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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Your Thoughts on the 'Sylvanic' Alliance

Back in Season 2 of Finding Bigfoot the crew traveled to the Canadian Rockies to investigate the claims of Bigfoot researcher Todd Standing, who is also a paramedic fire fighter living in Calgary, Alberta. It was obvious that Standing's evidence didn't impress the FB crew, in particular Cliff Barackman, who wrote about the episode on his field notes website.

In recent months, well-known Bigfoot researcher Dr. Jeff Meldrum has coupled with Standing on Big North Radio. As well, 'Survivorman' host Les Stroud has aligned himself with Standing's hypothesis, which is prominently posted on Standing's website.

I've been relatively quiet about this uncanny cabal...frankly, because it's simply hard to believe. Standing's evidence, in my mind, has always been difficult to take seriously. On the other hand, Dr. Jeff Meldrum's research has been considered the standard by most people interested in Bigfoot. This sudden alliance raises many questions...and creates a less-than-positive concern as to the motive behind the affiliation. What do you think? Is this a sincere alliance? Should Todd Standing's claims be given credibility? Lon

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