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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Archive: Strange Eyewitness Accounts

I've been busy working on a few new projects the past several days...as well as gearing up for the live re-launch of Arcane Radio. As well, life pulls at you from both ends. I went into the archives and pulled a few odd accounts that I hope you'll enjoy:

Horrific Event

This experience is absolutely real and occurred several years ago.

On that day I rode my bicycle into town for exercise and to check out some stores for clothes. I stopped at a local clothing store not far from my residence. I chained my bicycle to a tree and went inside the store. I looked around for a few minutes before buying a shirt I liked. I then walked back to my bike to go home.

My new shirt was in a plastic bag so I tied the bag to one of my bike handles and then proceeded to unchain my bike from the tree. As I am unchaining my bike I noticed someone in a red SUV heading straight in my direction. I ignored it because I am right next to a parking lot. The person driving the SUV then stops adjacent to me just a few feet away. I look over and I see this woman who is observing me and smiling.

When I first looked at the woman I thought she was someone I knew from the past because she kept staring at me but I didn't recognize her face. Now that I think back on it, her face disturbed me somehow. I don't know how to explain it but this woman's face had a haunting quality to it like looking at an old antique portrait.

After a few seconds had passed the woman spoke to me. "Can you do me a favor?" she said. Being courteous I walked over to her car. At the time I thought maybe she was from out of town and just wanted directions. When I walked over to her I widened my eyes as if to say "repeat the question please." Again, the woman said "can you do me a favor?" I don't know what came over me but I begin to become terrified and I don't scare easily. I don't know why but I just wanted to run away at that point. The woman's presence begin to scare me.

I looked at her and in response to her question I mumbled in fear "It depends". I don't think she could hear me because she then asked me if I spoke English. I nodded my head as if to say "yes". She then told me "Ok, I am going to park and I want you to come over to me and help me out with something". I then observed the woman drive her car to the nearest parking lot. Suddenly something inside of me said "GET AWAY!". I ran to my bike, unchained it, and took off. I was so scared that I took off in the wrong direction. As I was leaving I could hear the woman screaming at me. Her screams scared me more and I just started to pedal as fast as I could and didn't look back.

I remember in that moment, even though I was several feet away, I just wanted to go into a building and hide because something inside of me said I was in great danger. There is no doubt in my mind that this woman was trying to harm me and I think it was my 'higher self' that saved me. I know it sounds crazy but I personally think she was trying to kidnap me.

As I think back on that situation I can't forget this woman's eyes. Her eyes were innocent, child-like, but something was severely demon-like about them. I also remember those red circles she had around her eyes. The red circles were very apparent because of her very pale skin. The scariest thing about her appearance is that she looked so young and innocent yet so evil.

There is no doubt in my mind that I encountered something evil that day. Everyday since this has occurred I think about that woman and what would have happened to me if I did her a "favor". I've never been so scared in my entire life. I was literally shaking after this event and I get nervous just talking about. KS


A Peculiar Fellow

One day, in the 1980s, I boarded a bus in Freshbrook with the intention of going to Swindon town centre. It was early evening and the bus was a single-decker. Sitting in the seat opposite the driver was a very odd-looking person with his head down. He was dressed in dark, untidy clothing, disheveled in appearance. He did not look at me at all but there was something of a vibe emanating from him that made the hairs on my neck and arms stand up. I sat on the same side of the bus as him at least ten seats behind him. There were several other people between us and others also to the right hand side.

As I sat down in my seat I noticed a new pound note on the floor, I had placed my shoe inadvertently on it. Looking around I could tell that the other passengers nearby were ignoring me and not about to lay claim to it. I placed it in my pocket. No sooner had I done so than the strange looking man at the front of the bus sat upright and then stood up. He turned and made his way slowly up the bus, focusing on me. The other passengers ignored him as if he was not there. Stopping alongside me, he held out his hand..."I will have my pound note back now", he said. My hairs stood on end once more as I looked at him. He seemed dark in complexion and almost subnormal. How could he know I just found a pound note...he wasn't anywhere near me. He was at the front of the bus and curled up...his head down. It didn't add up and felt eerie. Was he testing me in some way?

"What pound note is that, mate?" I found myself replying. He laughed to himself and returned to his seat at the front of the bus where he sat down again and lowered his head as if had all been a draining effort for him. He got off the bus in town and vanished, leaving me perplexed and confused at the silliness of it all.

The next day I was in the town centre once again and decided to go into the Paperback Parade bookshop, near the townhall to find an interesting book to read. As I worked around the shelves, taking my time (Thatcher's Britain...we were all unemployed). I was drawn to look out the window facing toward the College. There crossing the road and coming down toward the precinct was the same dark stranger dressed as he was the night before. Looking as if he was bypassing the bookshop, he made a sudden right turn and entered the Paperback Parade. My hairs stood on end once more as I watched him from the corner of my eye. He copied my movements around the shop until he stood close to me on my left hand side. I pretended to ignore him,difficult as I felt cold and all my hairs on end. He leaned forward and spoke into my ear...telling me what was in my thoughts and in my mind. He laughed again and left the shop.

I never saw him again or told a soul what he spoke into my ear that moment. Certainly I was left in no doubt that this was an otherworldy encounter of the strangest kind. Later I was to come across stories of Men in Black and Trickster spirits who confuse their victims in this manner. Certainly the strangest of bus rides ever.K


Fortunate in Atlantic City


I wanted to relate an unusual event that happened to me in November 2010 in Atlantic City, NJ.

I attended the US Poker Championship at the Taj Mahal. I stayed 10 days and participated in various poker tournaments. On the last day, I decided to depart in the very early hours to avoid the busy hours at the checkout desk. I called the Bell Captain at 04:30 AM. He came and assisted me with my bags and clothes on hangars. The Taj Mahal checkout desk was a considerable distance from the room. It was about 4:55 AM when I then walked to the garage to retrieve my vehicle. I returned to park in front of the departure zone at approximately 5:15 AM. When I initially parked, the Bell Captain was inside the Taj Mahal and was about 200 yards inside the building. I had opened up my vehicle thinking that he would be out to assist me, but he did not see me pull up and park. I decided to go in and let him know I was here, but I did not want to leave my vehicle open. So I closed it all up and locked it. I walked in to wave that I am here but he still did not see me.

A Taj Mahal employee then walked over to me and asked what I was doing. He and I were the only people in the area and the Bell Captain was still 200 yards away. I said I am trying to get the Bell Captain's attention. He then stated, "Wait here and I will go let him know...." I watched him go in and walk to the Bell Captain. When I observed that he had alerted the Bell Captain, I then reopened my vehicle. As he approached the revolving doors, I decided to assist him and hold open the side door next to the revolving doors and so he could guide the cart through the side door. As I walked to the side door, I noticed a man suddenly walked up on the cement walkway and stopped at about 25 feet away. As I was holding the side door and the Bell Captain guided the cart, I also noticed that the Bell Captain did not acknowledge the man that was standing there watching us.

The Bell Captain then came through the side door and positioned the cart directly behind my vehicle. The cement walkway was about 20 feet from the door and ends in a curb. The Bell Captain had to maneuver the cart over the curb and I noticed the man was silently observing us. I have an SUV and had the rear hatch opened. I took my bags off and placed them in the back and then closed it. I had the side rear door open and motioned the Bell Captain to position the cart near the vehicle so I could take the clothes on hangars and place them on the hangar in the SUV. The man was still silently watching us.

When the Bell Captain finished assisting me, I tipped him and he pushed the cart back over the curb, still the Bell Captain appeared not to notice the man watching us. The Bell Captain went back in to the Taj Mahal and I once again held the side door for him. At this time the man was about 10 feet from us and the Bell Captain again paid no attention to this man, as if he did not see him.
As I went back to my SUV to close the rear side door this man quickly walked up to me and stood about 3 feet away. He had a gray baseball cap on with no insignia. A dark brown leather jacket (aviator like), khaki trousers, and had a mustache. He stood about 5' 7" and dark brown eyes. He spoke with urgency as he stated, "Excuse me, sir...could I ask for some assistance?" I replied "What's wrong?" He then said, "My wife and I have our car up in the garage and it is going to cost me $5 to get it out and I am wondering if you can help me with some extra change." I assessed by looking into his eyes (and I am a very good at reading peoples eyes) that he was telling the truth and that this was not a scam. I then went into my pocket and pulled out a large hand full of change which I estimate was probably a couple of dollars. I put my hand out and he put out his hand, palm up. We did not touch. As the coins fell into his hand, a couple of coins fell on the roadway. He and I both looked down and then he stated, "I usually do not bend down to pick up coins but today is special."

He bent down and picked up the coins and stood back up and then said, "You know that what is going on here is beyond your wildest imagination!" It is then that the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up and I realized that something highly unusual is happening here. He then stated, "I really appreciate what you have given me and my wife." I then felt urgency to help him even more and I pulled out a wad of bills that I was carrying in my now coin free pocket and handed him a $10 bill. He then once again stated emphatically, "You know that what is going on here is beyond your wildest imagination." I said, "Go to your wife and get your car and have a great day!" He then said, "Thank you so very much. You know that I am known to give people very good luck. Go ahead and touch my elbow?" He positioned his elbow towards me and without thinking about it, I motioned my elbow up and briefly touched it. I was really starting to get antsy about this whole encounter and I reached around to close my rear side door (this action took no more than one or two seconds), as I returned to say good bye, he was GONE! I looked around and he was no where to be seen! My vehicle was the only one in the departure zone! I walked around my vehicle to see if I could see him running away and did not see anything. There was no one on the departure zone except for my and my SUV! I then quickly got in my vehicle and sped away with my heart pounding realizing that I just went through a paranormal event!

To this day, I do not know whether that man was the Creator, a ghost or Satan....whatever it was, my luck has definitely changed. About a month after this incident, as I was telling this story to a co-worker, we were walking to an elevator and just as I was finishing my story, the elevator door opened and there was a $20 bill on the elevator floor. My career has taken a turn where I have just landed a prestigious position where I will be earning a substantial raise in salary and the position has high visibility where I will undoubtedly be promoted within the very near future.

I attest that this story is absolutely true. Please do not ask me my identity nor where I work as I regard my privacy as extremely important! Name withheld

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