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Monday, June 22, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: The Building at the Reservoir -- Real-Life 'Jurassic World' Only 10 Years Off -- Can People Simply Disappear?

The Building at the Reservoir

Thurston, Nebraska - 7/25/1972: My encounter happened when I was 9 years old.My family was on vacation from CA.to my grandmas house in My encounter happened when I was 9 years old.My family was on vacation from CA.to my grandmas house in Thurston,Nebraska (near Pender). It was the last night of our stay.There was a big dance at the grange hall,and I went there with my family. At about 10:30,three of the local boys and I decided we were going home,as the dance had gotten pretty boring for us. As we started off on the couple of blocks walk toward home,one of the other boys suggested we go the long way across the field and by the reservoir.That sounded like fun,so I followed them out of town and across the field.

After what seemed like a fairly short walk, we came upon what looked to me to be a large curved building with windows floor to ceiling.The light coming out of it was like nothing I had ever seen-it was very white and even though it was very bright,it didn't hurt my eyes. The windows were all there was-no real outer walls-it was all windows. The windows were about 5ft.wide x 10ft.tall,or 6 ft. x 12 ft. I'm not sure exactly, but that was the proportion of them. The "building" was shaped like two disks with windows separating them.

At this point the three boys I was with hid behind a rock,or log or something and told me to get down.I crouched down and asked them what that was, and one said " I don't know,it was never there before-that's were the reservoir is".Well,I thought, these guys must just be trying to scare me,because in my opinion it would take months to build that structure.

I knew there was no way it was built without them knowing about the project,so I thought they must be trying to prank the kid from CA.

So I stood up-refusing to fall for their "trick".

This is when I noticed all of the activity that was going on.That is also when "they" noticed US.Then I noticed that I could not move at all.My friends slowly stood up,with kind of blank looks on their faces.By now I could see "Them".My first thought was that these were marionettes, because a man could not fit into those "costumes".Their joints were very small compared to the rest of their body, much like a lizard or insect.

Then just as quickly I realized that these were real....dudes, things, or whatever you want to call them.

There were two distinctly different types that I saw.Most of them were what everybody refers to as the "greys".They were shorter than me and seamed to be wearing some kind of jumpsuit that was the same color as their skin, pretty much.They had the big head and almond shaped eyes like has been described by many people.I got the impression that these were females.

All I know for sure is that they were totally submissive to the taller ones.The tall ones were much different than the grays-I got the impression that these were males. At any rate,they were in charge and NOT friendly. These were the ones that had the very small leg joints,so I knew it was not a guy in a suit.They also had an elephant trunk type head-it was like they had a pony tail, but it was skin-part of their head.It was the size of their head then tapered down to the tip, which was blunt at the end, like the fat end of an egg.This "ponytail" reached down to mid back, and was segmented like a cartoon inchworm.(remember I was only 9 years old) It seemed to be stationary-that is,they didn't seem to be able to move it, and it moved with their head without flopping around. These beings were taller than me,and seemed to be wearing a sort of robe that was dark in color-black or dark gray. Their actual facial features looked very much like "ET the Extra-terrestrial".(seriously) I only saw two or three of these guys-they seemed to confer with each other and go separate ways.At this point I could clearly see,but I don't know if I was moving my eyeballs,or just seeing what was right in front of me.I was looking at the tall one standing in front of me and I was thinking to myself "WEIRD!!! Look at that dudes head!" At this point he turned toward me-it was clear he had "heard" what I was thinking.He somehow gave me a message without using words-but it was crystal clear in my head.The message was that our worth to them was no more than the worth of cows to a rancher.Their interest in our personal lives is zero.I was told of the futility of our entire existence,and that of the universe as well.The impression I received was that the entire existence of EVERYTHING has already happened-its beginning and its end-it all happened in an instant and it does NOT continue.Somehow we are experiencing it in some kind of slow motion.(or the jerk just wanted to scare the heck out of me, and was lying,I don't know).

After this one of the greys "spoke" to me in the same non-verbal way, but this time with words in my head that I "heard"(but it did not come in through my ears).It said "just do what he says and everything will be o.k." I remember being comforted by that.

Next my friends walked up a ramp into what I now knew was NOT a building. I don't remember anything else until we were walking up to my grandmas house. At that point I didn't remember anything that had happened-I thought we took about a 20 minute detour through the field and came home.

When I walked into my grandmas house,I was confused by the presence of many people,and all of them were at the dance just 20 minutes ago....and my dad was no longer wearing his party clothes-he had changed into his everyday clothing.They were all excited that I was home,and asked were I had been.I told them we had taken a "shortcut" through the field.This seemed to satisfy them, but I had no idea how it was all of a sudden 1:30 in the morning...All I remembered was we left the dance at 10:30, took a 20 minute walk home and when we got there, everyone thought we had been missing.I didn't really know what was going on, and I was hustled off to bed.I was EXTREMELY tired and fell right to sleep.

The next morning,we packed up the car and headed back to CA.

That's when the recurring nightmares started.

In one I am walking past my house,and a skull is sitting in the flower bed.As I walk by it,it somehow starts tickling me and I cant get away,It is holding me frozen in place somehow.It says to me-"who am I?"

And I answer-"I don't know" again-"who am I?" again-"I don't know"

once more-"WHO AM I?" This time I answer "You're nobody"-and it releases me.That's the end of that dream.

The next recurring dream is of me being held captive at the bottom of the reservoir that was behind our house.The "people" holding me wore black robes with pointed hoods and we were under water,but able to breath. There is no talking or sound in that dream that I can remember.

I had these dreams several times each,then never had them again.

The morning after the encounter,I didn't remember any of it,but I could definitely sense that there was something in my memory that was not there before.I didn't know what it was-very vague,almost forgotten in the distant past is how it seemed.It was a while before I realized that something weird had happened.The more I remembered,the weirder it seemed. And I knew if someone told ME this story,I would think something terrible had happened to him for his mind to make up that wild fantasy. Even at 9 years old,I new it would be best to keep it to myself.

But the more I think about it,the more I think it should be told,so there it is. - MUFON CMS


Kids find real eyeball outside restaurant

Police are investigating after some children found an eyeball near the Gresham Station shopping centre in Oregon on Thursday night.

Gresham police said the eye was found inside a transparent medicine bottle in a parking lot near Red Robin. They said it looks like a real eyeball, but it is unclear if it is animal or human.

The bottle was next to a pair of shattered eyeglasses, shower gel and a lighter. Brittany Hancock works at Red Robin and said a group of children on a scavenger hunt for a birthday party found it. They alerted restaurant workers who called police. "It just broke my heart,” Hancock said.

“Because either way, if it was an animal or a person, it's just hard to think of how to feel. It was just so bizarre." Police said they have not received reports of a missing eyeball. In the meantime, the eye has been taken to the medical examiner to figure out where it came from. - Kids find real eyeball outside restaurant


Real-Life 'Jurassic World' Dinos May Be 10 Years Off

A paleontologist who worked on the film series believes that real-life dinosaurs may be coming soon.

James Horner, who served as technical advisor for all the Jurassic Park movies and was the real-life inspiration for the character Dr Alan Grant, has suggested that bringing dinosaurs back to life might be possible within as little as ten years.

Unlike in the original Jurassic Park movie however he does not believe that locating dinosaur DNA trapped in amber is going to be a viable way of making this happen because it cannot survive for millions of years without breaking down no matter how well it is preserved.

Instead, he argues, birds hold the key to creating living dinosaurs in the present day.

"Chickens and all birds are carrying much bigger chunks of dinosaur DNA than we are ever likely to find in the fossil record," he said.

Just last month scientists announced that they'd been able to regress a chicken's beak back in to a dinosaur-like snout by tampering with its gene proteins - a major step towards creating a dinosaur.

"We can get teeth into a bird and just recently a team from Yale and Harvard have managed to retro-engineer [a bird's] beak back into a dinosaur-looking mouth," said Horner.

"So we basically have the tail to reinstate, and to transform the wings back into an arm and hand."

How long exactly it will take to accomplish this however remains a matter of debate.

"We might find a couple of these genes tomorrow or it might take 10 years," said Horner.

"There is just no way to predict." - Doscovery


Can People Simply Disappear?

I remember reading as a kid about Benjamin Bathurst, David Lang, and Oliver Larch. All three have strange stories of inexplicable disappearance. There are no accounts of UFOs carrying them off, no portals to other dimensions, and no murderous intrigues. They simply were there one moment, and gone another. I recently revisited these stories with a skeptical eye to see what I could come up with.

It was the night of Nov. 25, 1809. The world was at war with Napoleon Bonaparte and uncertain frantic alliances were being formed across Europe to counter him. Vienna had fallen, and Britain’s diplomat in the area, Benjamin Bathurst, was on his way north to Hamburg to return to Britain.

Not far from Berlin, in the town of Perleberg, Bathurst stopped in the evening under an assumed name with an assistant to take on fresh horses and to have dinner. It was nearly 9 p.m. when the horses were prepared. Bathurst, wanting to get to Berlin as soon as possible, left his assistant and went outside to wait in the carriage. That would be the last time anyone would ever see Benjamin Bathurst.

Moments later, his assistant left the Inn only to find the carriage empty. No sign of Bathurst was to be found, and one of the strangest stories in history of a disappearance was born. Continue reading at Into Thin Air—Do Humans Just Disappear?



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