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Monday, June 01, 2015

Inception of a Flying Cryptid?

I received the following account today:

I heard you on Coast to Coast with George Knapp on Sunday night and how people send you stories about things they have seen. I decided to share mine. I've only told a few people this, but it is 100% true.

I'll keep this story brief. This happened to me one day when I was 10 or so. Both my parents left for work early in the morning. It was a school day and my brother and I were already up and dressed just waiting around till it was time to head off to school. He was 2 years older than me so he left before me to catch his bus. I didn't have to leave for another hour or so and I just walked to school nearby. He left and it's just me there now. About 5 minutes later I'm on the couch just watching TV, and from our guest bathroom by the living room I hear the toilet flush on its own. It was a loud toilet anyways, and never really worked right so it was easy to hear. I was kind of startled because I thought someone had sneaked into our house, maybe through a back bedroom window. I quickly jumped up and grabbed this crystal dove candle holder as a weapon just in case this person walks out before I can get out of the house. I start running towards the door and as I go past the bathroom I looked. I noticed the bathroom door was 3/4 shut so I couldn't see who was in there.

This is where it gets weird. Something made me want to turn back and see what or who was in there. I knew I could still get away if they opened the bathroom door and came walking out, I'd just take off out the door. So I walked up to it kind of slowly. This is all happening in a few seconds from the first flush and I can still hear the toilet water running. So I kick the bathroom door open with my foot and nobody is in there. I looked up and right above my head I see this tiny golf ball sized circle of bright light appear. It soon grew to the size of a soccer ball. I thought it may be some type of portal, wormhole, vortex or whatever you want to call it. I'm right in front of it and I'm staring right into it; point-blank and dead on center. I'm looking into this circle with a hole of bright light and I see this little speck of black moving through it. The speck was getting bigger and bigger, and when looking into this light hole its got like a curvy road type angle to it. The black speck is now growing larger and getting closer. It was traveling through this hole but I still couldn't make out what it was.

The black speck finally got large enough to where I really got a good look at what it was. It looked like a big black moth about the size of a bat or bird, and it had red eyes. There were also a bunch of sharp little teeth. I was staring at it 2 feet in front of my face. When it reached the front of the hole it quickly swooped out in the direction of my face. I ducked my head and put my arm up to block it but I didn't feel anything brush off my arm. I again looked up at the hole and the bat-like moth wasn't there and the hole of light was now closing up. It was about the size of a tennis ball and getting smaller. It eventually closed up and disappeared.

At that point I ran out of the house and got the hell out of there. I told my brother, mom and dad what I saw when I got home but nobody believed me. For about a week or two afterwards I was kind of afraid to be in there by myself. I'd leave early for school when my brother would leave. But after a couple weeks it all was back to normal. Jimmy

NOTE: The witness didn't mention a location. I received a similar account several years ago...I believe it came from northern Utah. In that instance, a rancher and his wife had noticed a brightly lit white orb in the yard near the barn. They described it as hovering just above the ground and that it was at least 2 foot in diameter. It started to shake violently, when a dark figure formed and grew larger. They described it as a huge dark moth...that shot out of the orb and quickly flew towards the west. They never saw it again...the orb simply vanished. Did these witnesses encounter a portal? Does the moth shape have any significance? I suppose some people may think that this could possibly be the inception of a 'mothman' or other flying cryptid. Have others witnessed this phenomenon? What are your thoughts? Lon

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