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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Possible Abduction After UFO Sightings in Lake Tahoe, Nevada

A retired military man and surgical technician in Lake Tahoe, NV believes he may have been abducted after discovering he is suddenly standing in his yard and no knowledge how he got there.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"This story covers a span of thirty years. Quick background in bullet format:

Married for thirty-seven years to a lady I have known since we were ten.

Five children, five sons or daughter-in-laws, eight grandchildren.

Retired Marine and retired law enforcement (Graduated high school early, retired from the Marine Corps at the age of 37).

Now employed as a Surgical Technician, at a small rural hospital.

We live near Lake Tahoe, Nevada in an area that until recently was very rural.

Onto the story, about 30 years ago, it was 3 am; I was heading to work and saw what looked like a shooting star. I pulled off the side of the road to watch it (I was riding a motorcycle). Using Job's Peak mountain as a guide, I estimate the object to have reached an elevation of about 1,500 feet. It was rather close to my location, perhaps a quarter of a mile away.

I recall thinking, "Wow! If this object impacts the ground, I might be able to recover a fragment". No sooner had that thought entered my mind, when the object changed direction and shot back up into the air. It was not leaving a significant tail. To give you a visual, if it had left a lasting tail; it would have looked like a "V" in the sky.

At this point, one of three things happened. The object was either traveling so fast it was out of sight in about five seconds, it shut down its source of illumination or it blinked out of existence.

Many people reporting encounters like this state they experienced feelings of abject terror or overwhelming benevolence. I felt none of that, just more like, "Uhmmm, OK that was really weird".

Fast forward to this time last year. It was about midnight and I took our little dog out to go potty. I love looking up at the stars, so as my dog "Bella" (A Chihuahua/Weiner dog mix) was doing her thing. I was looking up enjoying the stars.

I observed a craft moving from the west to the east, quite slowly. I noted a green light on the top, a red light on the bottom. It is important to note these lights were steady, not flashing. Additionally there was a white light pointing in my direction (Not directly at me, just in my direction).

I did not give this much thought as we do have a small airport 7 miles north of my position. However, as I looked down at Bella; something in my mind said, "Wait! What you just saw, does not add up".

I looked back up to observe the lights with a more critical mind. If this was a standard aircraft, I should not be able to see both (What I had assumed were navigation lights). Unless, the craft was in a sharp banked turn heading toward me, since I could see what I assumed was the landing light).  The only other explanation would have been a helicopter with a rotating spotlight.

The problems with this explanation are multiple: First, this object was not moving toward me; it was moving from my right to my left or as stated earlier from west to east. Secondly, the object was only a quarter to a third of a mile away and approximately 750 feet in elevation. With that proximity, I would have heard the engine be it and airplane or a helicopter. I heard absolutely nothing, remember this is still a somewhat rural area.

I observed the object for approximately a minute, it was moving very slowly (Below stall speed for an airplane). Then as with the earlier sighting, it either turned off its lights, moved so fast I could not observe it or simply blinked out of existence.

As with my earlier observation, I really felt nothing other than, "Well, that was odd".

Now, we again fast forward about a month. I am that annoying kind of person who wakes up instantly, gets dressed and head out immediately to accomplish whatever tasks need to be done; before heading to work.

I wake up because I am cold. Here is the kicker, I am standing in the middle of our one acre backyard. My clothing is askew (Shirt buttons are offset by three, my fly is down, waist button secured, belt undone, one pant leg tucked into my pants, one hanging down over my boots).

It takes me at least three minutes, to fully comprehend where I am. My mind is racing, "Why am I out here? How did I get here? Why are my clothes messed up? It is cold, why don't I have my jacket?".

I walked toward the back door, but it is locked. So I move to the garage door, it too is locked. I pass through a gate, go around to our front door. You guessed it, locked. I knock on the door, my wife who wakes before me, opens the door with a confused look on her face, she begins to ask, "How did...".

Entering our home, I reply, "I don't know...I don't know what happened ".

My wife asked, "How did you get past me and go outside, without me seeing or hearing you leave? Why don't you have your keys? It's cold, why are you not wearing you winter gear?"

I held up a hand to her, palm out indicating, "Just wait". I gathered my thoughts and replied, "I really don't know, I have no idea why I am dressed like this or how I got outside".

My wife seemed uncomfortable and has not asked me anymore about it since this event. It should be noted, with the layout of our home, it would be nearly impossible for me to have gotten outside without her hearing and or seeing me.

Additionally, I have no history of sleep walking.

Although an open-minded skeptic, I am a paranormal enthusiast. I understand very well, what these circumstances suggest might have happened.

Sadly, this is where I disappoint you. It has been a year now, my wife and I have not noticed any unusual marks or scars, no change in my behavior or interests. Lastly, no impressions, dreams or flashes of what if anything happened to me.

So, that is my story. What happened? I have no idea. Could I have slept walked for the first time in my life? It is possible. Could I have gotten past my wife? Although unlikely, it is not beyond the realm of believability. I have a sense something happened, but what that is; your guess is as good as mine." L

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