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Monday, December 14, 2020

Black Eyed Kid: 'Let me in! I need something to eat!'

A teen boy is doing his homework when there is a loud knocking on the front door. He is surprised by a young boy demanding food. He later realizes the kid has black eyes.

The following account was on one of my older databases:

"I grew up a latch key kid. Parents did not arrive home until after 5 PM and so. One day after school (early teen), I was sitting at the dining room table doing homework, when I hear a very firm knock at the door. Like the kind that cops do. Our elderly neighbor knocked like this when he would come over for whatever reason, so I got up to answer.

I opened the door to reveal what appeared to be an 8 year old boy with sandy blond hair looking straight down. He was wearing a yellowish but sullied shirt under a grey zip up hoodie which was dirty as well. It was late spring in the south and I knew most nearly all the kids our age in our neighborhood and from our school, but did not recognize him at all. Not relegating myself as the pinnacle of knowing everyone, I figured he was a friend of one of my neighborhood friend's little brother, or something like that.

I said, “Hi, can I help you?” With a very assertive tone, he said, “Let me in! I need something to eat!” Baffled by this kid's gall, I said, “Do I know you?” When, this time he barked the same thing with a little more gusto but in a flat tone. Something was very weird about this kid. I asked if I needed to call his mom or anything, same answer. So, then I asked if he was friends of so and so. No response. I tried to make a little bit of further small talk with him, chummily tapping him on the shoulder. Surprisingly, he was literally as hard as steel. The whole time his gaze was fixed downward so I leaned in to get a look in his eyes. His eyes were f*cking black...a deep black. I asked him if he had been in a fight, no answer.

By this time, my alert sensors were up and running, thinking domestic abuse, by his seemingly sullen and brash attitude, etc. I started to get some crackers, and on the way, an alarm went off in my head, in thought. 'Why is his entire orbital area the same color as his eye...?' After grabbing the crackers and turning to further question him, in mid sentence I looked again at the doorway. He was GONE. Then I started to 'hear' the kid's voice in my head! It was like he was asking someone, “Why didn’t it work? It didn’t work.” I just brushed it off as a weird experience.

Fast forward several years later. I was 25, bored as hell one night, so I decided to read about this black eyed kid phenomena. Then the memory hit me like a hammer. I was freaked out!  Luckily, I had imparted this to a friend when it happened, and he does remember me telling this story." D

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