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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Tall Upright Canine Encountered Near Todd Lake, Michigan

A teen girl, living on a farm near Todd Lake, Michigan, encounter a tall dog-like creature that was seen inside the family barn.

The following account was forwarded to me by an investigator in Michigan:

"The witness was a teenager at the time, and was sneaking cigarettes behind her parents' home, near Todd Lake, northeast of Reed City, Michigan in the winter of 1993. The sun was setting on a clear, cold day. She was facing a large abandoned barn on the property next door. Through a hole broken in the siding, she saw what she thought was "a piece of old farm machinery," just inside the building.

She watched for a few moments, but the object didn't move. Then a deer or some other large animal snapped a branch in the woods nearby. Her attention was diverted, and she turned her head to see what had caused the noise. In her peripheral vision, she noted that "the farm machinery moved too." When she looked back, the setting sun was silhouetting the object in the barn. She froze in place when she realized that she was looking at a tall animal. It turned its head back and looked straight at her. It was, in her words, "at least 6 feet tall if not more. It was dark colored. It had a dog-like appearance; pointy nose and really big pointy ears."

She dashed into her house to grab a flashlight. When she returned outside, she shined it toward the barn door but the animal was no longer there. She walked closer to the barn to look for tracks in the heavy snow. When she didn't see any, she realized the creature might still be inside, and ran back to the safety of the house. She never saw the creature again.

The witness later talked to a friend who had seen something "the size of a buffalo but the shape of a dog" in the same barn, but at a different time. The girl had been hysterical for days after her encounter. Neither of these witnesses heard of "The Legend" song, or about the Michigan Dogman, until years later." C

NOTE: this area in Osceola County, Michigan has been historically active with upright canine encounters and sightings. BTW, the 'Gable film' and the associated 'Michigan Dogman' was proven to be a hoax. You can read about it at 'Gable Film' Revealed As Hoax...MonsterQuest Ends It's Run. Lon

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