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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just the Facts?: Charlie Sheen Sees Ghosts -- Argentina Horse Mutilation -- 'Frankenstein' Mummies in Scotland

Charlie Sheen: 'I can see ghosts'

Charlie Sheen claims he can see dead people.

The 'Anger Management' star believes that he has started to see the ghosts of dearly departed friends during visits to their grieving families.

Charlie revealed that in recent months he has had two eerie encounters that he cannot explain.

He said: "When my friend (writer) Zalman King died, I went to comfort his widow, Pat. We were making a toast and I saw Zalman, who'd been dead for four hours, dance through the background. It was a trip."

He continued to tell Playboy magazine: "Another dear friend of mine, Stephanie, her father died. I was at her house, and he walked past me on the stairwell one day... I know it was him.

"I just accept stuff like that and don't try to figure it out. I saw these people."

The former 'Two and a Half Men' actor recently claimed he gave Winona Ryder her stage name.

He said he was listening to psychedelic band The Doors with the actress - who's birth surname is Horowitz - when he was inspired to give her a new moniker.

He told US TV show 'Centerstage': "We were listening to The Doors, to 'Riders on the Storm.'

"And I said, 'You know, I'm thinking Winona Ryder sounds cool,' and she was like, 'Yeah!'" - emirates247


Suicide by tiger?

Tigers fatally mauled a man inside an enclosure at the Copenhagen Zoo, officials said Wednesday.

It was unclear how or why the 21-year-old Afghan-born man had entered the Siberian tiger den, but investigators could not exclude suicide as a motive, police spokesman Lars Borg said. The man sustained multiple bite wounds to the throat, face, chest and a thigh.

"We don't know why he went in and why he ended up in the enclosure," Borg told The Associated Press.

The man was granted Danish citizenship last month and his family has identified him, Borg said. Police declined to release his name. His body was found surrounded by the zoo's three Siberian tigers by a zookeeper early Wednesday.

Borg said the man appeared to have entered the tiger area late Tuesday from a low wall surrounding the den and then ended up in the moat inside the enclosure.

"He has been in the water and the animals must have seen that and attacked him," Borg said. "He was killed in the water."

Police were trying to piece together the man's movements inside the zoo, but haven't had any luck with security cameras. There were no surveillance cameras at the tiger enclosure.

The man only had his old residence permit and keys to his Copenhagen apartment on him, Borg said.

Copenhagen Zoo manager Steffen Straede said it was the first time in the zoo's 152-year history that such an incident has occurred, and there were no plans to reassess its security or to put the tigers down.

"If a person really wants to get in (there), we cannot prevent it from happening," he said. - THP


'Frankenstein' mummies, made from body parts, found in Scotland

An international team of archaeologists have discovered that two mummies found on an island off the coast of Scotland are, like Dr. Frankenstein's monster, composed of body parts from several different humans. The mummified remains, as much as 3,500 years old, suggest that the first residents of the island of South Uist in the Hebrides had some previously unsuspected burial practices.

The West Coast of South Uist was densely populated from around 2000 BC until the end of the Viking period around AD 1300. Researchers led by archaeologist Michael Parker-Pearson of the University of Sheffield have been working at a site near the modern graveyard of Cladh Hallan, which gives the site its name. The team has so far excavated three roundhouses from a village that was apparently occupied from around 2200 BC to 800 BC. A little more than a decade ago, they found the two skeletons under one of the houses, as well as the remains of a teenage girl and a 3-year-old child.

The two primary skeletons were buried in a fetal position and showed evidence of having been preserved. Chemical evidence suggests they were mummified by being placed in nearby peat bogs for a year or longer. The high acidity and low oxygen content of the bog prevents bacteria from breaking down body tissues. After preservation, the skeletons were apparently removed from the bog and buried.

But the skeletons did not "look right" to the researchers. The female's jaw didn't fit into the rest of her skull, for example. Closer examination of the male, they reported in the Journal of Archaeological Science, showed that arthritis was present on the vertebrae of the neck, but not on the rest of the spine. The lower jaw had all of its teeth, while the upper jaw had none; but the condition of the lower jaw's teeth showed that they had been paired with upper teeth. The team concluded that the skeleton has been assembled from parts of at least three bodies, some of which were separated by several hundred years of time.

DNA analysis of the female bones by archaeologist Terry Brown of the University of Manchester revealed that the lower jaw, arm bone and thigh bone all came from different people, none of them related maternally. The bones were apparently assembled between 1310 BC and 1130 BC. Although there is overlap between the estimated times of assembly of the two skeletons, Parker-Pearson believes that they were put together at different times.

Why is a question that is not so easily answered. One simple possibility might be that pieces of a skeleton were inadvertently lost and spare parts were used to assemble a complete skeleton for burial. But Parker-Pearson thinks it more likely that the skeletons had ceremonial purpose. Rights to land, for example, depended on ancestral claims, so it is possible that having ancestors around might have strengthened claims. Alternatively, the fusion of the bones to make one skeleton might had symbolized the fusion of several families in one village or roundhouse.

"Altogether, these results have completely changed our ideas about treatment of the dead in prehistoric Britain," Parker-Pearson told LiveScience. "Other archaeologists are now identifying similar examples now that the breakthrough has been made -- beforehand, it was just unthinkable." - latimes

Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus


Argentina: VISION OVNI Investigates a Horse Mutilation

By Andrea Pérez Simondini

Once again we are bewildered by news of a strange animal death. In this particular instance, the case involves a white horse belonging to José González, who was surprised not only by the animal’s death, but by the strange injuries it presented.

He was able to see a 35 centimeter perforation between its two front extremities, one of them revealing a clear absence of the heart. Another injury could be found in the lower section of the animal, which was missing the entirety of its genitals. Continue reading at Inexplicata - Scott Corrales

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