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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Boy's Non-Terrestrial Experience

The following report was submitted to the MUFON CMS recently. The experiencer's name is Dale (according to the photo tag) and the incident occurred in March 1957 in Commerce, OK (BTW...the hometown of NY Yankee HOFer Mickey Mantle - nicknamed 'The Commerce Comet'). This is a non-common alien abduction report because of the circumstances and detail given by the experiencer:

Commerce, OK - 3/1957: This is a picture of me taken in 1956. I was around 5 or 6 years old. This picture is relevant to the story I am about to tell you. Notice my age of innocence. Notice the season of the year. Notice the clothing I am wearing. The picture was taken in the backyard of the house we were renting on Main Street in Commerce. A small 2 bedroom house that needed to accommodate my Mom and Dad, my two sisters and I, not to mention our dog, Bubbles, and my pet turtles.

It began on a Winter's day close to end of the season. The Winter had been bitterly cold and I was unable to go outdoors and play. Dad had put up a swing set in the yard to the East of the house that previous summer. Not only did it have 2 swings it also included a sliding board and a teeter totter. I could scarcely wait for the weather to warm up so I could take advantage of that fun just waiting to happen.

During this time Mom worked at home, mostly babysitting and taking in ironing. She hated to iron but she did it for the sake of the family. I remember many a day watching her iron her way through a stack of laundry, a stack literally taller than me. She did the ironing in the living room, the only room big enough for the job. It was on such a morning's day that the cold of winter subsided and Mom said I could go out and play on the swing set as long as I bundled up. She said it would take at least five hours for her to finish the ironing, then she had to wash dishes and do some house cleaning.

Joy unspeakable. I couldn't get my coat on fast enough. Look at the picture of me again. The coat and hat I was wearing in the picture was the exact coat and hat I was wearing now. Rushing out the front door with that child like desire to play, it was impossible to hold myself back. A bright light was in the way of me and the swing set. It was an odd, intensely bright light in front of the swing set shining down from the sky like a spotlight hitting the ground directly in front of me.

For me 1956 was a time of innocence. I was young and had none to very little exposure to stories about bright lights coming down from the sky, alien encounters, or UFO's.

The incident I am now continuing to tell you happened. It was not a night dream or a day dream, not my imagination from watching TV or playing superman, not an elaborate hoax I have conceived to entertain you. This is the absolute truth. It did happen! As I put this event into writing I am 64 years old and still feel like it happened yesterday. It is vivid in my mind. It is burned into my mind forever. I have told few people my story for fear of ridicule. After all even my Mother never believed me. Upon hearing the story on the very day it happened she said, “You were just having a daydream, just playing like you were superman. It really didn't happen.”

Believe me or not, here goes..........

As I approached the light it was blindingly bright. It was coming from the sky as far up as I could see. It was in the shape of a spotlight wide enough to swallow me completely if I were to step into it. My anticipation of playing on the swings ignored the light in the direct path of my goal. Running forward I ran into the light. The light enveloped me with a brilliance so intense it was overwhelming. I felt awestruck as well as frightened. The light captured me like an animal in a trap. I could move my arms but I could not escape from the light. It held me!

There was an upward force on my body. It felt like a magnet pulling on me. I felt weightless. Looking uncomprehendingly around me, I began to rise off the ground. The light somehow was pulling me through its corridor toward the sky. Has something gone dreadfully wrong with my mind, was I hallucinating? No, it was actually happening. I was rising in the air. It was not a vivid dream. It was genuine. It was happening!

Looking down I could see all of the yard then the roof of the house. Rising further I could see the block my house was in. Then I could see the entire town of Commerce, all of the streets and the houses. It was as if I were viewing the town from an airplane. Higher and higher, becoming more terrorized with each passing moment.

Out of the light I heard a voice; more like I felt the voice through every fiber of my being. The voice reminds me of the earthquake we experienced in November of 2011. The earthquake is the first one I ever experienced. It rumbled like thunder through the house, shaking the walls and vibrating the floor. Lasting only 20 seconds it left me with the feeling of an awesome power passing through the house. I felt the earthquake in my entire body as the earth shook with the unnerving vibrations.

As powerful as the voice felt it was a soothing voice, a calming voice. At the time I thought it was God speaking to me.

“Do not be afraid,” the voice softly spoke.

“Why are you taking me? Where are you taking me?” I apprehensively asked.

“To take you from the troubles to come,” the voice replied.

“No, I don't want to go,” I answered.

“You are chosen, we are here to take you” the voice explained.

“I want my Mom. I do not want to go. Don't take me. I am afraid,” I pleaded.

“It is your choice. We will not force you. Please consider carefully your decision. We are here to help you escape things to come. To show you wonders yet unseen,” they proclaimed.

“No, send me back,” I spoke with fear.

“Take off your coat and let it drop to the Earth as a sign to us you have chosen to stay with your family and this world full of its corruption.”

Quickly taking off my coat I let it fall down the tunnel of light still connecting me with my yard. The coat drifted slowly. When it hit the ground I found myself standing on the back porch of our house.

“How did I get on the back porch,” I asked myself confusedly. “What happened to the light, it was gone.”

The back porch was screened in and had a door leading in from the steps. I pushed on the door to go out. The door was locked from the inside.

“How did I get in here if the door is locked?” I asked myself.

“Maybe through the door that leads into the kitchen.” I thought. Trying that door, it was locked too. Locked and I could not enter the house.

“I don't understand this, how did I get on the porch with both doors locked?”

Unlocking the screen door I left the porch, went around the house past the swing set, to the front door. I burst through the front door as white as a sheet and barely able to talk. Looking for mom to tell her what had just happened to me.

She was not in the living room. Moments ago she was. She had been ironing a stack of clothes. The clothes had all been ironed and neatly folded. The ironing board had been put away. The dishes were washed. The house had been cleaned. Then I noticed it was beginning to get dark. How could that be, it was morning. How could all the clothes be ironed, the dishes washed, and the house cleaned. I had just been in the house a minute ago. Where on earth did the day go? A minute ago to me was over 9 hours of time. I lost over 9 hours of time. Where was I? Why couldn't I remember living through the 9 hours. Just a minute had passed!

Mom was in her bedroom when I found her. I told her about the light and the voice in the light. How I had dropped my coat through the tunnel of light because I didn't want to leave her. I told her how I found myself on the back porch but I had not entered the porch on my own.

She dismissed it as a daydream. She said I was just playing Superman. That none of what I said had happened. She said it was impossible.

She tried to reason with me. “You could not have been gone for over 9 hours without me knowing about it. I would have checked on you.”

She would have checked on me! I had no answer for that.

“Other people would have seen the light, no one reported it but you.”

I couldn't answer to that either.

I had no proof. Then I remembered, “What about my coat, I'm not wearing it. Where is it?

We walked outside by the swing set and found my coat laying on the ground where I had dropped it through the light.
“See,” I said, “There it is!”

“You took it off when you were playing and left it by the swing set.”

“No, Mom. I dropped it down through the light.”

“You were playing make believe and convinced yourself it was real.”

I couldn't convince her. To this very day she tells me it was just a dream. I still have no proof. I one hundred percent believe it happened. I had an opportunity to go on a journey to somewhere but I blew it, I was so afraid. I wonder what my life would have been like if I had left my coat on.

Footnote: After the day of the light I did have other encounters. - MUFON CMS

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