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Monday, September 23, 2019

Large Winged Being Encountered in Western Kentucky

I recently came across the following account:

About 10 years ago my ex-husband and I were visiting friends and the guys left to go rent some movies from a local video store. We live in small town surrounded by other small neighboring towns in western Kentucky. Lots of wooded areas and lots of country roads, not a lot of big city action. Street lights are on most roads but not the "back" roads. My friend's husband Zack and my ex-husband Josh decided to hit a back road so Zack could show Josh a house he had been helping build. I am familiar with the road they were on because my grandparents live off it (its a very long road probably 20 miles from start to finish). A childhood friend of mine lived directly on this road, so I had grew up in these woods and have had some strange stories from down there. It's not like people talked about this place being haunted or anything paranormal, I just had experienced weirdness myself as a kid. Mostly I chalked my stories up to being young and impressionable.

Anyway, the guys were talking about the house and hanging out when they got to a part of the road that is somewhat curved. At that point, off the side of the road, stood a figure that my ex said had to be 7 ft tall. They were in a Dodge Neon, so he said maybe he could have mistaken its height because they were sitting low. But it towered over the vehicle. Neither of them said a word to each other until they had passed the figure. After they passed another car was coming and that car hit their breaks which led the guys to believe that car had seen it as well. Zack pulls into the next available place to turn around and that's when they both started talking and freaking out. "Did you see that? What was that?" They turned around and drove back, but nothing was there. They stopped the car and got flashlights out (no street lights. The only light had been their headlights).

They hurried back to the house and when they came inside both were very quiet. I was like "whats up with you guys?" Each kept saying for the other to tell us. They tell us the story of what they had witnessed but with no description. So me and my friend separated the guys and asked them to draw what they saw. Basically it was the same thing only one of them drew half of it and the other drew the entire figure. Both had the center as being black except red where the eyes are. Josh described that it didn't appear to have feet and it was floating. Zack said he didn't remember if he looked at the feet because he was so taken back by the giant wings. The wings they both drew and said were white at the top then faded to yellow then red. The craziest part to me was that both guys said that it wasn't flapping the wings up and down, but that it was flapping them in towards the center 'body' and then back out.

My ex and I would talk about this in great lengths for years. Zack had since been in an accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He was alone on his motorcycle and the eyewitness said he seemed to have just drove off the side of the road like something ran in front of him. But he is no longer able to communicate to be able to tell anyone what happened to him that night. But its always made me wonder if he saw that creature again or if it was some sort of warning for what was to come. DRU

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