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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Alien Abduction: 'Metaphysical Ecstasy Spell'

Stratford, WI - 1994-07-07: It was night in the Stratford, WI area when all of a sudden a blue-white light streamed through my bedroom window. Actually this sort of thing happened a lot. What can be described as grey aliens, pasty-white almost see through skin. Small bodies long fingers, sickly looking from a human perspective. On the first visits they were aggressive and would shine things in my eyes or run some kind of scanner over my body. Sometimes they would take samples, but when they came I would attempt to ward them off. Sometimes I attempted to scream, push, even hit them until one night. It was the same time, same light...only a female human appeared. She had the face of Claudia black same hair, I didn't know how to react to her. She said "can we be friends?" I couldn't speak. Most of the words are fuzzy. We then began to talk.

I asked her if the others were her friends and she said she was in charge of them and apologized for their treatment of me. I asked what they wanted. She said they wanted to see how I was made. I didn't know anything about that sort of thing back then. I was 8. She explained that everything on Earth and elsewhere living or inorganic was made. Then she said understanding what came down to genetics, organs, bones and their combination would help her species understand humans. So I eventually agreed for her to proceed. Suddenly the blue-white light seemed to pick me off of the bed and I couldn't move.

In all of 35 years I have yet to feel something like the feeling she seemed to evoke. It was like every fiber in my being was just under some kind of metaphysical ecstasy spell. I had no concept or any sensation other than that. Then it lowered me to the bed and I was sure for 100% this woman was not human. She was now looking at me. I asked her if human was what she really looked like. She said no, but I may be frightened by what she really looked like. After some convincing I agreed to subdue my fear as long as I could see her in her true form. I looked back at her, she looked like one of those grey extraterrestrials. We had a peaceful goodbye and in a flash she was gone. - MUFON

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