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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Giant Oarfish Washes Up On California's Catalina Island -- Abducted and Implanted -- Toowoomba is Australia's Most Haunted Place

Giant Oarfish Washes Up On California's Catalina Island

Beachgoers on California's Catalina Island were treated to a rare sight this week: a giant oarfish.

Staffers with the Catalina Island Conservancy discovered the creature on Monday morning and quickly alerted other wildlife groups. It took 16 people to move it to the beach, the Orange County Register reported.

Annie MacAulay, the president and CEO of outdoor and environmental education nonprofit Mountain & Sea Adventures, came to the scene after she heard about the find. She told CNN she estimates it is between 14 and 17 feet long, and it's the first oarfish she's seen in her 20 years living on Catalina.

“It’s very rare,” she told ABC 7. “I’m on the water all the time doing research and teaching with the kids and I’ve never seen one.” Read more at Giant Oarfish Washes Up On California's Catalina Island

NOTE: I hope this isn't a bad omen for the west coast. Oarfish are deep sea dwellers...sometimes coming to the surface during seismic activity. They have been harbingers for earthquakes in Japanese lore. We'll see...Lon


Abducted and Implanted

I believe in 2006 I was abducted by extraterrestrial in Clarksville,Tennessee in the early morning hours of early December. Around 3:30 or 4:30am I was asleep in my room then awoke suddenly with a strong urge to get up and go smoke a cigarette in my garage. But when I got closer to the garage door I heard a voice in my head say "YOU NEED TO GO OUTSIDE" So, I said speaking upon what I just heard "YOUR RIGHT LET ME GO OUTSIDE" so as I stepped out the door I noticed that the sky was crystal clear it appeared as if every star in the sky was visible. As I looked to the left I saw what appeared to be something like a rainbow it was purple and pink and it sat right above a tall tree in my neighbors back yard. It looked like a snakes body when it slithers so I said to my self what is that I've never seen that before. Then I looked off to the right of me still scanning the sky hoping I would see a ufo but I didn't so I turned back to look at the strange colors and as soon as my eyes locked on the colors a circle/oval ball of light surrounded by a green and blue gas or plasma substance shot out and made a complete stop and hovered for app 10 seconds and started to move really slow for about 7 to 10 seconds before shooting off in super sonic speeds without making a sound and left behind 6 circles that look like smoke rings with lines in between each of them. As I turned my head the object appeared to be coming back in the opposite direction except this time it appeared to be far out with the stars and traveled out as far as I could see within 5 seconds so by this time I was crying like a baby because I couldn't believe what just happen to me so I stepped up on my stairs to the house and looked up to the sky and asked "GOD IF THAT WAS MEANT FOR ME AND IF YOU MEANT FOR ME TO SEE THAT WOULD YOU PLEASE SHOW ME ANOTHER SIGN? And as soon as I said that a ball of light flew right over my house lower than the ufo with noun of the ufo characteristic except for how bright and illuminated they both were and I was in even more shock and couldn't handle it any more so I went in my room and laid down I felt such a sense of peace that I blacked out saying oh my GOD oh my GOD. Then I woke up the next morning looking around not yet realizing that I was in my room then while I was in the shower I felt a bump underneath my right arm pit. It went down two years later but the mark is still there goin on 9 years now and it appears as if I was burnt by a laser or injected with one of the same objects that Dr. Roger Leir was studying but it has never caused me any discomfort. All I want is some help so I can understand what happen to me that night. This is my honest to GOD truth and I'm seeking help. I also have a picture of the mark under my arm and two picture's I took of a ufo on my birthday March 27 of 2009 - MUFON CMS


Toowoomba is Australia's Most Haunted Place

A ghostly figure in a red dress and a grey figure standing as if in mourning over a gravestone are pictured in what could be the world's most haunted town.

Toowoomba in Australia has seen a record number of spooky sightings over the past 5 years.

From the weird 'grave-hopping figure in grey' to 'supernatural blue mist', dozens of creepy pictures were unearthed by ghost hunters.

When Kylie Samuels and Katie Harvey set up the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook page , they were inundated with pictures of bizarre goings on.

Dozens of reported supernatural sightings were documented with chilling pictures and video evidence.

Paranormal investigator Darren Davies used his hi-tech 'ghost hunting' equipment to examine a 'haunted' pub.

Toowoomba Ghost ChasersToowoombaToowoomba, Australia's most haunted town
He told the Tawoomba Chronicle: "It has quite a dark history, there have been a number of sudden as well as natural deaths at the inn."

Another spook sleuth, Aaron Mulligan, believes the 'lady in the red dress' to be Elizabeth Perkins.

She was a resident of the town who died after being hit by a train in 1944.

Aaron took his 'ghost detecting' K2 meter to the site and told Daily Mail Australia: "We went there are ran through the names of some of the people; when it got to her, the K2 meter lit up and then I asked if it was Elizabeth Perkins.

"Then there were footsteps and she definitely walked past."

Reporter Amelia Saw from Woman's Day magazine went to visit the spooky town.

She said: "I thought it might be a struggle to find people who would speak to me about haunted stuff but they all just came out of the woodwork from all walks of life.

"(My favourite is) the story of Kylie Samuels who lives in this house that used to be owned by an undertaker.

"Every time she puts a crucifix on the wall it just flick soff, and it's happened time and time again, there's been no wind or any other explanation for it."

When asked about the ghosts in Tawoomba, Darren said: "People basically fear the unknown - but we know what to expect." - Go to article for images - Is this the world's most haunted town? 'Ghost girl' in red dress and grey figure spotted at cemetery

NOTE: I have a friend who is from Toowoomba...he mentions it frequently in relation to weird encounters. Lon


Houston Man Sues Funeral Home After Wife's Casket Surfaces During Flood

A Houston man is suing the cemetery where his wife was buried eight years ago after the woman's casket rose up out of the ground during recent floods that wreaked havoc in Texas.

High waters caused a coffin containing the remains of Carolyn Joyce Fobbs-Lee to rise to the surface last week at Riceville Cemetery in southwest Houston. The coffin traveled 150 feet and ended up on a concrete hiking trail along the bayou, KHOU reports.

Richard Lee, the deceased woman's husband, said the cemetery told him he'd have to pay a discounted burial fee before the casket could be placed back underground.

Lee, 65, and his wife were married for 37 years before she died of lung disease in 2007 at the age of 57.

He said the tragedy never should have happened because his wife was interred in a sealed concrete vault, according to Newser.

Lee's lawyer, Annie McAdams, said her client paid more than $11,000 for the vault, which should have held up against flood waters.

"Clearly something went wrong here," McAdams told the Houston Chronicle. "Bodies are not supposed to come up."

McAdams told the paper an expert she hired to examine the vault said it had been inadequately sealed and lacked the proper holes which would let water pass in and out in a flood.

Lee filed the lawsuit after getting little help from the cemetery or its owner, Riceville Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

Neither the cemetery nor the church have responded to Lee's allegations, and didn't immediately return calls for comment from The Huffington Post.

Though a rival business, George Lewis Funeral Homes, has offered to rebury Lee's wife at no cost, McAdams says her client still wants his wife to be re-buried at Riceville Cemetery.

"That's their home church, they were married there. They were parishioners for over 30 years," McAdams told Click2Houston.com. "When Mr. Lee talks about the church, that's his family, that's his home and he wants to be buried next to her." - Houston Man Sues Funeral Home After Wife's Casket Surfaces During Flood

NOTE: Maybe the federal government needs to offer flood insurance for 'buried property?' :) Lon


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