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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Grails, Snakes and Test Tubes

I received the following update from Matt R. in reference to his ordeals with Reptilians. The written narrative is presented without edits:

The main purpose of this article is to share an enlightening correspondence I’ve had with another reptilian abductee. She has given permission for me to share this publicly. I believe that doing so will help other reptilian abductees in understanding the physical symptoms they have endured. I spent years in denial about these effects. Primarily because the grave implications were too much for me to handle at the time. However, I have recently been doing research into some cutting edge techniques of gene therapy. I believe I may have discovered what kind of biological process the reptilians are using in these treatments. This topic is covered within these email conversations, which I will present largely unedited. The only alterations I made were to protect Alice‘s email and full name. In this correspondence, she discusses numerous physical changes, including the development of webbing on her hands. There is an amazing moment in this correspondence, where I was able to correctly guess this abductee's Merovingian heritage based on this one symptom.

I recently had a conversation about this issue with Lon Strickler, the editor and owner of this blog. I learned that he had spoken to several other reptilian abductees who had developed slight degrees of webbed appendages in adulthood. One of these people is a well known Hollywood personality.

This does not happen to all reptilian abductees. It has not happened in my case. But, I believe that is because my reptilian bloodline heritage is from a less amphibious strain. The image of the reptilian ancestor the reptilians presented to me had reddish scales. Such coloration indicates that his subspecies was more suited to desert environments. This drawing, by another rep abductee, is a very good representation of the ancestor I was shown http://www.orionmindproject.com/pic/HonoredReptilian.bmp

In contrast, the legendary originators of the Merovingian reptilian bloodlines had more of a "Creature from the Black Lagoon" appearance: http://www.kentuckybigfoot.com/pictures/Ky%20Lizard%20Man.jpg

There are numerous legends associating the start of the Merovingian bloodline line with amphibious reptilians (the quinotaur, fisher king, dagon, etc). But, its harder to pinpoint which royal bloodlines are more related to the warrior caste red/brown reps. From what i've found, their bloodline is not as common as amphibious reptilians. Further complicating attempts to track abductees from these bloodlines is the fact that many warrior caste rep descendents end up in military or police fields. This makes them very hesitant to speak or share information, for fear of jeopardizing their career. In contrast, reptilians from the amphibian line tend to have a slightly more diverse personality and career set. This does fall in line with ancient legends of the amphibious reptilians in the ancient Dogon African legends, and their interaction with some Sumerians. These reptilians were consistently cited to be teachers and architects, rather than warriors. Here are some links on the subject of these legends:




What I need to emphasize, once again, is the fact that the reptilians cannot add reptilian DNA into everyone. They can only build upon dormant junk DNA, which contains remnants of their own interbreeding with some of our ancestors.This does explain an oddity I have noticed in dozens of rep cases I have encountered. Reptilians seem fixated on referring to abductees as family members. Its not unusual to be called “cousin, uncle, brother” etc. At first, I thought this quirk was merely the product of the reptilian’s feudalistic mindset. Such societies are reflexively focused on the notion of clan and family association. But, it seems instead to be a reference to most reptilian abductee’s high degree of reptilian DNA. This is a method of continually reminding the abductee to respect the fact that they are related to their abductors. It is not merely an attempt at brainwashing , or forcing “a Stockholm Syndrome” fake attachment. Joe Montaldo is head of the largest unified abduction study group on earth (ICAR), and he had dealt with many reptilian abductees. He speaks about some of these family indoctrination incidents within this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1q013hr0_Y Within a conversation we had, Joe informed me that the rep's DNA scanning process partially activates these genes as a side effect. That could explain why reptilians don't ask permission for later treatments; Even the very first scan creates irreversible changes.

There has been a steep rise in public awareness over the concept of reptilian bloodlines. The popularity of researchers such as David Icke and Stewart Swerdlow has reinforced this trend. But many misunderstand the utilitarian reason behind the elite's tracking of reptilian bloodlines. Many who are in these bloodlines will inevitably be subjected to abduction, and activation of these dormant genetic traits. The Illuminati want to keep track of all those who may be subject to such procedures. Although these abductees are often not at the level of 50% hybrids, they are still capable of manifesting dramatic changes in response to these treatments. Being representatives of the subterranean reptilians on the surface, the illuminati view these altered abductees as potential threats to their hierarchy. The more of this rep DNA has been activated in someone, the more the elites will categorize them as beholden to their authority. This may explain why I was bombarded with the 333 number a year ago, via untraceable phone messages.The number 33 is a sacred number to the Illuminati. That coincided with my last major conscious abduction, and the most severe rep DNA treatment I can recall. I detail that incident in the email exchange below. I also discuss towards the end of this article http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2012/02/update-abductee-exposes-reptilian.html

Below are the entirety of the email exchanges with this other abductee. This is one of many abductees I have corresponded with. In the future, I may present the email dialogues I have engaged in with these other abductees. But, this particular abductee’s case is extremely relevant to the gene therapy aspect of these experiences.

Subject:DNA activation
Date:Jun 6 2012

Greetings Matt!!

Hope all is well with you.

Thanks for that article regarding reptilian DNA Activations. I was wondering if the lupus diagnosis I have is really from a DNA Activation that sent my body into shock. Shock that caused trauma like from a foreign DNA being introduced into my body. It triggered an immune response from hell. My blood type changed too from O- to O+. Like you, I have to hunt for organic food to eat because anything else will send my immune system into all out war with itself. I have developed an allergy to chlorine, after growing up with swimming pools all my life. One day, I got in the water at my mom's house, where I grew up, with the water perfectly balanced,got instantly dizzy, nauseated, and disoriented. I barely got out of the water. That doesn't happen in salt water, in the ocean, or in fresh water lakes, rivers, or streams. Tap water makes me itch. Showers are miserable for me unless I have a filter on it.

These things have all happened out of the blue. No warning, just one day bam! It is so now, that if I don't get morning sun, I am achy, stiff, and cold. Cloudy days are miserable for me unless I get at least about 15 min of sun.

Dude, I have no idea what is going on with me, but your article regarding the DNA activation is the only thing that seems to make sense. This is not happening to any of my other siblings either.

You are so right. This just sucks ass. It is expensive, time consuming and an all around pain in the ass. Between the filters, organic food, purified water, air purifiers, and nutritional supplements, the cost is just downright stupid.

Makes me wonder what type of being I am going to end up as when this is all said and done.....the webbing on my hands is disturbing enough.

Thanks for your article. It cleared a lot of things up.

Take Care,


Subject:DNA activation
Date:Jun 12 2012

Thanks for the insight. Is it OK if I quote your emails in a future article? I have some health suggestions. I have found that there is only one super fruit extract juice that is specifically gentle on the stomach-- mangosteen. You can find mangosteen juice concentrates at most health stores. Goji and acai tend to set off my stomach. I've also found that the only mineral supplement I can tolerate now is calcium phosphorus. Iron, zinc, etc are now untouchable for me.

I also, like you, have had a strong manifestation of these gene therapy treatments in my hands. I have had mild psoriasis for years. But, after my first major DNA treatment abduction, my hands worsened dramatically. They break out in large leather like patches. Like someone grafted in large frankenstein segments of red leather. It does not look like dry skin or inflammation. It looks like the shiny upholstery of a leather car seat. I have not experienced webbing, yet. But, I'm curious, were you born with this hand webbing? And then it suddenly got worse after later abductions? Or did the webbing appear in adulthood?

That could imply that your bloodline heritage is from a more amphibian strain of reptilian. I think most reptilians are amphibian to certain degrees. But, some more than others. This DNA process builds upon what is already in your recessive junk DNA. In your case, that means your rep ancestor may have been a " creature from the black lagoon" type. The nommos that t
aught the dogon tribe looked like that. They had to lay in pools of water at night to keep from getting too dry. Legend also has it that the Merovingian royal blood lines are from the more water oriented breed of reptilians. Do you have any Merovingian ancestry? You may want to check on that.


Subject:DNA activation
Date:Jun 13 2012

Hey Matt,

Go ahead and quote me in your articles if you like...just give me a pseudonym.
Mangosteen sounds like a good one to try. I would be wary of the Gogi because is it a nightshade family fruit. They can build up to toxic levels in the blood for sensitive individuals. Check out this article. http://thehealthcoach1.com/?p=2368

I can take mineral supplements with no problem, but the one I need the most is silica gel. For some reason, I go through times where I crave it like nobodies business! Sometimes I have to have it, and other times I don't. Weird.

The webbing didn't show up until I got older and has become more pronounced as of late. I contribute it to the abductions, the Milabs, and to these random injections I wake up with sometimes. My eyes have been doing the focus out of focus thing lately too...I don't know what is going on with me. My friend said my eyes went black when I got pissed off at someone the other day..all black and very intense she said. It didn't scare her because she had seen before in someone else. That is just really strange. I love my humanity and will not let them take it from me. Do you have Skype? Perhaps we can Skype one day.

Last night I got a visit from black helicopters....3 times. They flew over my house 3 times last night, directly over my bedroom. I could see them coming from the bedroom window..they fly towards the window then up over the roof, and circle back to do it again....I could feel the scan. It felt like energy crawling up and down my body....pain in the ass! The side of my face hurt after the 3rd time.

Interesting that you mention the Merovingian blood line. I had looked into that a while back given that my father's family is French Aristocracy mixed with Irish. My grandfather was from Aigre, France. My grandmother on his side is from the line of Russell. It has been rumored that we are of the line of the Merovingian....I didn't know that they were amphibious reptilians. I was told during a reading, that my soul originated on a planet called Apollonian in Alpha Centauri Region....they told me that I what is called a Hugon...HumanDragon type being that is not a hybrid, but an actual independent species all in itself. This supposedly has nothing to do with the Dracos but the actual true flesh n blood soul'd to Source dragons.

Do you ever have to take a salt bath or get into the ocean?

Stay Safe


Subject:Blue Vials
Date:Jun 15 2012

What is your Skype name? Mine is __________ . Feel free to send me a request to add me. I appreciate the last links you sent. A lot of good health info.

I'm curious, have you seen any light blue colored fluids, in any of these abductions? Specifically in vials? Another reptilian abductee had a gene therapy treatment abduction where she saw blue vials. And, it turns out there is an actual biological equivalent to that in current human science.

Blue is a common color in liposome gene therapy solutions. This is a cutting edge form of gene therapy that human scientists are just starting to employ. But, it appears the reptilians may have been using a liposome solution far before we invented it. Until just a few years ago, earth scientists were using retrovirus based gene delivery. But, it was sloppy and imprecise. It also had the risk of spreading beyond the intended impact. PEG/folate liposomes solutions can be delivered via injection. A course of these injections seems to be effective nearly overnight. This may explain why so many reptilian abductees have dramatic overnight changes. They were subjected to numerous injections that night. And, they were likely kept unconscious because it would have been painful. At the very least, the pain of multiple injections would cause an awake abductee to flail, fidget, and maybe involuntarily kick or hit. More importantly, it also explains why these treatments seem to work overnight. Retrovirus based gene therapy could not work that fast. But a bombardment of liposome based DNA delivery, customized to an abductees specific recessive rep DNA, could have a quick effect.

As it has been explained to numerous rep abductees, these gene treatments are custom fitted. They can't just shove new rep DNA into anyone. There has to be an existing recessive hybrid DNA component. And this is why reptilians and their Illuminati assets obsess over tracking bloodlines.

My last gene treatment was certainly traumatic. I remember waking as I was dropped in my bed by an extremely large reptilian, just one year ago. This thing was the size of a refrigerator, and gave off an aura of power and authority like nothing I've ever experienced. Its dark robe, and the curved silver colored inlays, were like something from a painting of a medieval king. I had already experienced heightened aggression, senses, and food allergies since my 2005 abduction ( even though my first abduction was 2003). But, whatever this thing did to me felt like it dramatically aggravated all these symptoms. And, in just one night. But, I was baffled as to why I was left asleep for the procedure. If it was a series of hypodermic jabs, I can now see why. Its amazing how many rep abductees cannot recall being awake for the actual DNA treatments. If it involves being a human pincushion, then we are fortunate that most of us are kept asleep.
But, since you have had some unusually aggressive abductions, I'm wondering if you may have caught a glimpse of any light blue vials or test tubes of fluid. In particular, have you seen such fluids in association with any of these injections?


Subject:Blue Vials
Date:Jun 19 2012

Hi Matt!

Yes, I have seen iridescent blue vials of liquids. I have also seen green, and sometimes red. I have been in a room where there are glass or clear jars with red liquid in them in some form of cabinet. There was one room that had a cabinet full of blue vials on one side, and green vials on the other. One big section looked like it might have been a refrigerator of some sort but I can't be sure. I remember those rooms with the blue vials being somewhat cold, at least cool to me. Eery, and cool....

Lately, my sense of smell has been crazy! I feel like a bloodhound. My eyes are doing the blurr in and out thing off and on, and my hearing is either super sensitive, or I can't hear very well....it is as if my senses are being adjusted. I don't how else to put it. I can almost picture them on a dial, being turned this way and that, like tuning to a frequency. Have you ever heard of that before?

It would not surprise me one bit if I had latent reptilian genetics...my paternal grandmother was a Russell after all. You know how crazy the reptilians and Illuminati are about bloodlines. My mom's line is of the Delgado line and King so it wouldn't surprise me if there were reptilian genes in that group either....Stay Safe.


Some parting thoughts and commentary on these emails:

In a later email, Alice asked the important question of what the reptilian’s motivations are in this process. My view on this is simple: The reptilians view this recessive DNA as the best part of the abductees. So, in their view, they are doing the abductee a favor via its activation, and repair. By bringing this DNA to the forefront, it also makes the abductee a better source for the harvesting of these alien genes later on. This patching and repair process allows them to better extend their existing pool of reptilian hybrids. Otherwise, they would need to constantly produce and integrate fresh half breeds into the population. But, as long as they can stretch the usability of their existing hybrid lines, they will do so. Its more efficient as a use of their resources. Unfortunately, it has a lot of severe side effects. Another rep abductee that I know gets sick if he drinks water from plastic containers. I too, have developed that vulnerability. He also had found he cannot eat anything but vegetables and meat without getting sick. These changes happened nearly overnight, just as in my case.

The reptilians actually told him he was descended from Montezuma. After he did some family research, he found he had an Indian ancestor from the specific tribe of Montezuma. He had no way of knowing this beforehand. The reptilians DNA mapping must be profoundly extensive, and specific. I mentioned this to Joe Montaldo, head of the Icar abduction group. He too had heard of other reptilian abductees being informed of montezuma's reptilian roots. This complements the fact that Reptilian gods were extremely common throughout Mayan and Aztec legends http://arcturi.blogspot.com/2009/12/native-american-and-reptoid-snake.html?m=1. Its important for rep abductees to dig into their ancestry as far as they can. It can give them advanced warning on what type of symptoms they will develop. It wasn't until many years into my abductions that I was shown that warrior caste red reptilian ancestor.

Perhaps if I had been more diligent on my own genealogical research , I would have been more prepared to see that. Its only after that presentation that I started to consider the extensive military background in both my family lines.In order to shield this blog from liability issues, I will not yet disclose the name of the well known high level foreign politician that I’m closely related to. He was former military, and had had issues throughout his career of being a bit too aggressive in his tactics. And, if I go fully public, I may say who it is. Could it be that this politician was intentionally placed in that key spot because of his bloodline? It took me years to realize the fact that my rank in that reptilian training exercise was due to my concentration of reptilian blood. I knew it at a subconscious level, but had a lot of trouble accepting it. For more details on my abduction experience while on the New Orleans Police, read these 2 articles: http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2010/04/update-former-police-officer-recalls.html
And, in the 2nd half of my last article, “Behind the Green Door” I discuss a number of other sources on these reptilian gene therapy programs.

There are 3 different routes that many reptilian abductees can choose with this issue: denial, excessive pride, or fear. I can vouch for the fact that the denial route is unhealthy, and a temporary solution at best. The pride route is the one taken by many of the elite illuminatti bloodline families. That route leads to nepotism, stunted emotional development, and a narrow scope of empathy. And the 3rd route, fear, only serves as a more severe form of denial. Its up to each rep abductee to allow themselves time to adjust to these genetic issues in their own way. I can only suggest acceptance of it, rather than the extremes of trying to run away from it, or embracing it too strongly. Try to determine your lineage, and compare it with what the reptilians may have revealed to you. You may find that the convergence of these details explains some of your experiences, and how the reptilians will deal with you in future abductions and interactions.

Matt R.

NOTE: I will not endorse or impugn any of the narrative posted by the author. It has been posted solely as the opinion of the author without any input by myself (unless I was quoted). I will state that I believe that there are other humanoid beings living among us, either alien species or entities bio-engineered from terrestrial lifeforms. Beyond my statement you are left to your own conclusions...Lon

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