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Monday, February 26, 2018

Tall 'Mantis' Guardian Angels?

“I found your channel few months ago because I was trying to look for explanation of what I seen tall white angels that look like bugs. This happened in central Pennsylvania, July, 2013. I was injured and not on any meds and not drinking. Just resting, trying to heal in my room. There was four of them in my room. Height around 8 to 9.5 feet tall with extremely large, protruding black eyes which wrapped around the head and whitish skin with slight tint of color. Bodies were extremely skinny but muscular. I don’t know exact height because they had to duck in my room. When they came through the air and walls.

From the entities I felt overwhelmingly love and compassion like a parent for their child. The first one spoke to me in my thoughts, 'Don't be scared. DON'T be scared. She can see us. She can see us. Don't be scared.' It was telling me this in my brain. I was looking (and listening) at them around my room. The whole experience only lasted a few minutes before I blacked out. Next morning, I told my mom and she said she prayed for Guardian Angels to be around me. My husband told me, 'Do not say that or they will put me in crazy home!!!' Then I secretly told my best friend and she told me that a girl in our town was forced into a hospital by her family because she saw aliens. SO I WAS SHOCKED BECAUSE I NEVER KNEW THE STORY OF THE OTHER GIRL until she told me. I tried to explain they were angels that look like extremely tall bug people. But after that I kept quiet about what they looked like for years.

Now I research online but it's hard to find kind stories about tall bug-like entities. And, yeah, they are telepathic. They were as real as the glass of water I was holding. Never seen a UFO and I have never been abducted. Never a believer until that night.”

Source: Youtube comments, Win Nys

Beyond Creepy

NOTE: I doubt that these were Guardian Angels or any other Celestial Being...they just don't show up in your bedroom (much less as a group). Most likely these were other non-terrestrial entities, similar to what was encountered in Hackettstown, NJ along the Musconetcong River. As far as the beings having love and compassion for the eyewitness, I suppose that's debatable. Lon

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