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Friday, April 04, 2014

MUFON Submission Suggests Flight MH370 Possible 'Ghost Flier' / Debris Reported Near Maldives

A recent submission to the MUFON CMS suggests that Malaysia Flight MH370 may have entered a 'wormhole' and may be a 'ghost flier.' Is it possible that the 'wormhole theory' could apply? Did Flight MH370 enter a time warp or bi-locate...or possibly enter another dimension?:

Kudahuvadhoo, Maldives - 2014-03-28 - (submitted 2014-4-3) - unedited: Several residents were disturbed by a loud roaring noise in the early morning and rushed outdoors to see a very low-flying object described as a "jumbo jet" painted red and white which appeared from the northeast, overflew the island, and departed on about a 175 true heading over the horizon. Doors were clearly visible on the flying object and the noise was described as exceptionally loud.

It was suggested that this occurrence might be connected with the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur which had occurred a few hours earlier that morning; however, analysis of the latter flight's presumed position seems to indicate that it could not have been in the area at the time.

The incident occurred in an area where low-flying commercial aircraft are never seen, as there is no nearby airport out of which such an airplane could have operated. Air traffic controllers in Malé, some 100 miles to the northeast, confirmed that no known commercial aircraft were operating in the area at the time. The description is inconsistent with any known military aircraft, and the behavior is anomalous for a large jet aircraft, which would have been expected to be at cruise altitude had it transited the area.

The object departed in the direction of Addu Island, but no one there reported observing it. The only land on the projected flight path beyond Addu is the coast of Antarctica, some 4,200 miles to the south (though the path would have passed close to two uninhabited islands enroute, Grande Terre and Heard Island.)

Parallels are suggested with the Scandinavian "ghost flier" sightings of 1933-34, which also involved sightings of detailed, realistic airplane-like objects in contexts where no known real aircraft could possibly have been. - MUFON CMS

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Maldives island residents report sighting of 'low flying jet'

March 18, 2014

Residents of the remote Maldives island of Kuda Huvadhoo in Dhaal Atoll have reported seeing a "low flying jumbo jet" on the morning of the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Whilst the disappearance of the Boeing 777 jet, carrying 239 passengers has left the whole world in bewilderment, several residents of Kuda Huvadhoo told Haveeru on Tuesday that they saw a "low flying jumbo jet" at around 6:15am on March 8.

They said that it was a white aircraft, with red stripes across it – which is what the Malaysia Airlines flights typically look like.

Eyewitnesses from the Kuda Huvadhoo concurred that the aeroplane was travelling North to South-East, towards the Southern tip of the Maldives – Addu. They also noted the incredibly loud noise that the flight made when it flew over the island.

"I've never seen a jet flying so low over our island before. We've seen seaplanes, but I'm sure that this was not one of those. I could even make out the doors on the plane clearly," said an eyewitness.

"It's not just me either, several other residents have reported seeing the exact same thing. Some people got out of their houses to see what was causing the tremendous noise too."

Mohamed Zaheem, the Island Councilor of Kuda Huvadhoo, said that the residents of the island had spoken about the incident.

A local aviation expert told Haveeru that it is "likely" for MH370 to have flown over the Maldives. The possibility of any aircraft flying over the island at the reported time is extremely low, the expert added.

The Malaysia airlines jet disappeared on March 8 with 239 people on board after taking off from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing. Investigators say it was deliberately diverted off course.

Twenty-six countries are now helping to hunt for the plane after satellite and military radar data projected two huge corridors through which it might have flown.

Satellite data suggests that the last "ping" was recieved from the flight somwhere close to the Maldives and the US naval base on Diego Garcia.

But the Maldives is not amongst the countries that Malaysian authorities had sought help from in its search for the missing jet. Malaysia has listed the countries that it had appealed for assistance: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and France. - Haveeru


MH370: Object washed ashore, plane sighting causes stir in Maldives

GEORGE TOWN (April 4): Questions are being raised in the Maldives while the international search-and-rescue mission for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 continues west of Australia.

Attention is being focused on an object that resembles a fire suppression bottle for aircraft found washed ashore on a beach at the northern Maldivian island of Baarah on March 24.

The website Maldives Finest (www.maldivesfinest.com) has featured a series of reports, together with photographs of the object.

In particular, the website’s editorial stressed that questions are being raised on why the authorities are not releasing updated information on it.

“Are they simply trying to ignore the fact that an object possibly belonging to MH370 has been found? Or the authorities want the world to focus on the depths of massive oceans just to say, at last, the plane may never be found?” the report said.

“We can’t believe Boeing and the Malaysian authorities are not aware of this object. Why have not they said anything so far?” it asked.

“Why are the major news networks not reporting this?”

(Incidentally, the secretive US military base on the atoll of Diego Garcia is about 700km south of Maldives, or just about an hour’s flight for a Boeing 777-200ER like the one operating as MH370.)

The website has also tagged Boeing and MAS on a Tweet button on its page, and is encouraging concerned readers to click on it to tweet the message:

“@Boeing @MAS What happened to the possible Fire Suppression Bottle found washed up on Maldives beach? #MH370 http://goo.gl/i7GYl4.”

MH730 disappeared in the pre-dawn hours of March 8 while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing via the South China Sea.

Search operations moved to the Indian Ocean a few days later when it was determined that the plane had made an “air turn-back” through deliberate means.

" Military denies access to object"

Maldivian news portal Haaveru Daily (http://www.haveeru.com.mv) first reported about the object when it was found on March 24.

The residents alerted the police who handed it over to the military.

Haaveru then reported on March 26 that residents had assumed the object to be a bomb or sea mine, but the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) said it was not an explosive device.

It also quoted an experienced local aircraft engineer, who wished to remain anonymous, as saying that the object is "very likely" to be a fire suppression bottle from an aircraft, but could not say which type of aircraft without seeing it in person and cross-checking the part number on it.

It was earlier reported that residents of Kudahuvadhoo island further south claimed to have seen a low-flying aircraft of similar size as a Boeing 777 on the morning of March 8.

According to Maldives Finest, the authorities investigated and said the claim was not valid.

On March 27, the website reported that the spokesperson of the MNDF, Major Hussain Ali, had confirmed to it that they are aware of the talk relating object with missing MH370.

Hussain said the MNDF was in touch with the 'relevant authorities, but declined to confirm when asked if they are in touch with Malaysian authorities or the airline.

“When requested to grant access to our staff to photograph the object, the officer declined to give that chance,” the report stressed.

On March 29, the site attributed unconfirmed reports as saying that the Maldives military had sent pictures of the object to Boeing.

In its latest update on March 31, Maldives Finest said it had contacted Hussain again but could did not get any additional information about the object.

“When asked about pictures being sent to Boeing, the spokesperson said that he can’t confirm that and he does not have any additional update of the investigation,” the report said. - FZ

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