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Friday, April 25, 2014

Witness: 'Vanishing' Men In Black

I received the following narrative from a reader:

In 1979 (Rockford, Illinois USA) I was 19 years old, living at home, and I would hang out with a girl pal (met at a then 'Christian coffee house - the Jesus hippie movement type thing at that time - in 1976). Her and I were experiencing ufo sightings, in September, and in the then UFO Report Magazine, November issue, was the write up of a sightings flapwave in that region in '79. So my friend and I saw ufos due to that ufo flapwave, most likely.

In the midst of that, this happened:

One day around noon, on a weekend day, I was at her house, where she lived with her widowed elderly father. We were standing in the living room, trying to think of something interesting to go do/see. We were gazing out the large window which faced the front yard, sidewalk, and street. It was a sidestreet, not main thoroughfare, into a quiet old residential neighborhood. Then a spectacle shows up. 2 men. (Not the 'traditional' 3). They looked alike. And dressed all in black. I vaguely recollect they were both wearing trenchcoats. Black. Also, black suit, trousers, shoes, tie. White shirt. They seemed to me, average height for an average man, and both thin and pale. Caucasian and pale. Their heads were so very odd. It's like they had long heads, or had some odd thing sitting atop their heads, that was hair or a hat. Or some kind of hat on hair. All black. Giving the craniums a long appearance.

Well they walked close together shoulder to shoulder down the sidewalk, looking at the window we were behind, appearing to look right at us. My friend and I made the decision to fling open the front door and go out there, and get a closer look at the two men. And discovered,.....NO one there! Like they "vanished into thin air".

Luckily for me, many years later, actor Dan Ackroyd, disclosed about his own vanishing MIB experience. I also find it fascinating and confirming, that one recent World Bank whistleblower, Karen Hudes, (see YouTube) states that it is a fact, alternate 'humans' attend high level "meetings" and have long craniums.

If you go to Facebook, just put my Facebook username Simone Charisse Mendez in the search bar, then you can view my photos. Click on 'Albums', and view the one I call 'The X Files'. I made drawings, but with my MIB illustration, I did not make the "hair" look long/high -enough-. Should have worked on it more. They are next to another drawing I made, of a tall blonde guy who was intimidating, but I cannot say how extraordinary-or-mundane, that particular incident was. I felt it to be unusual.

The ufo sightings friend and I had, relevant to my above story, are in an illustration by me, there as well. A couple years back, I decided to submit the recounting to Peter Davenport's National Ufo Reporting Center, where the sighting is in the database for September of 1979 for my state. I've had a lot of tricksterish otherworldly and conspiracy type incidents, the MIBs is one of them.

Thanks, Simone.

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