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Monday, September 09, 2019

Skinwalker Encounter on the Navajo Reservation

I recently received the following account:

This will be my first time writing about an encounter or sighting of the Navajo skinwalker. Growing up as a kid on the rural part of the reservation, you’d always hear stories about seeing “something” out in the woods or even hear some strange noises. It used to not bother me because I had yet to see anything for myself. That was until 2 summers ago. As I got older, these stories started to come to life.

My cousins and I, specifically me, like to hang out in our grandmother's land. It’s a wooded area and right next to big red bluffs. It almost feels like a place to get away for some, being that it’s quite beautiful. There’s trails to hike, and rocks to climb and not to mention the view on top. At night though it seems to tell a different story.

One evening, we got back to our grandmother's house after a great day of hiking and exploring the land. The sun was setting and it started to get pretty chilly. My cousins were sleeping over and we had the house to ourselves. It was late at night. The dogs started to bark and continued to bark. Fed up with the noise, we decided to investigate. Knowing that there was something out there, with the feeling of being watched, combined with the knowledge of known skinwalkers sightings. We were scared but we had a good way of hiding it. Then all of the dogs take off running in one direction. Branches started to make noises like they’re being broken. Distant sounds of bird calls and whistles go off in the distance. We hurried and ran to our grandpa's house and told him what we had heard. He wasn’t scared of anything. He calmly turned off his TV and told us to go inside and to not be scared as they can feel fear.

So were inside and he’s out there walking around looking for whose out there. Out of the quiet, we heard a knock on the wall. Then a pound. We all ran outside, and come face to face with what looks like a man with long hair and red eyes. My grandfather had started his vehicle and told me to hurry and get in and for the rest to guard the house. We drove off and followed this thing. He ran really fast and jumped high. It’s almost unbelievable. We chase him through the trees, bumping all around the hills and then stop. We’re at the edge of the arroyo and this thing jumps 20 feet or so to the other side of the road and vanished. We got back and my grandpa sat us down and told us not to worry and that he’s gone. These creatures or whatever they are, are said to be shapeshifters. They are evil medicine men who have to power to shapeshift and curse people. They are known to run at very high speeds and jump high.

As I’ve gotten older. I know this place has many secrets and stories along with the people who live hear and the nearby bluffs. This land tells a whole different side underneath and I think it should be further investigated spirituality and physically.
Thank you. C

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