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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Humanoid Incursion Reports

These selected reports detail real-life incursions / encounters by humanoid beings:


Location: Near Big Springs, Texas
Date: June 2005
Time: Mid Afternoon

The 13-year old witness was out hunting with his grandfather and had briefly separated from his grandfather following a flock of quail. He strode up a mountain, carrying his shotgun and a bag of shells. He scratched his leg with a rock and tended the wound for a few minutes; he then heard ducks nearby and knew there had to be a pond to wash his cut.

After arriving at the pond he began to splash water on his leg when he suddenly heard a splashing sound. He looked up and saw a man leaning over, drinking from the pond. It only took him a few seconds to realize that this was no ordinary man. This man had scales and a lizard’s head. The witness was petrified---he couldn’t move a muscle. He stood there watching the strange creature drink, when all of the sudden he saw it jerk its head up. It eyed the witness for what seemed like hours, it then jumped in the water and began swimming toward the witness. The witness managed to shoot three shells at it and then ran from the area as fast a he could. After telling his grandfather he was not believed.




Location: Northern Georgia
Date: August 1991

The witness was camping with his family in the Georgia mountains near a river. Around midnight while trying to go to sleep, he heard a noise outside the tent. He went to check what was making the noise. When he opened the flap of the tent, he saw a nine-foot humanoid staring at him. Standing only four feet away, the giant humanoid was dressed in a white robe like garment. He wore no shoes or boots and had large feet. Alarmed and yelling, he awoke his wife who came outside when suddenly she was frozen in place.

The witness was then "towed" by the floating humanoid to a clearing near the river where a white silvery sphere hovered about 20-30 feet from the ground. A large sliding door opened on the side and the humanoid placed the witness in the craft. Inside, he was taken into a wide 35-50 foot long hallway and then into a control center with bright flashing lights and consoles. There he witnessed up to 20 other humanoids of the same size and clothed as the first one. The interior of the chamber was so bright that it resembled daylight. He was then taken into another room with a long black table examination. He was positioned and laid on the table with approximately 8-10 humanoids looking at him. They examined him but he didn't feel or notice anything done to him.

After a few minutes the same humanoid that brought him inside took him back outside. He was placed next to his wife who had became mobile again. They watched "jet fires" from the bottom of the object as it shot away at a high rate of speed. The craft apparently left a 200-yard circle of burned grass on the ground. An interesting note from this incident was that the witness stated that the interior of the craft was much larger than the exterior.

Source: NUFORC



Location: Delta, British Columbia, Canada
Date/Time: January 17, 1997 - 2:00 am local time

Two 12-year old boys had sneaked out of their homes as their parents slept and had gone to a nearby storage yard to play for awhile. Soon they headed home taking a short cut through a large equipment yard, sliding underneath the chain link fence.

Halfway through the lot they noticed a very large shiny white box on the ground. As they passed it they heard a "thump" like noise. Right after that came a "popping" sound. They moved on to see a series of lights, red, blue, green reflecting from some nearby equipment. Unable to determine the source they crossed the yard and reached a dark area of the property. They then heard a lengthy high-pitched screech that made their hair stand up. Whirling around they saw, three small "pink figures" walking rapidly between some items of equipment, then quickly becoming lost from view. The beings had no sign of a buttocks cleavage, nor visible evidence of knee joints or fingers.

During the whole encounter it was very warm. At this point a maroon van suddenly roared around the corner and came to a skidding halt near the boys. The headlights illuminated the boys and bald headed driver remained inside the van. Very frightened at this point, the boys ran out of the property vaulting over the chain link fence. They felt extremely thirsty upon arriving home.

Source: reported by family friend / Albert Rosales



Location: Pelham, Georgia
Date/Time: August 6, 1977 - 10:30 am local time

Tom Dawson, 63 and retired, was walking with his two dogs from his trailer home to a nearby farm when a "circular shaped space ship" with a dome and portholes, 40-50 ft in diameter and 12-14 ft high, hovered several feet off the ground in a field in front of him. He immediately noticed that he was unable to move a muscle as well as his dogs and the cattle in the field seemed likewise to be immobilized.

A hatch in the object opened, a ramp was extended, and 7 strange looking humanoids 5 ft tall emerged, five men and two women. The first stepped down cautiously, as if to test the solidity of the ground; then the rest followed, with two taking up sentry positions at the hatch. They were all hairless, with skin "as white as a flour sack," their noses were sharp and turned up, their ears were pointed, and they had no necks. One of the men and one of the women were completely nude. The clothing of the rest, male and female alike, was very beautiful with silk like shoes with pointed, turned up toes.

The humanoids cautiously approached Dawson and gave him a kind of physical examination, placing on his head a skullcap with cords connecting it to a hoop bearing dials. They dropped his trousers and lifted his shirt for the examination, passing the hoop over his body. While the examination was in progress, a loud voice came from the object, shouting three times "I am Jimmy Hoffa" (!) a fourth repetition was cut off, and the voice was not heard again.

After completing the examination, all returned to the craft except two men, who walked about 10 feet away and "went into a conference." They had very shrill voices, and although Dawson was unable to comprehend what it was they said, he thought he heard the word "Jupiter." He had the impression they were debating whether or not to take him on board; at any rate, they did not, and the leader passed his palm across his chest as though to signal good-bye. They reentered the ship, closed the hatch, and took off. He saw the object rise to 75 feet then, in a wink, it was out of sight. Dawson was then freed of his paralysis; he ran directly to his next-door neighbor, but was so excited he could say nothing more than "space ship!" He was taken to a hospital and treated for hysteria.

Source: UFO Bureau of Georgia



San Luis Potosi, Mexico - October 1965 - Afternoon

Francisco Estrada Acosta had gone out on a small game hunting expedition near a local mining area. He followed the Santiago River and arrived at the San Jose dam. There while bending down collecting rocks for his slingshot he felt the presence of someone standing next to him. Standing up he was startled to see a tall figure with a large oval-shaped head, huge reddish phosphorescent eyes and a large toad-like mouth. The strange humanoid extended a 'flipper-like' hand to Acosta and touched one of Acosta’s hands on his palm. The touch felt cold and scaly like that of a reptile or an amphibian. Terrified, Acosta stepped back and ran from the area. Glancing back he noticed that the creature had membrane wing-like protrusions on its back and was apparently preparing to leave also.

Source: Contacto Mexico



Silver Spring, Maryland - February, 22, 2003 - Near midnight

The witness (a teacher) was at home grading some papers when all of the sudden she noticed a bright light outside her apartment. She stepped outside to see what it could be when she suddenly felt a warm sensation come over her body. Her next memory was being alone, lying on a cold hard table with figures wearing doctor-like masks standing around her. The figures were at least 8 ft tall. They appeared to be "slimy" since the witness was touched in several private places by the humanoids. They stuck a needle in the witness, but she felt no pain. In the background there were more figures that appeared to be the female version of the other ones. The humanoids spoke in an unknown language that could not be understood. The speech resembled a series of clicks and mumbled speech. The room grew cold and she felt "something" being pulled out of her. (She believes it was her appendix). She lost consciousness again at this point. She woke up later and found a scar on her side.

Source: NUFORC

NOTE: This location is the site of the Madelaine Rodeiffer UFO film taken in 1965. Well-known 'experiencer' George Adamski was supposedly staying with her at the time.


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