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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just the Facts?: O'ahu Invaded by Purple Creatures -- New 'Starchild' Bone Test -- UFOs Over Oldham, UK

O'ahu's south shores invaded by mysterious purple creatures

The south shore of O'ahu is being invaded by something strange from sea, that even has sand crabs running for cover.

"It's the first time I've seen this, I've never seen it before," says beach goer Bruce Kuwana.

"It's really weird, it looks like you want to eat it like a little berry," says beach goer Sonya Lake.

"There are probably millions I'd say," says beach goer Scott Paddock.

If you look closely the entire shoreline is dotted with tiny, purple creatures all curled up.

"Looks like it has about it 6 legs on each side," says Lake. "Yeah it's like an avatar crab."

"When something washes up like this you don't know what to expect, maybe Tsunami stuff," says Kuwana.

It's something many have never seen before. And no one we found knew what they were.

"I definitely want to know where they came from and what they are all about," says Paddock.

Even the biologists at the Waikiki Aquarium are scratching their heads. They've been getting reports of the pea-sized crabs from Kahala to Ala Moana, all this week.

"The lifeguard called and asked what these things were because she had reports of surfers were actually have these things crawl up on their boards and onto them," says Norton Chan, Waikiki Aquarium Biologist.

He can't find a specific name for the animal - all he knows is they are some type of crab still in the larvae stage.

"What you are seeing is a swimming stage probably a few more molts before they settle into their actual crab stage itself," says Chan.

Likely the ones we spotted on the sand were dead or will be soon. He estimates there could have been millions that came up onto our beaches in the past few days.

"I don't think it's that common but ever so often when conditions are right these animals really start coming in," says Chan.

Waikiki Aquarium officials are saving some, hoping to keep them alive long enough to see how they grow.

"There's a lot of things we don't know about the ocean so any opportunity like this is a great learning experience," says Chan.

At this point it's still unknown where these crabs came from, how big they'll get and what they eat. - khon2


Woman discovers her mother's skull above gravesite

Claudia Schmitt held a funeral for her mother just three weeks ago, but now has to go through it again: the cemetery forgot to bury her mom's skull.

Schmitt, 48, of Cologne, Germany, noticed the grave error a few days ago when she went to tend her mother’s resting place.

When she bent down to check the flowers, she noticed a hard round object that she initially thought was a coconut.

It wasn't.

“There were also many worms and maggots," she told the German-language news site Express.de. "And then when I saw a jawbone complete with teeth, I flipped out. Of course one had the terrible feeling that one had found the remains of one’s own mother.“

Schmitt and her brother, Harald, immediately reported the skull sighting to cemetery officials who were, as might be expected, embarrassed to death by the morbid mistake.

“Things like this can happen, but we can only apologise. The remains will be buried tomorrow in a separate funeral,” a cemetery spokesman told TheLocal.de.

Amazingly, there is a bright side to the grave situation: Schmitt had intended to take her 82-year-old father with her to his wife's headstone, but he stayed home because it was raining.

This isn't the only example of cemetery shenanigans that have happened in recent months.

Around July 4, officials at a cemetery in Hudson, New York noticed that American flags were disappearing from the graves of Civil War veterans.

The flag nappings weren't caused by anti-war protesters, but by groundhogs who enjoyed chewing the wooden flagpoles.

And in May, a family in Los Angeles sued a mortuary over a body switch that resulted in a grandmother being buried in another woman's clothes in a California. The body was supposed to be buried at an above-ground crypt in Nicaragua. - THP


Lloyd Pye: New Starchild bone test that is NOT DNA!!!

This one will be going after isotopes. What are isotopes? you might ask:

Any of two or more forms of a chemical element, having the same number of protons in the nucleus, or the same atomic number, but having different numbers of neutrons in the nucleus, or different atomic weights. There are 275 isotopes of the 81 stable elements,in addition to over 800 radioactive isotopes, and every element has known isotopic forms. Isotopes of a single element possess almost identical properties.

Recovering isotopes can reveal what an animal ate, including fossilized animals. Isotopes have shown, for example, that Neandertals were mainly carnivores. Currently, isotopes can tell if oysters on the coast have part of their nutrients coming from tree leaves, in addition to the normal phytoplankton. These are two among countless other examples.

In the case of the Starchild, recovering and analyzing its isotopes can tell us if it ate differently from humans around it. Or, if we're correct about it being from another world, that suggests its isotope proportions of Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulphur, and other elements, would be totally different from anything seen on Earth at present.

This is what we'll be trying to accomplish over the next few weeks, and we expect these results to provide more fuel to the fire we have lit with the recent partial DNA results. Sooner or later we will reach a tipping point, and mainstream media will no longer be able to ignore us, as they're doing now. - Lloyd Pye

The Starchild Skull -- Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?


Reader Submission: UFOs over Oldham, UK

I have over the last 50 years spotted around 10 UFOs in the Oldham area. Usually they have been bright, very fast and manoeuvrable orbs. Two of the UFOs were slow and saucer shaped. The first around 1962) was hovering above me at night while I watched fire crews putting out a blaze at a remote garden allotment on what is locally known as Oldham Edge. This craft appeared to be held together by steel riveted girders. The light from the fire gave us, my young friends and I (we were around 10 years old at the time), a decent view of the craft. This encounter lasted for around 2-3 minutes. The craft then moved of very slowly in an East direction and it made no noise at all. Another encounter came around 1982 (not sure of year but it was in late summer) I was working at the Blue Coat School and at around 4:30 pm I saw a bright object approaching Oldham from the south east. As it got closer I noticed that the brightness was being caused by the sun which was set low in the west. This craft was saucer shaped and was moving in a wobbly sort of way. I would describe this craft as appearing to be made of highly burnished aluminium and appeared to have sections of square plating held together by pot rivet’s. The craft hovered for about 30 seconds just about 50m from where I was stood and parallel to me and then moved off slowly and due east before disappearing from my sight over a quarry on a hill about 1 mile distant. I was stood about 850 foot above sea level and the quarry is about the same. The craft was travelling at about 1,00 foot above sea level and thousands of people leaving work to go home must have seen it too.

All of the other of my sightings were bright orbs. The first of these I sighted at about 4:30 am. As I was preparing to go to work at Oldham Post Office I and my wife saw a large bright orb rise up from an area known as Chew Valley reservoir about 4 miles east away from our home. This orb was huge, probably around 100m across. and glowing in the dark. I think this was in or around 1978 around autumn time. It rose up from the valley in strait vertical motion,slowly, and then halted at around 2,000 feet. It hovered for about a minute and the shot off in the diction of Manchester airport which lies aound 10 miles south west of Oldham. It disappeared completely within 2-3 seconds of moving off beyond our vision passing the airport area and city lights in the far distance. Manchester is a very large conurbation of many millions of people and the surrounding towns give off a lot of street lights. Our home sits high on a hill in Oldham and many English Counties and North Wales can be seen from our home. I have calculated that this object would have had to have travelled about 42 miles before disappearing over the horizon. That is 42 miles in 2-3 seconds. One other notable sighting was a small, bright orb manoeuvring in zig zag fashion along the hull of a jumbo jet which was travelling from an east direction (in the southern sky) towards Manchester Airport. I see aircraft doing this every day from my home in Oldham. The orb then started to manoeuvre around the hull mid section disappearing and reappearing as it went around the hull. This was around summer at about 5:00pm 2011. This sighting lasted for about 3 minutes as both craft descended toward the airport and gradually out of my sight. Other sightings of bright orbs have been brief and not much else to describe about them as they have been at night. The one sighting of the highly burnished aluminium craft was in fact reported in the Oldham Evening Chronicle. www.oldham-chronicle.co.uk a chap called, I think, John Beezer asked local people to contact him about this sighting as he was doing research in to UFO sightings at the time. A good number of people saw this craft and reported it at the time. I told my work mates just after the sightings and they all laughed at me until they read about it in the Chronicle the following evening. - David Winterbottom

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