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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Live... Die... and Live Again - Part 2

By Stephen Ellis - In Part 1, we used available evidence to show that the mind and the body are two separate, distinctive things. Now let’s look at some of the possibilities of what happens when the body dies. Of course, when you are still alive, it is difficult to explain what will happen when you die, but there is a lot of empirical evidence:

GHOSTS: There is extremely strong evidence that ghosts do exist. There are documented cases where messages have been received, where the secret location of documents and bank accounts have been disclosed to children of deceased parents. What seems to be most important is that all documentation of ghosts is non-physical. Of course, if you think about it, ghosts do not have a physical body, so how can anything they do be physical?

About 35 years ago, I actually saw an image of a girl I did not know in an apartment I was renting. A month later, after identifying the girl, I found she had been murdered in that very apartment only weeks before I moved-in.

It would seem that ghosts are people who want to “stick around” and continue to observe what is happening although they can no longer share, physically, in those events.

This is indicative that becoming a “ghost” and sticking around to observe what is happening is actually a “choice” your consciousness can make when your body dies. Clearly, this is not a “permanent” choice. Although some will claim that ghosts have been around for hundreds of years, most ghosts seem to stay around for relatively short periods of time. A man who built a house with his own hands may have trouble staying away from that house when his body dies. But when the house is torn down…or the new owner asserts his ownership, the “ghost” usually disappears.

There is much more to be said about ghosts who appear in photographs and the claim some people make to being able to contact them, but that’s for another article.

REINCARNATION: There is probably no stronger provable evidence of “life after death” than reincarnation. Again, this appears to be a choice of some consciousness to re-enter the physical world. There are very few “reincarnated” people who remember their past lives (except under hypnosis). Under hypnosis, however, almost all seem to have the same memory of “going to the waiting place to be re-born”. In some cases people wait to be re-born several times.

There are thousands of well-documented cases of reincarnation. Look up the case of Shanti Devi (written about by award winning Swedish author Sture Lonnestrand) as I did. I spent weeks reviewing every corner of their interviews and the facts surrounding the case…and found that the “only” possible explanation was that she had been reincarnated. Similarly, I could find no other possible explanation for the case of James Johnston (reincarnated as Bruce Kelly).

The most publicized case of reincarnation was written about in the book, “The Search for Bridie Murphy”. The book received enormous press coverage and teams of reporters from all over the world went on a dedicated search to prove or disprove the details of the previous life stated by the hypnotized woman who claimed her name had been Bridie Murphy and that she had lived near Cork, Ireland a hundred years ago. Many went to Ireland so seek answers, but there were few memories of a hundred years ago in a small community where birth and death records were not kept. Some reporters were hired by anti-reincarnation churches to disprove Bridie Murphy’s statements and credibly accurate descriptions. The best the reporters could come up with was that when the hypnotized woman was only a few months old, there was someone who lived a few streets away in Chicago who had a name similar to Bridie Murphy. Still, this was sufficient to satisfy those whose religious leaders refused to accept that reincarnation was possible.

Almost all who claimed a previous life under hypnosis were people whose earlier lives had been cut short: some by accident, some by illness and some by war.

MOVING ON TO THE NEXT STEP: Most consciousness chooses to “move on” (toward the light?). There is increasing scientific proof that what we know as Earth is not the only world in existence. Both the “String Theory” and the “Super String Theory” (both products of Quantum Mechanics, the most current form of Physics) have concluded that there are parallel worlds and other Universes containing life such as exists here on Earth. The new branch of physics, Biocentrism, states as an unequivocal scientific fact that our consciousness (or mind) continues to exist after our body dies.

At this moment in time, I cannot tell whether these are the places referred to as “Heaven”, “Hell” or, more likely, a place where our consciousness can exist in an improved manner based upon what we’ve learned from the mistakes we made here on Earth. Perhaps our next stop will offer us a new physical shell.

If you are interested in the subject, I suggest you read my book, “Explaining the Unexplained”. You can download a Kindle of it for about $3.00. Hard and soft-cover copies are available at Barnes & Nobel and at Amazon.

If you have any questions, I can be contacted through Phantoms and Monsters.

Explaining the Unexplained

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