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Monday, February 19, 2018

Bat-Winged Humanoid Encountered in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

I recently received the following account:


I recently listened to a podcast on The Higher Side Chats, and got this website from that. I have never known where to report this incident so I have just kept it to myself. However, I would like to add my encounter/experience to the inventory of this mystery.

Everything that has been described in Chicago account of a bat-like creature, is pretty identical to what I saw with a few exceptions. My sighting took place in Chippewa Falls, WI in January 2011. It was between 9:00pm and 11:00pm when I saw it. I was outside smoking a cigarette, and I saw a human-sized being with bat-like wings fly over head. It flew/glided a little higher than the street lights. The wings were somewhat transparent, exactly how a bat looks, except that it did not flap its wings. It glided past. My reaction was not negative, nor positive, just speculative. I was in a moment of ‘What was that?’ I would also like to note that I did not see any red eyes.

I would also like to add another sighting. (not mine however, this is a sighting from my boyfriends friend) It was in Fort Atkinson, WI area. Around January 2014. 3:00am He said it was big and it was standing by the river (Rock River). He refused to look at it because it freaked him out so bad.

In conclusion, I think there is some connection with water. Chippewa Falls is known for it’s water source. And Rock River is a major river, and now Lake Michigan. Please feel free to contact me If you have any further questions regarding the sighting.

Sincerely, SB

I contacted the witness and asked if they would provide more details:

It was the size of a full-grown human. And I just remember the wings being big. And a little translucent (just like a bat) actually it kind of reminded me of Jeepers Creepers. But bats aren't around in winter and they are small and flap their wings constantly and fast. This was huge and glided. The place were I physically witnessed this event [my dad's driveway] has had strange things happen from time to time. But that was the only time I saw that creature thing. No one else was there to see it. Many years ago there were accidents by the intersection where I saw it. I was told that people died there. But I cannot verify that part as fact. SB

NOTE: I'm not going to include this sighting to the interactive map, because of the distance from Chicago...but I do believe it is an important event that needs to be part of the record. Lon

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