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Wednesday, December 09, 2020

'Man-Wolf' Legend Of Marshall, Texas

The legend of the 'Man-Wolf' of Marshall, Texas and its deadly activity continues to be told to whoever is interested in learning about the local beast. 

The following information was forwarded to me:

"As a young child, my sweet old great, great granny Lee, from Homer, Louisiana, use to tell me about the wolf man of Marshall, Texas. She said she had seen the beast herself as it attacked a neighbor's pig. She swore on a old family Bible that what she saw was not man nor known beast. She said it was a man wolf and could be nothing more then that. This beast man-wolf, my dear old Granny Lee often described as people actually seeing what was a half human, half wolf. It has been noted and told that they are over 6 foot tall when they stand. They have large yellow/orange eyes and long white sharp teeth, and a blunt long snout.

His face is always not quite a man's and not quite a wolf. Though some report they are covered with a full coat of hair and others tell of the coat being sparse and patchy.

Though reports sometimes differ the common factors are that the werewolves face was always seemingly flat, blunt and yet pointed and very grotesquely long.

The Man-Wolf of not so long ago was often encountered along Stagecoach Road. This of course is one of the most haunted hotspots in all of Marshall. Other say it was Dead Woman's Road or Sedberry Street as it is now known.

This Were-beast, animal or as some call it a Dogman, was known for slaying a sheep, or a cow where it stood in the blink of an eye. They say the thousands of chickens they kill could feed the whole state of Texas for a year. And don't forget the many stories of them killing possibly a man, woman, or child or two for good measure.

The old stories around here you will hear most often is of poor old Ms. Ethel Briggs.

She was a lonely widow woman who's husband and young son was reportedly out right killed by the man-wolf.

Ethel's husband use to raise all the normal things it took to survive the daily life of the time. Then one day he found where something broke into his many chicken pens and killed his live stock or carried them away. He then found chewed up pieces showing real signs that they were being killed and eaten. He set out to trap and kill what he thought was a large coyote or mountain lion. Ethel's husband knew what he had to do. So he went out that night and as the story goes never returned.

They found his foot with the toes chewed off that next morning laying by the front door and found his left arm missing three fingers and half a thumb near the old barn. His head was by the creek missing it's nose, ears and tongue. And of course his lips were chewed off and the area of his cheeks showed deep large punctures and tooth gouge marks.

And the very next night her youngest boy, was taken before her eyes. He was the red headed one, who set off looking with his mother for the rest of his dads chewed up remains to bury on that cold February day.

That very next morning he was found, at least a large part of his upper torso just a near five miles away. And the Sheriff was called into to come and investigate the death.

Poor Miss Ethel said she had seen the beast when the Town Sheriff came to call. And that she had buried only the three large pieces of her husbands carcass behind the great field he use to till. And she went on to say that she and her 4 other kids had found them scattered around the property.

She said what she saw was not that of a man, or just a mangy rabies infected dog. It was more then just very large and it walked like a man with a strange apparent slight limp or jake leg. She also stated and noted it ran off on all fours with her husbands left leg in its mouth." Name withheld

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