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Monday, April 28, 2014

Crypto Four Corners: Ultraterrestrial Assault / Investigation

During our recent 'Beyond The Edge' Radio interview with JC Johnson, we briefly discussed a new investigation launched by the Crypto Four Corners crew.

JC Johnson

The incident involved a family group and other residents living in a non-specific location in the vicinity of Gallup, New Mexico. According the witnesses, Bradford and Maria, a series of gunshots and heavy ground artillery could be heard and felt from the distance. Soon after, bright beams of light appeared from above their hogan. The lights were so bright that it illuminated the inside of the hogan through the windows and, incredibly, through tiny cracks in the walls and ceiling. The lights seemed to cause disorientation, but the witnesses were able to tell that the beams came from a honey-combed shaped array from a craft hovering above.

Witness - Bradford

Witness - Maria

The witnesses made their way towards the main house behind the hogan. As they were running, they noticed a saucer-shaped craft hovering over the house with multi-colored lights rotating around it. The beams were displaying from different directions from other nondescript craft. These craft were creating torrents of strong wind that literally pushed the pinon and juniper trees to the ground. The witnesses also noticed very small entities scurrying around the enclosed dogs...suddenly causing the dogs to stop barking and rendered unconscious.

Sommer Schmidt - Investigator

Sommer Schmidt demonstrating how trees were pushed down and dug
 into the ground

At the same time, Bradford stated that his uncle was battling an entity at his house nearby. It became apparent that the uncle either incapacitated or killed the being.

Bradford and other residents in the area started to confront the craft with personal firearms. At one point, Bradford was discharging his AK-47 at the craft when the weapon started to 'heat up'...to the point that Bradford had to set it down because it was becoming too hot to hold. He states that 'something' from the craft directed itself onto the weapon.

Calvin O'John - Ute Tracker

It is interesting to note that some of the elderly residents were yelling at the craft 'go back to the stars.'

Back in the house, the witnesses described hearing footsteps on the roof...as well scampering outside on the ground. They were making desperate calls to 911 and local authorities.

When the fire department and state police started to arrive, the craft started moving away. Someone from the fire department stated that 'they could see bright headlights on the roof' as they made their way to the location. There were four state police cruisers on the scene...as well as an individual in a black Cadillac Escalade SUV. The witness referred to this man as a 'universal soldier' decked out in flack gear and armed to the teeth. This person never said a word, but it was obvious that the state police knew who he was...and they were taking directions (through hand signals) from him as well.

3 photo angles of the entity track

When this 'universal soldier' overheard the witness statement describing his uncle's encounter with one of the entities, he immediately made a beeline to the uncle's residents. The SUV was driven to the uncle's house...and very soon something was carried out of the house and placed into an unknown vessel (possibly cryogenic) in the SUV.

Not long after JC Johnson was contacted by Navajo Criminal Investigations in reference to the incident.

At this point, the investigation is still ongoing. Any available updates will be posted in the future.

Please watch video for more details:

Click for video - Crypto Four Corners: Ultraterrestrial Assault / Investigation or cut / paste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHyBQOfGEWE&feature=youtu.be

NOTE: Though I don't want to get too descriptive until we received more information, the witnesses did seem to exhibit some 'lost time' through this ordeal. As well, Bradford had a few physical artifacts suggesting possible intrusion. It is also interesting to note...up until the time of this incident, the 'furry ones' never came onto the property. Since the incident, that has changed. Fresh tracks are showing up consistently. What relation, if any, that this has to the ultraterrestrial encounter cannot be established at this time. The 'universal soldier' person's arrival at this location seems to me to be more than coincidental. I contend that this person originated from one of the secret facilities located in the general area. The fact that the state police (or if they were actually state police) is also interesting. Lon