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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Luminescent Crawler Humanoids Observed by Teens in Local Park

A groups of teens are in a local park at night investigating a previous strange occurrence. They encounter at least two luminescent humanoids crawling nearby.

found the following interesting account:

"There's a local park that's a few blocks away from my childhood home. There have been a lot of weird experiences I had with my childhood group of friends. A few examples are weird war-like or Jumanji type drums that would play while deep on the trails, people seeing lights flickering randomly in the woods where there shouldn't be lights at dusk, and people feeling like they're being watched or followed when they're alone.

The local community decided to build a jungle gym and a few swings, as well as a shelter with picnic tables. There was a little ceremony and it was a huge success, lots of trips there as a kid and a lot of fun had. In high school, I remember going out there at night to clear my head. This was in 2010. I'd sit out on the swings and just text. One night I heard my text tone go off and I looked at my phone but there were no notifications. It happens again and I realize it was in the woods behind me, about a hundred feet or so away. It happens again. I was freaked out so I head the other way and get on the road to walk home and the notifications keep pinging in those woods. So I end up jogging and then running until I couldn't hear it anymore.

I told some friends about this and we ended up deciding we'd go back on the weekend and walk the trails at night and try and get it to happen again. I was hesitant at first, but we were all big teens. One of my friends was a boxer, another a lineman. It was November now, and the night we got together to go it was kind of sleeting. Not hard enough to be a problem, just enough to be kind of annoying. So we head to the park and get into the woods, walking around with flashlights. We weren't taking it super serious, and laughing and joking. We end up in a kind of field area near a fishing pond. All simultaneously we kind of feel uncomfortable and uneasy. We more or less all didn't want to wuss out, so we start to cross this field and immediately I get goosebumps and my neck hairs all stand up.

We get to the other end of the field and someone jokes about that not being so bad. There were four of us and we all nervously laugh, before hearing a loud crash in the wooded area we just got to. All our flashlights scanned the trees frantically. Me and another friend turn the other way to check our flank and saw something we agree we can't even begin to make sense of. There for a brief second in the field, on the walkway, we both saw a creature that didn't move like any animal we have ever seen. It was almost luminescent as the flashlight seemed to shine back at us as it hit its skin. This thing looked like what I can only compare to as the Rake stories. It was boney, almost humanoid, but it was hunkered down and it drug its body with the front arms rather than moved with its back legs, and just slithered into the field. The two other guys still scanning the tree line shout they saw something and just took off toward where we saw that thing in the field.

Fight or flight kicked in. The other two of us just take off after them and we run, not stopping until we got out of the woods and onto the road. We stopped and stood there. We had our flashlights all looking at the woods, the sleet and our tired breathing the only sounds we could hear. Then the same crash again and what sounded like running footsteps. We ran all the way to my house.

The second part of the story, is that my two other friends who looked towards the woods saw something about 7 or 8 feet tall poke its head around a tree only 20 feet into the tree line. They said it had the same luminescent skin, that the lights reflected at them, but it had slits for eyes, like a cat, but the pupils were darker than black. They almost absorbed the light contrasting to the skin.

This is the first time I've tried to put it down into text. We've all remained friends since then, and none of us can explain what we saw and experienced that night. I couldn't sleep for weeks and was so uncomfortable living so close to the park, I rigged my windows up with cans with pebbles in them so that if something somehow messed with them while I slept, I'd be aware. We all kind of agree that with the fact my text tone was repeated, and other stories we've heard about wendigos, skinwalkers, and the goatman, we all have decided that could be what is out in those woods.

Since then, other people that I have never told this story to, have also mentioned having bizarre encounters there, but nothing like this. Not sure I know anyone who has been to that park and into those woods who don't have a weird story." SK

NOTE: I contacted the witness in order to get a location. If I do, I'll add it to the post. Lon

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