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Sioux City Entity: A Personal Investigation

The brave victims of this ordeal have allowed me to disclose their story. They have also agreed to have their names made public. This case was presented publicly for the first time during an emotional interview that was broadcast live on Beyond The Edge Radio on June 15th, 2014:

In February 2013, while I was assisting another investigative group, a request for help was received from a family in Sioux City, Iowa. The residents of the family home were twin sisters, Earlina & Sabrina, and their children.

The initial complaint was the '...presence of a dark entity. The dark apparition is seen by my family. It has scratched family members and makes noises. There has been a rotting flesh odor.'

(Sabrina) 'My sister has seen me write unknown words and I'm not aware of it. I also talk in another language, pupils black in color, and also saying extremely bad things toward my children that I would never say consciously.

At times, TV or radio turn on. We try to come up with an explanation but can’t find one.

Banging on the walls - doors shutting - dishes shaking.

Feeling of not being able to move when lying down (paralyzed), that something was keeping me down. This happened to me and to my son.

The feeling of fear that my daughter feels and the women that she states she saw, wearing a lace dress.

My sister states she feels that she is being attacked spiritually and that it doesn’t like her.'
She later added:
'At my previous residence - that is where it began. It started getting physical when my daughter was being pulled off the bed while next to me. My niece lived with me for a short time and she experienced some type of sexual touch. She was very emotional about it and frightened her severely.

There was an extensive amount of doors slamming & cupboards slamming. My sister witnessed a measuring cup come out of the drawer. At the time she was talking about praying or something about ignoring what was happening in the house. Lights would turn on and off. The thermostat would get turned up.

In my son's room and in my room there was a heavy feeling a majority of the time. Knocking coming from the closets and could be heard even in the living room. During one of the meetings with another investigation team, there was a extremely loud bang on the wall that was adjoined to the closet in my son's room. I asked my sister to see if the adjoining neighbor had done something or if anything could have made that noise from outside. The neighbors were eating their dinner but stated they did hear a loud noise. The noise couldn’t be explained and we all knew it came from the same wall (the wall was actually on the other side of the house from the adjoining neighbors). TV's had turned on and off in the house as well.

The crosses that my sister made and put above the doorways had been taken. Overpowering odor of death - my sister had to leave the house because of the terrible odor made her retch, but when we went back down the hallway it was gone.'
During this period, the twins' mother was living with Sabrina in her residence. Their mother soon experienced symptoms of dementia and was taken to the Mayo Clinic. She didn’t respond to therapy and was placed in a nursing facility where Sabrina worked. The doctors at the facility describe her illness as resembling ‘post traumatic stress disorder.’

Sabrina eventually moved in with Earlina (which was actually across the street). Not long after the move, the activity from the previous house started in the new residence. From what I gathered, as many as 4 paranormal groups, including a priest, attempted to clear the locations.

The sisters were soon contacted through Skype. At the time, I had not read the contact form submitted by Sabrina. All I knew was that the clients lived in Iowa. I was not given an address or information about the situation.

We had a rather short consultation when I sensed that there was an airport or aircraft nearby. I also had a strong feeling of individual spirit energy over a wide area.

I asked the clients if there was an airport located in their area. They responded by saying that the airport was directly across the thoroughfare from their home – approx. 1000 ft away.

Suddenly I sensed some type of air disaster in which many people were killed.

I soon discovered that on July 19, 1989, United Airlines Flight 232, a DC-10, crash-landed at Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City, Iowa, after suffering catastrophic failure of its tail-mounted engine, which led to the loss of all flight controls. Of the 296 people on board, 111 died in the accident while 185 survived. 7 of the deaths were children.

After seeing the reference to the accident, I started to remember the events...vividly.

It soon became apparent that the energies I detected were probably from that crash. Eventually, these energies were not the problem, but did contribute to the activity.

For the first few months of the investigation, I was still assisting with the original group. Two remote view sessions were conducted in order to gather evidence. Several conferences were held with the clients.

Unfortunately, Sabrina was still exhibiting extreme bipolar-like behavior. Even though we were on Skype we could still observe her fairly well on the cam. She literally transformed physically; especially her face. Earlina had described Sabrina's activity as well; writing unknown words and talking unknown languages. Her condition was affecting everybody in the house.

We were told that Sabrina’s bedroom was the most active, so we placed the laptop in the middle of the room and directed the camera on an area we were told noises had been heard. Everybody left the room as we watched on Skype. In a 10-minute period we observed the desk light twice fade in and out and the framed picture on the wall move a few inches across the wall. So we were convinced that some type of spirit energy was present.

By April 2013, it was obvious that we were getting nowhere with the case. Activity was occurring day and night. Everybody in the house was experiencing something. Shadows were seen in the hallway, banging on the walls, objects would go missing and items flung across the room. As well as a menacing feeling anytime someone would walk into the house.

I decided to take on the case exclusively while the group worked on other projects. Not long after that, I left the group, but I personally continued to work with the Sioux City clients at their request.

I told the sisters that if they needed me, to contact me at anytime 24/7. I was determined to find the actual cause of the disturbances. I worked one-on-one with Sabrina and Earlina for next 8 months, basically learning all I could about the history of the family and investigating incidents during their lifetime.

One particular incident occurred during this period that suggested to me that this entity was more than just a malevolent earthbound energy. Earlina has reported to me that an inverted 'peace' symbol had manifested on the closet wall in one of bedrooms. It seemed as though it was painted on the drywall, but was impossible scrub off. I instructed her to paint over it after I consulted with a known occultist, who stated that this was a 'sigil' that implied hate and deceit.

The investigative process was very slow and tedious, but eventually some helpful information came forward.

At one period in the sisters’ life, they lived with relatives in Arlington, Texas. I started to research the history of the house (which was built by their grandmother) and the property and discovered a few interesting facts. For whatever reason, the house and property were valued far less than any other house and property in the huge sub-division. The house had several subsequent residents; some had died there. I decided that I needed to conduct a controlled remote view, along with two associates and a monitor.

The session revealed that several rituals had been conducted on the property and that the property also had a stigma attached to it by others in the neighborhood. The location also possessed a deep sense of sorrow and hate. We also felt that there were a lot of lingering issues that revolved around the property. The viewers each reached this conclusion.

I decided not to reveal this information to the clients at the time. I’m glad I didn’t, because Earlina soon asked me if I could determine the fate of her missing aunt. While they were living in Arlington, her aunt disappeared after leaving with some people one afternoon at the house. The last time they saw her was when she got into the car.

I conducted a distant reading a few days later, which I use to discern information while I’m in a heightened perceptive state. It can be described as an extension of my 5 senses. I usually execute these sessions alone. I don’t want anyone accusing me of ‘cold reading’ a client. Though it would be conducted on Skype, voice inflection can still give a reader certain clues. So I just avoid duality as much as possible.

I sensed that the aunt was no longer among the living. Finding a body would require some field work, which I wasn’t in the position to do. This disappearance had weighed heavily on the family for many years. I believe that much of this sorrow, combined with the malevolent energies within the Texas house, seeded something within the sisters.

The clients had moved to Nebraska, then Iowa, where they reside today. Whatever this energy was, it traveled with them; continuing to grow when times were tough and when life seemed out of control.

It became apparent that both Earlina and Sabrina are 'spirit beacons' (they attract spiritual energy). In fact, much of the immediate family are empathic and seem to easily take on the emotions of other family members, even at great distances. I have seen this phenomenon before, but not to the degree that this family exhibited. All of this needed to be taken in consideration when determining the cause of the disturbances.

Earlina is a deeply devout Christian. I truly believe that her faith and confidence allows her to keep this entity at bay, even though she did experience paranormal activity.

On the other hand, Sabrina had more pressing personal issues. By the time 2012 rolled around, this entity had grown to a point where she could no longer control it. It followed her everywhere, even to her workplace.

It was determined, by me and with some consultation with colleagues, that Sabrina had been plagued by a thoughtform entity; a mind created supernatural being. Possibly a poltergeist.

Regardless of what is presented on television and the movies, poltergeist activity is very rare. There are several theories as to what a poltergeist is, but it seems that it always has two relative factors. One would be psychokinesis or PK, which is an ability that allows a person to influence objects or people without physical interaction. The other factor would be malevolency towards the oppressed and those around them. A poltergeist haunting can only be curtailed by the person generating the entity. This involves instruction in how to control emotions and fear as well as avoiding uncontrollable situations.

This is the point where the overwhelming spirit energy at the location comes into play. As a result of the crash of United Airlines Flight 232, there are many wandering spirits in the vicinity, many of which don’t realize that they are no longer part of a living body or remain for other reasons.

Malevolent entities require energy to remain viable. If they cannot feed on human emotion and life force, then they need to look elsewhere. Earthbound spirits are fodder for stronger entities and this was the reason it became so difficult to weaken this troublesome entity.

I instructed Earlina on how to form a barrier around the residence in order to keep earthbound spirits out of the house. We were starting to see a change and a lessening of the activity.

Sabrina still has an attachment with her, but she has moved out of her sister’s home and has moved in with her fiancé. As well, she is no longer living near the airport and the mass of earthbound energies. The degree of her torment has significantly lessened. I continue to provide support, which includes guidance and instruction.

Aftercare can be a long-term commitment in certain cases. These services are provided at no cost. I only ask that the client have an open mind, the discipline to follow my recommendations and to remain positive, which is imperative in order to resolve their problem.

NOTE: After working with these clients for over 7 years, I still keep in close contact with them. The children have exhibited PK abilities and are, mostly likely, developing mediums. They are both still minors, but have been attracting spirit energy since they were very young. I have been working with them individually as well, in order to help them understand why they 'see' and sense occasional entities. As a result of my extended association with the clients, we all consider ourselves as family. Lon