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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: ‘Jinn’ Forces School to Relocate -- A Note From Brett Butler -- Attempt to Pass Off Human Corpse as a Bigfoot Body

‘Jinn’ Forces School to Relocate

The Department of Education in Madinah has relocated a girls school in a village after a number of its students complained a jinn was haunting the premises, Al-Watan reported on Wednesday.

The department made its decision based on the recommendations of a special committee established to investigate the case in Al-Shalayel, 70 km away from the holy city.

Omar Barnawi, the department's spokesman, said the committee listened to a number of students, teachers and workers.

He said the department's director Nasser Al-Abdul Kareem had ordered the establishment of the committee to investigate the claims and find solutions that would reassure the girls and their families.

A source close to the school said in May a number of students did not attend classes.

The source said a number of girls had fainted or started having seizures, prompting parents to stop them from going to school.

“We had to suspend the school for a few days,” Barnawi said at the time. He said the school tried to control the situation before contacting the directorate but the students were terrified and would not return to school.

The source said the principal informed the department about the incident to find a solution but when the department did not move quickly, she called in a sheikh to recite Qur'an in the school.

He said the villagers started sending tweets using a particular hashtag asking the department to shift the school to another place.

The source said one of the girls claimed she saw an old man sitting in the school's courtyard but he disappeared in thin air when she got closer.

A cleaner said he entered the school one night to clean the classrooms and saw a number of children playing football. He said when he approached them they disappeared. - ‘Jinn’ forces school to relocate


From Brett Butler​

Dear Ones,

Lon is an old friend and I'm going to try something here: Anyone who gives $20 gets a 'quickie' reading for twenty minutes. (Most of the strangest evidence comes through on that first 20 minutes anyway!)

Just send proof of your Go Fund Me payment with personal info deleted, please, along with your email address and best phone number for contacting you.

Send to: therealbrettbutler@gmail.com
Subject Line: "Go Fund Me"

And - in advance - thank you for your kind support for this cause! I'm looking forward to speaking with y'all - and by the way I almost ALWAYS read longer than the scheduled time. : )

To quote a great kid, "God bless us... every one!"

Please Contribute to 'Vanessa's Medical Support Fund' at GoFundMe.com


Indian Power Station Haunting

In a bizarre incident, employees of a power grid sub-station in Barmer district of Rajasthan have lodged a police complaint accusing 'ghosts' for not letting them perform their duties.

Interestingly, local police visited the grid sub-station several times and even stayed there for an entire night to detect any paranormal activity but failed to arrive on any conclusion.

Employees have now refused to perform their duties and have reported the matter to senior officials.

"We have visited the grid sub-station several times but could not spot any unusual activity. Initially, we thought that some miscreants are disturbing the employees to steal electric wires and transformers but it was not the case," said Dhanna Puri Goswami, station house officer of Sheo police station in Barmer district.

"On the insistence of the complainants, we stayed at the sub-station during night but everything looked normal," he added.

Police can help only when a complaint is registered against a living person, he added.

Police informed that employees at the sub-station have accused evil spirits of jumping on rooftops, throwing stones on them and stopping them from attending to the electrical faults.

Complainants have mentioned that on several occasions when they climbed onto an electricity pole to fix a fault, they felt a ghost already working on the problem.

Some employees allegedly sustained electric shocks from out of service electric poles.

When the employees could not get any help from police, they hired local exorcists to fix the problem but all efforts proved futile.

Eventually, the employees have now requested senior officials of Energy Department to fix the problem or they will stop working there.

"We have received a complaint from the employees of Sheo grid sub-station and we will soon look into the matter. A few employees have requested to let them go on leave," said a senior official of Barmer zone.

In the police complaint, employees have mentioned several incidents that have caused a sense of fear and panic among them.

The employees claimed that on several occasions, during midnight, they heard unusual noises which gave them an impression that someone was loading electrical equipment, transformers and cables on a truck.

When they went out to check, they found nothing. Employees have linked the unusual activities to the death of their colleague last year.

The colleague died of an electric shock at the sub grid-station while on work. - 'Ghosts' at R'than power station, staff files complaint with police


Ghost haunts family, dead mother appears at night

A family of Twashuka compound in Luanshya is leaving in fear and has deserted their home following an alleged ghost of their deceased mother said to be appearing in the house at night since Sunday.

Son to the deceased, Patrick Mwila told ZANIS in Luanshya that his mother Alice Mubanga, 68, died on Monday last week and was put to rest on Thursday but that she started haunting the house at night on Sunday.

“I feel my mother is coming back to communicate something to us, it could be the cause of her death or the manner in which her property was shared. she appears in form of a black shadow which first appeared on Sunday night around 19:00 hours and comes every night in the bedroom and starts giving signs using her hands and when you leave the house she follows.” Mwila said.

He further said upon seeing the shadow, family members quickly alerted neighbours who came to witness the incident and started praying in the bedroom until the shadow disappeared and was rediscovered in the living room as people were exiting the house.

Mr Mwila narrated that the family suspected foul play in his mother’s death whose left hand became swollen after a splinter pricked her earlier this year.

The incident happened when Mr Mwila’s mother was weeding her maize field, and the hand started decomposing, leaving the bone exposed consequently leading to her death.

He added that the ghost does not harm anyone but rejects and accepts people when they try to appease his mother’s spirit.

Another eye witness Angela Mulenga said the ghost has been appearing every time they open the deceased’s house which other family members where still occupying, the situation that has led to the family deserting the house.

She said if the house remains unopened the ghost roams the yard in form of a black shadow moving its hands and giving signals the situation that has shocked and haunted the entire community leading to people living in fear.

But the deceased’s son Mwila said the family has since engaged the clergy who will perform rituals of exorcism both at the house and the deceased’s grave tomorrow.

He added that his mother was God fearing and belonged to a strong religious group therefore deserves to rest in peace.

Mr Mwila stated that his mother spirit would only rest when she settles her scores, which she was trying to communicate with the living.

He has since appealed to well-wishers and the church to intervene with the situation and help restore calm both at their home and the community.

When asked if his mother practiced any form of magic, Mwila said she was a good woman who used the bible and herbs to help the sick but declined she practised witchcraft.

A ZANIS crew that visited the house found the house locked with family members going about their business outside the house, saying they leave the yard as soon as night falls because that is the time the ghost appears. - Ghost haunts Luanshya family, dead mother appears at night


Attempt to Pass Off Human Corpse as a Bigfoot Body

In a post titled “Possible Bigfoot Bones Found Near Grants Pass, Oregon”, a man claims to have stumbled upon the remains of a Sasquatch while on a hunting trip near the Illinois River.

Here’s the original text:

I was contacted by a man in Oregon named Craig who had these pictures sent to his phone by his former brother in law who was out hunting with a friend in Grants Pass along the Illinois river a few years back when the discovered these bones near the river.

The two hunters were amazed by the size of the feet and length of the leg bones. They thought at the time they might be a big human or maybe even bigfoot. They called the local game wardens who came up to the inspect the find. The hunters said that within a hour or so 2 black suburban pulled up and these men confiscated the bones and told everyone there they never saw this “It didn’t Happen” Just for get about it. They also confiscated their cell phones but didn’t know they had already sent the pictures to Craig and other family members.

Warning...graphic! Read more at Found Him! Watch in Horror as Bigfoot Hunters Pass Off a Human Corpse as a Sasquatch Body



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