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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Angry Black Eyed Kids Vandalized Home

A girl heard knocking at her front door and soon discovered two young children asking to come in. She later noticed that they had black eyes. They became more aggressive and vandalized the house after they were rebuked.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"About a month ago (November 3, 2020 - Election Day). It was a little past midnight and I had woken up to a banging sound on my door. My parents were out voting, and my sister was still asleep. I went down stairs quietly so I wouldn't wake my sister up. I had cameras but I decided not to look at them.

When I looked through the little peeping hole on the door, I saw children. They didn't look quite normal though. The little boy, around 8 years old, had these weird shoes and outfit that someone in like the 40's would wear. The girl, around 6, did not look better. She had this haircut that a woman would wear in the 90's and an outfit that a women would wear in the 70's. Besides that, they looked perfectly normal.

"Are you lost?" I asked

"Our parents will be here soon." They both said in unison

"Do you need anything?"

"Can we come in?"

Right away I knew that something was off about these kids. Not just the fact that they were dressed weirdly, but the fact that their voices were off. They had voices that no 8 year old or 6 year old should have. I suddenly felt dizzy and a knew that something weird was with these kids

"If your parents are almost here, then can't you just wait out here?" I asked. It was a perfectly safe neighborhood and not a robbery or anything had ever went on. I never even ever saw a shady person walk around here.

"Can we come in?" They asked once more. But, this time, they weren't asking. They were starting to get angry.

"No you may not!" I yelled, I know this sounds bad that I am saying that a little kid that's lost can't come in my house, but there was something off about these kids.

That yell and woke up my sister. She turned on the porch light which helped me see that these kids had black eyes. I screamed and shut the door in their face. My sister asked what was going on, who was that and why I yelled. I told her to just go to bed and don't worry about it. She did as I asked.

The kids eventually left but they did do some damage to my house when I shut the door. They ripped some plants and they cracked the window.

Later that night, I did some research on them and I found out that these black eyed kids can only come into your house if they get permission.

There is a slight chance they will come back soon and I'll be ready. When the kids left, they went into a black car with two tall dudes in suits.

Just remember, if you ever see a kid with black eyes and pale skin coming towards your house or car, don't let them in." CS

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