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Friday, April 18, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Zeriod / Bioform UFOs -- 'I'm terrified' -- 300 Meter Cylinder UFO Witnessed Over Ukraine

Zeriod / Bioform UFOs

UFO field researcher Gary Mansfield of Nashville, TN recently forwarded these images of zeriod / bioform UFOs. For several years he has been attempting to get help from organizations with the means to further his research. MUFON's response to Gary has been less than helpful...of course, they would want the lion's share of credit for their cursory aid. Each time I present Gary's photo captures, I receive inquiries...but so far no one as come forward with serious intentions.

Some UFOs seem to be living organisms...possibly actual alien life-forms. I have been interested in this phenomenon since I started my investigation of the 'flying rays'. Could alien craft be 'alive'...beings that can convert their bodies into a flying craft? I believe further study is needed.

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Did group make contact with King Richard III?

Amateur ghost hunters claim to have made contact with the spirit of someone called Richard during a séance at a house with connections to Richard III.

The 12 members of Haunted Heritage recorded the spooky encounter at Donington le Heath Manor House last year, but said they did not want to publicise it at the time due to the furore surrounding the discovery of the remains of the king.

Medium Gill Hibbert, 56, from Coalville, said the name Richard was especially significant because the group was standing next to the bed in which the Plantagenet monarch was reported to have spent his last night before riding out to meet his end at Bosworth in 1485.

The audio clip clearly captures a man's voice saying "Richard" in response to the question, "what is your name?"

Gill, who works at a leisure centre during the day, said: "It was in the main room upstairs in the manor house – it was coming up to the witching hour.

"We had been there since 8pm. At about 11.45pm, we started the call-out session.

"We were standing in the dark, but there was a bit of light coming in through the window."

Gill asked whether anyone was there, and for them to "come forward".

She switched on the ghost box – a modified radio which allows spirits to "speak" through white noise – and called out again.

She said: "Then we heard the name, 'Richard' – it was so clear. We were blown away.

"The night was quite uneventful up until then – we had a few knocks and bangs – but when that came through it was the icing on the cake."

The part-time paranormal investigators were at the manor house, near Coalville, in October.

Gill said it was one of the best examples of paranormal contact they had experienced. He said the recording was so clear it was graded A (the top level) in the electronic voice phenomenon chart.

The group has now contacted professional paranormal investigators to have the recording analysed further.

However, Gill said the group was not jumping to conclusions.

She said: "We're not saying it's Richard III.

"We're trying to get a historian from Donington Le Heath to look into other Richards who have lived there. But no one has found anything yet. We are being careful about saying it's Richard III because we can't prove it." - Leicester Mercury


'I'm terrified'

So I've had, what I consider to be, paranormal experiences before. I see things, I've been growled at, and I feel presences. I'm pretty good at ignoring everything. I also like to rationalize what I experience, but sometimes there is nothing I can think of.

So here is what happened last night. I was trying to fall asleep. I was almost there when I heard a deep voice in my ear. I wish I knew that it said, but I couldnt understand it. I have heard it before, and last time it said 'die.' I closed my eyes and started saying my prayers (Hail Mary, Our Father, etc). Suddenly my bed began to shake. Thinking it was a dream, I opened my eyes. That was not the case. I tried to scream, but I don't have much of a voice currently, so I could only let out a small shrill. I just closed my eyes until it was over. I then got up to walk around and tried to convince myself it was a dream. I just so happened to look at the clock and it was 2:40am. Almost 3. I didn't like that. There's nothing I could do so I said my prayers again and went to sleep.

During my shower this morning, I felt a burning on my left calf. The water was not hot at all, but rather lukewarm. I look down and I had 3 scratches where I felt the burn. I had not touched that area at all. To try to debunk it, I scratched myself as hard as I could, but nothing I did could even come close to replicating that. I have a picture of he scratches if anybody wants to see.

I also had a difficult time breathing in my room today, but when I go elsewhere, I'm fine. I've also been nauseous. I'm trying to discount this as just being scared, but no matter how scared I've been, for whatever reason, I've never been nauseous.

Please note that I don't believe I have ever done anything to draw spirits to myself. I am a devout Catholic and always have been, if that makes any difference to you. I currently live at school, so there could be something there already, and I might be more sensitive to it than others. - reddit


300 Meter Cylinder UFO Witnessed Over Ukraine

This is on the outskirts of Kramatorsk, Ukraine. About 10 am in the morning. Filmed at 4-17-2014, but actual may be 4-16-2014, considering the context. Author says it's 4-17-2014.

Ukrainian tanks. Russian activists. Gunfire. And if you look above them, there is a 300 meter long cylinder hovering above them. No cloudcover.

It's the same object that ran through Korosten, Ukraine on 4-6-2014.

Make a backup of this video. The Korosten video's are being pulled. I've included a Korosten photo in case you don't recall.

The fact that you aren't using SSL/Tor for submissions garners alot of trust with people, I imagine. Might want to correct that. Take care. - MUFON CMS


Mobile Users

Hi Folks...I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. For those readers who use mobile to read the blog, have there been any changes to the format? I switched to a custom format today...is it better or worst? Thanks for your feedback. Lon


Join Eric, Lon & Sean as we welcome our friends & colleagues, cryptozoologist JC Johnson & Navajo Elder Chief Leonard Dan to 'Beyond The Edge' Radio

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JC Johnson founded and leads Crypto Four Corners a group of enthusiastic and determined researchers investigating a variety of strange creatures in the Four Corners area of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. The group's research includes Bigfoot, giant snakes, werewolves, living dinosaurs, dragons, centaurs, giant birds, Native American 'Skin Walkers', 'The Night Stalker', and other strange cryptids reported in this remote and wild region. In addition to eyewitness accounts, they investigate mysterious livestock deaths, and other suspicious incidents. JC has been a professional river and outdoor guide for more than 20 years. His knowledge, attunement to nature, and underlying faith make him a driving force in the field of Cryptozoology and paranormal research. JC also serves as President of the North American Forean Society. His amazing experiences will make you rethink the unexplained, and leave you wondering whether you should check under your bed tonight before you dare close your eyes.

Chief Leonard Dan is an elder of the Diné (Navajo) Nation and an original member of Crypto Four Corners. He offers his knowledge of the wildlife, traditions & history of the area...including an encounter with what he believes to be a legendary 'Skinwalker' on his ranch, several years ago.

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