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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Weekend 2 Cents: Low-Flying Oval UFO Over Edna Mills, Indiana -- Unexplained 'Projected Light' -- Meeting My Shadow Family

Low-Flying Oval UFO Over Edna Mills, Indiana

I received the following report on Wed, Feb 7, 2018 9:42PM ET:

I had to tell you what my daughter just told me. This happened just a half hour ago in a small town east of Lafayette, Indiana. The date is February 7th around 8:45 or so. My daughter and Granddaughter were coming home from shopping in Lafayette and they were going through a small town, not even a town, just a group of homes with the name Edna Mills. My daughter told me that she saw a strange flying object over State Road 26 right over Edna Mills. She said that it was flying lower than a crop duster would but there was no sound. It had lights on the four corners and a very bright light on the front. She also said that it was wider that two hummers side by side. From the account that she gave me it was flying very low with no sound and was flying back and forth across the highway and out over the corn and bean fields like it was searching for something or just watching the cars. At one point she slowed down a little and turned off the radio to listen but could here anything. I thought it would be a good idea to report it just to see if anyone else reported it too. My daughter said that there were cars ahead of her and behind her as well. So there was no way she was the only one who saw it.

I asked for further details and received the following:

I wanted to relay the description of the flying object my daughter saw a few nights ago. She said that it was an oval shape from what she could tell. It was ten to twelve feet wide by fifteen to eighteen feet long. It had bright lights on it two in what she thinks is front and two on what would be the back also in the front between the front lights was another light that was much brighter that seemed to move independent of the four surrounding lights. The color of the craft was hard to make out but she thought it was black. Please let us know if you've had any other reports from that night and area. Thanks again for all you guys do. I believe that you guys perform a service to the community as a whole. Thanks again. LP

NOTE: I checked the UFO reporting centers and nothing similar has been reported in the general area during the past 30 days. Lon


Unexplained 'Projected Light'

I recently received the following account:

Dear Lon,
I am writing you because I was so excited to read the posting dated 12-31-2017 that referenced something that sounded much like what my daughter and I experienced nearly 23 years ago. The writer talks about aliens that he believes "project light sources that resemble fireballs, cartoon characters, snakes, rabbits, dogs, bears, etc. with faint images that mutate and change." This is the part of his narrative that really caught my eye because that is much like what I believe my daughter, 10 years old at the time, watched one cold February (snow on the ground) night in our little town in North Dakota.

I wrote to you about this in the past and related that my daughter called out to me in the morning hours and asked me to get in the empty bottom bunk of her bunk beds and look out the window at the campground that is behind our house. I had gone to her room without turning on any lights so the house was completely dark with just moonlight and street lights coming in the windows. She had her bed pushed up against her bedroom window and had been watching, for almost an hour, what looked like some sort of "projection" of a mother raccoon with two little babies which would climb up on the picnic table and then down. At that time they would "mutate/change" into an old crone type woman, very bent with long hair hanging down around her face. She would walk around the area for a minute or two and then "mutate/change" into three columns that would move about the area in a sort of sliding motion, always staying close together. This group of columns went up into the night sky so far I couldn't see the top of it. The columns were black, unlike the raccoons and old woman which were gray, and like smoked glass, we were able to see through them. They would slide out of the campground, across highway 85, down the alley and out of sight and then come back and repeat the whole raccoon, old lady, column process again. It was like it was on a loop. I watched it repeat this process about 4 times all the while my daughter asking me in whispers, "What do you see now?" She had not told me what to look for so my running narrative of what I was seeing was not tainted by any previous knowledge. She would answer me with, "Yes, just keep watching!" After watching this continuous repetition I whispered, "I'm going to get your dad to see this. I went into our bedroom not turning on any lights, and whispered to my husband, "You have to see this!" I had gone over to the window in our room and pushed the shade aside and could see the event taking place quite clearly as the street lights illuminated the campground quite well. The minute his feet touched our bedroom floor every street light went out and none of the lights in our house would come on. We could no longer see the campground or the "things" we had been watching. My husband said, "well, I guess I wasn't supposed to see that," and lay back down. My daughter's scared little voice called out from her room, "Mom?" I answered that everything was ok and (this is also strange) after telling my husband what we had seen we all just went back to sleep.

I went out the next day and looked at the snow in the area where it took place but there were no tracks, etc. I have never given up looking for an explanation or a similar experience. My daughter moved her bed to the other side of the room. She says she called out to me that night because she was afraid she was losing her mind. We talk about our experience often, even 23 years later it seems like yesterday. ML


Meeting My Shadow Family

At nine-years-old, I was always fascinated by the boiler room in our basement. Growing up in a very haunted 1800s Victorian hotel, I was obsessed with that room. My tummy cramped very badly each time I was near the room, yet I persisted. Staring, my eyes alternated between the actual boiler and the walls, sometimes for hours. The only lighting in this cement room was the glow from the boiler’s pilot light.

Eventually I started seeing random flashes of light. At other times, lights would slowly go across the walls like a spider. Initially when I tried to visually follow the lights, they would suddenly vanish as if someone turned them off. At other times, I was able to follow them until they went around the corner or through a crevice.

The more I went into this room, the more frequent these lights became. Eventually, I met my first shadow people. When I first saw the shadow, I thought my parents were behind me; when I turned to look, nobody was there. The basement was not accessible to hotel guests due to the door being locked, and I had access to the only key. Then I thought maybe it was my own shadow, but I was standing still while they were moving.

One day I felt as if a shadow man was staring back at me. Obviously, I could not see his face but it felt chilling. Just then my tummy cramped as it always did whenever I was in danger, so I yelled, “Go away, leave me alone”, and ran out of the room. For a week I avoided the basement unless my mother was with me. Even though I felt scared, my obsession increased. Read more at Meeting My Shadow Family


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