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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Bizarre Canine-Like Creature Recently Encountered in Durham, North Carolina

A witness in Durham, North Carolina recently encounters a bizarre canine-like cryptid that has left them dumbfounded.

This recent account was forwarded to me by a reader:

"I'm writing from Durham, North Carolina. I'm not going to assume that what I saw was an actual cryptid, but I've spent nearly 4 hours trying to figure out what it could be, and I've come up with nothing except "moose," and this is way too far south to have been a moose.

It was probably 100 feet ahead of me, loping out of the woods like a dog would lope through deep snow. It was almost black in color except for enormous reflective eyes that were the size of dinner plates glowing back at me. It had thin legs like a deer, but was easily twice my size, covered in long matted fur. It had the face of a dog and a tail that extended probably two feet behind it. It almost looked like it was grimacing as it moved, like I caught it in when it was vulnerable. It didn't slow down though, loping the full width of the street in maybe five hops before disappearing among more trees.

I texted my neighbor, and he joked that it's a 'dogalope,' but honestly I just want to know if anyone else has ever seen anything else like this." MX

UPDATE: "It was definitely not a moose and I don't think it was an elk. It wasn't a cow or beefalo. For those wondering, it had no antlers - the head was distinctly canine. It was in the backwoods near Durham Chapel Hill Rd specifically. Below is my drawing and an image I found that closely resembles the creature." MX

NOTE: I am attempting to make contact with the witness in order to obtain more details. Lon

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