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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reader Submissions: Large Long-Face Bird -- Huge Lynx-Like Creature -- The Pentagon Underground

I received a few interesting reader submissions and responses this week:


Large Long-Face Bird Encounter - Levelland, Texas

Hi my names Amanda I'm 23 years old. It's been 8yrs since we've seen this but it has always been at the back of my mind. I'm sending this email in hopes of finding out any information on this!

My mother was driving me and my 3 siblings to school. As we just turned off our block, I realize she is slowing down the vehicle. To our left is an empty lot where we then see something that looks to be a bird. It was grey in color and about 4 to 5 feet tall. As we're stopped in the road this thing looks at us. It's face was long and looked very old and wrinkled. It turned away while opening it's wings, they where about as wide as the front end of our truck (8-10) feet. It then sort of flew a few yard's to our right passing in front of us. The odd things is, that as it seemed to be flying it never really flapped it's wings. Just as soon as it crossed the road we drove off.

After requesting more information, I received the following:

Hi again. This was September of 2004. A small town called Levelland, in Texas. It was early morning between 7:30 - 7:45 a.m. I remember asking my mom "are u seeing this" she answers yes then my little brother and sister in the back seat asking "what is that" What we seen was something completely outta the ordinary....


Huge Lynx-Like Cryptid - Jane, Missouri

The date is 7/19/2012. Three weeks ago my mother saw this creature - she had never heard of it until today we watched a program on sci-fi channel where a team traveled to Jasper, Arkansas, which is about an hour away from me here in Jane, Mo. She spotted the creature at the intersection of Raines Road and White Bluff Road. It ran across the road - she said it was as tall as her hips, about 3 feet tall. Hideous looking she said with huge tufts on its ears. It looked at her. She said it had a hideous face. There was a motorcycle behind her which abruptly stopped. She said her hair stood on end and the guy behind her was obviously distraught as well. She said it had the lynx chops on the sides of it's face, which was squashed looking like a human she says..not a regular cats face. Had a short tail not a long tail; but was all grey, not black. She says no stripes or spots. This can't be more than 5 miles from where Dsmith73 heard it in Jane in 2008 as highway 90 has only a few mile stretch thru this tiny town. Surprised yet not surprised to see another report from Jane. Also, my dad claims to have heard a howl one night that he could not place as a dog, mountain lion, or wolf. My question to Dsmith73 is have you heard the scream of a panther before and was it different than that?

NOTE: I don't know who Dsmith73 is or anything about an incident in Jane, Missouri. Nonetheless...the email came to me so I decided to post the report. Anybody have information on this? Lon


The Pentagon Underground


When I was a kid my father was in the military, and we lived in the Washington, D.C. area for a year. (He was stationed at Fort Belvoire.) At that time, I met a man who worked at the Pentagon who also attended my parents' Baptist church. He was a regular church member and was well-respected. But what I noticed, whenever I saw him, was that he was a troubled man and a real jerk to his wife. He constantly verbally abused her. Anyway, one Sunday I found myself alone with this guy. Sunday school had just finished, and we were waiting for the main service to start. (His wife would sometimes teach Sunday school for my class.) We were sitting there waiting inside one of the classrooms, and he started to tell me about the underground areas of the Pentagon. That he, himself, worked in one of the underground areas, but not "too far" underground. He said things "get worse" the farther down one goes. I remember that he looked haunted as he spoke, and he hinted that criminal/borderline-criminal activities took place there often.

Now, I was just a 14 year old girl at the time...my only thought was how to get away from this guy and rejoin my family. He made me very uncomfortable. Plus, it seemed so random. I didn't tell my parents, though, because they were typically unsupportive whenever I found myself in odd situations. Since nothing disastrous happened, they wouldn't have believed me. (If something disastrous did happen, I would have been blamed.) - J.

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