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Monday, June 08, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Police Officer Witnessed 'Big Cat' in Edinburgh -- The Teller at the Bank -- Is it Spiritual or Alien?

Police Officer Witnessed 'Big Cat' in Edinburgh

A police officer has revealed he saw a big cat while he was on board a police helicopter assisting in the search for a missing woman.

Inspector Nick Whyte said he could not believe what he was seeing when he picked up a large heat source on the aircraft's infrared camera equipment.

The helicopter was flying over Arthur's Seat, a hill in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh at the time.

Insp Whyte told the Edinburgh Evening News the animal was three times the size of a female police officer who was on the ground.

The police helicopter had been sent up to help try and find a vulnerable mum after the discovery of a two-day-old baby found abandoned near St Leonards Police Station in the city.

Speaking to the newspaper for the first time about the incident in the early hours of one morning in 2012, Insp Whyte said the helicopter was flying above the area where the baby was found when they picked up a "large" heat source.

He said: "As I directed a female police officer towards it, the heat source got up and it turns out it was a big cat - we think a puma or something like that.

Arthur's Seat is seen behind homes in the Morningside suburb of Edinburgh.

"We couldn't believe what we were seeing.

"It wasn't a domestic cat, because on the same part of the screen you could see the female police officer and this thing was, you know, three times the size of her. It was huge.

"She couldn't see it and she couldn't hear it.

"I just told her calmly to stop where she was and turn around and walk away, and she did.

"The cat bounded off, never to be seen again. Sadly we don't have the video footage from it.

"Big cats are alive and well in Edinburgh."

Insp Whyte added he believed the mother was later found alive and well. - Police Officer Saw 'Big Cat' In Edinburgh


Is it Spiritual or Alien?

Allentown, PA: I could not possibly cover everything. Let me give u a backround. I was raised in a nursing home Parkway Rest Home. My Mother worked for my father who owned it. Strange things occurred in this old Victorian house. My issues began at five. Recurring dreams of men in black suits..eye in the corner of my room. Orbs in the Nursing home. Mom would go into trances and speak in other languages trying to keep somethings away from me..astral projection was normal for her. I would wake up with black and blue marks. Dogs when in the apartment would have hair raised barking at something no one can see. Dreams began to come true. Shadows moving feeling of cold hair rising on neck..feeling someone sit on the bed, but no one is seen...(that happens all the time even now) Patients in the nursing home talking about lights telling them to follow, them. When i had my first child i saw an orb hovering over his crib (I thought it was his father because he died before he was born)..it stayed for a while then disappeared. When i was pregnant with my daughter I saw an orb.coming down the stairs ..it did not shine in anything the light stayed inside. It stayed long enough for me to take a good look at I did not know i was pregnant when this happened..My mother often said she would go into space and when her siblings found her they would have to shake her for a response. She would always be under a tree. My mother also did what i know now...is automatic writing,speaking to the dead who would tell her true events which would actually take place. She also astral project. She has seen things happen to me that i did not tell her about..such as when I was almost killed twice. She also would speak in other languages and not remember when it was over. My Grandmother also did that but she could heal people. In my dreams I received a guide to assist me in dealing with the stressful and unusual dreams. They show me things I later look up or come across information about things..fear left.. i have dreamed people who have told me they were going to die before they actually did die. Including my Father and my sons Father...I draw what I see in my sleep. Sometimes I know I have really been some where. When i was four and up I always told my Mom I want to go home..she would say you are home ...I would tell her this is not our home. My daughter also..she would always want me to pick her up and take her outside at night so she could point at the sky...later. Is it spiritual or alien? Many more experiences...would like to speak in person with someone. I work in a profession where this kind of discussion will get you relieved of duty.. but I would like an explanation...My Mother has had visions dreams and premonitions that have come true very often... - MUFON CMS


NASA debunks September doomsday claims

Conspiracy theorists have claimed that a huge comet will wipe out mankind at the end of September.

It seems that not a year goes by without someone somewhere proclaiming that the world is about to end whether it be due to a supervolcano, an asteroid impact or an invasion by extraterrestrials.

This year it is the prediction of a collision between the Earth and a large comet that has been causing the most concern, a rumor that initially appeared on the Internet a few weeks ago.

Conspiracy theorists have even suggested that world governments are already well aware of the threat and that they are deliberately keeping quiet about it to avoid causing a panic.

Astronomers however have been quick to point out that no such comet actually exists.

"NASA knows of no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth, so the probability of a major collision is quite small," said a NASA spokesman. "In fact, as best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years."

It isn't clear exactly how this rumor got off the ground or who started it but suffice to say there is no merit to it whatsoever - there is no indication that an apocalyptic collision will occur any time soon. Read more at The World Is Going To End In September (Apparently)


The Teller at the Bank

I recently received this account:

Two weeks ago I needed to cash a check so I went to Wells Fargo bank in my small town (in Texas). As I stood in line my eyes caught a new cute girl teller named (redacted).. When it was my turn, I was lucky to get her as a teller. I gave her the check and my driver's license. She put the check through the machine and counted out the money that I was to receive. I put the license and money in my wallet and then looked up at her to say goodbye. She was in a trance and staring at me. When my eyes locked in with her eyes, I was also put into a trance. Then I could feel energy from her eyes pouring into my eyes. It felt like a stream of water pouring into my eyes. It felt weird, but it also felt good. I could not move any of my body, but my mind still appeared to be working. This went on for ten to twelve seconds and then the trance broke lose and everything went back to normal. She said you have a good day and I said you too.

When I left the bank and got back into my truck, I just sat there for a minute and said to myself What just happened. I never experienced anything like that ever, but I felt good, real happy like. I left the parking lot and did some shopping and went back home. After I went to bed later that night I thought of the whole experience at the bank again. Then I almost sat up in bed and said to myself 'Oh my god...she could be an alien hybrid.' I could not remember what her eyes looked like and had to go back to the bank and look at her eyes.

I needed a roll of quarters so I went back a few days later near the end of the day. She was there and the only one working at the teller windows. All the other girls were working the drive thru windows. She was in a real good mood and I looked right into her eyes. Her eyes were just like mine and everything went normal. I know what I felt the first time I met her and cannot forget what happened. I don't know if she is an alien hybrid or if she just has supernatural powers of mind control. Some people are pyschic, some people have a healing power, etc. All I know is now I am attracted to her and can't wait to see her again. Has anyone else ever had an experience like I went through? RK



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