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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Newbury 'Angel'

Adam in New Hampshire called in to tell of a strange entity that he had photographed in Newbury:

“I don't know if you remember but I called back a few months ago. It was last year during the summer, during your La Lechuza show (June 6, 2017 – he didn't actually call but he did send Clyde an image that he talked about on the show - image shown below). I sent you that photo of that white thing I saw out in the woods and I sent it to you on Ground Zero. I have not figured out what it was and I've sent it to a couple of different people to get it cleared up.

Basically what it was, it was moving across the field from left to right. In the middle of the day. It's an old photo from an LGNV so the photo quality isn't very good. (Lewis thinks it looks like an Angel) That's what people say, yeah. It's like an apparition or an angel. In my opinion though, it felt alien, when I looked out there. It didn't make any sound. It was barely moving. So it was inertly moving across the field. (Lewis asks where it's standing) It's just a field. It's just an open field next to a wildlife management area. So when I took the picture, I thought it was like a torso size, maybe two to three feet. Four feet maximum. But then when you started to talk about it last year (Lewis mentioned that he thought it was 7 or 8 feet tall).

This was in Newbury, Massachusetts, right near my house. Right near the wildlife management area over there, Martin Burns. It's in the middle of the field, middle of the day. Right around, I think it was 2:22 (PM) in September and I was walking out in the woods. And I'm out in the woods all the time and I ain't never seen anything like this before. I've seen animals. It caught my eye. I thought it was a plastic bag floating. And I saw it, and I said, What is that? So I decided to take a picture of it but it was blown out with the light. It totally overexposed the picture so I put my arm across the top of the... LGNV-type is one of those old flip/slide phones. I still have the phone and I still have the original photograph, but it has since been sent to different iphones. I mean, I sent it to everybody. I said, Clear this up. Tell me exactly what this is because it was moving across the field from the left direction to the right at about, I don't know, four miles per hour. A little bit faster than somebody who would be walking. But it didn't move, like, it didn't change shape. It wasn't like floating. It was literally inertly moving from left to right across the field. And I happened to snap a photo of it. And it literally kept moving and disappeared into the woods and I was like, That is the creepiest thing. It didn't make a sound. It haunts me to this day. Every time I look at the photograph, I get goosebumps. Like, I've never seen anything like this before in my entire life... I got the original photograph on the phone so I can submit the phone to anybody and they can go through it. I have a feeling if I got any closer. I don't know about these abductions (the episode theme was on alien abductions and missing people). I'm just glad I saw it and it didn't see me. I work in law enforcement and stuff and I'm very skeptical of a lot of stuff. I think logically all the time. This just defies all logic. It just haunts me to this day. I have trouble looking at the photograph sometimes.”

Source: Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis - February 14, 2018

Beyond Creepy

Source: Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis

NOTE: I believe this is a manifestation of a high-level or supernatural energy. Not necessarily an 'angel'...but not an earthbound entity either. An angel, in my personal opinion, is a celestial energy that has a spiritual connection to particular human beings. I do believe there is an ambiguous relationship to the traditional Jewish and the Zoroastrianism angelic hierarchies, though these celestials have individual qualities that are recognized only by those humans that they guard and protect. I feel strongly that these celestials are part of an order of ultraterrestrial beings. Lon

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