edge of the ditch which looked to be digging in the trash. They were commenting that the dog may have been a wolf because it was huge. While they were talking among themselves, the dog stood up on it's two back legs and looked directly at them. After a few seconds, it turned and dropped to four legs, then ran into the woods. They were alarmed and considered leaving, but there were armed personnel on patrol. They then wondered why armed soldiers needed to guard a garbage dump.

They quickly got their work done because they wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Grandpa John said that he later had a conversation with one of the guys who had spent time guarding the garbage dump. According to him, the higher-ups were aware of the large dogs, which he believed to be wolves. He said that there were other similar beasts in the area and that they were ordered to shoot to kill if they had the opportunity. He admitted that he witnessed one of these wolves stand up on two legs and walk, though he didn't say why he failed to shoot at it.

Grandpa John was later injured during training, but after two years he was cleared for assignment and served in the US Army in Europe. He said that over the years he had talked to other vets who had trained at Fort Stewart. A few of them were aware of the attacks and that it probably occurred on more than one occasion.

I have read about the Dogman sightings on your website. I wonder if the Fort Stewart beasts may have been the same type of creatures? I'd be interested if others had ever heard of these attacks. Thank you - Jack

NOTE: After reading this account, I'm curious to find out if there had been other incidents. Please forward any information you may have. Ft. Stewart is located in Liberty and Bryan counties, near Hinesville, GA. about 40 miles southwest of Savannah. Lon

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