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Monday, December 28, 2020

The Black Eyed Kids in the Woods

A young woman and her boyfriend both experience a similar dream that revolves around the mysterious house and barn that once stood in the woods behind her house. Very creepy account.

I recently came across the following account:

"I live in a small house and behind me is woods with an abandoned pool, barn and a slab of concrete where a house was built. Before I get into my story there is a few thing you need to know about this land.

First, the house that was on the concrete was demolished in one day. When we asked our neighbor about it he told us one day the family was there the next they where gone and the house was gone almost like they packed up and left over night.

Second, in the barn there are two names written, Jenna and Jennie both with the same date 1997.

Third, there is a old lawn chair sitting out there in the middle of the woods with only a small layer of leaves. If you think about it by now those leaves would have been piled on the chair not just a small pile. Also the metal isn’t rusted at all.

With all this being said, yes, we have had strange encounters but nothing like the dream I had last night.

It started with my boyfriend and I walking out of the woods. We kept hearing things and noticed that we were being followed. After we got out, a little girl appeared wearing a white but older dress. Her hair was knotted, like she has been in the wood for a long time, and the color in her eyes was black, almost like her pupil had taken over. I turned around and asked, “Are you ok?” and she reached out and touched me. I instantly went to a flashback, but not mine. It was hers.

There was a couple, no later then there 30s, crying hysterically while a group of 6 to 7 children all with black eyes, around the ages 6 to16, were around them. A little boy around the age 8 or 9 with dirty overalls and a shirt spoke up and said, “You are on our land. This is our land. We told you to leave.” He then picks up an axe and chopped the girls arm off. She fell to the ground screaming as all the kids started to stick there hatchets in her back. I wanted to scream 'stop!' but I was frozen. I couldn’t speak, blink, or move. They then proceed to grab the boy, tying him to the ground. Then suddenly, I was back at the opening to our woods and the girl stood there. I ran inside and kept peeking out. She was still there watching, but not going any further than the opening at the woods.

When I finally woke up I told my boyfriend and he was is in complete shock. I asked what’s wrong and he said he had a dream that he was being chased though the woods but didn’t know by what.

I’m dealing with something a lot more serious than normal. I have a feeling they're not going away." L

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