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Friday, July 07, 2017

Warning: Governments Dealing With 'Aliens That Cannot Be Trusted'

The following report details an event that took place Friday morning at 3:56 AM on 2017-07-06. It was reported to the MUFON CMS today. It contains a warning about certain 'aliens that cannot be trusted':

Plymouth, Minnesota - 2017-07-06: Going to bathroom at 3:56am when I happened to look up through sky light. I saw light/object on path very quickly flying north. What caught my eye was the sudden turn to the northeast. This is the second one in two nights. I know immediately what they are. It then suddenly disappeared. I have had multiple abductions since I was a child. I can tell you about seeing more than 5 different entities on a huge ship. I was taken around the ship and shown many things by a tall hybrid female who very strangely looked like me. I am aware of when they will come and when they will take me. They have taken my husband and children. They have little recollection. I have had many that I remember. The one in charge of the ship I was on last, was nearly 9 1/2 at least ft. tall. white robe, very thin, long white hair and facial hair. He glowed & sparkled as if lit up from within. So being able to see them just happens. I have made a report to someone there (MUFON), but nothing ever happened. I must tell you I will see them again and again, but have been allowed selective memories.

I have much more details about the various abductions. They are getting ready for something big. Told me that our governments are dealing with a type of alien that cannot be trusted & are concerned for us as they have been watching over us (so to speak) since many, many years ago. I see sightings often. It is almost as if I have a connection and I feel close to them. I tried a hypnotist but he wasn't very good. - MUFON

BTW...the following is a previous report from the same town. Not sure it is the same witness:

Plymouth, Minnesota - 2006-07-28: I was sleeping around 8:00pm and I noticed a hum outside of my window. It was the extra terrestrials on their ship aiming to come down to me. They stunned me with a red laser as they flew into my bedroom. The leading extra terrestrial, known as Zorbaq, shot my eyebrow center on my head with a stun laser and it caused me to stay laying down. Then the female lead of extra terrestrial said lets take him to Jupiter. Then a light went in to my window and picked me up with the aliens holding me to go to the bottom of the ship where I was inside a window. They then drove me around the world in less than 2 hours. They showed me some spacecrafts shooting lasers at each other. Then the ship drove me down over a town with big houses that each had a large wall and fence around their yard. The ship slowed down and I said to the extra terrestrials psychically, I want to stay riding on the ship, they said "no, you must get back to the people, we hope we have made you more refreshed and stronger for your position on the planet that you rule." They laid me down on to my bed and 2 minutes later I woke up fully and gasped for fresh air. I was tired. I told no one about it seeing that they probably would have a hard time contemplating it. - MUFON

NOTE: There have been a total of 11 UFO / entity sightings reported to MUFON from the Plymouth, Minnesota area in the past 18 years. There have been a total of 11 reports from Plymouth, Minnesota made to NUFORC in it's entire database.

The following report originated from the Plymouth, Minnesota area and was made to another agency:

I was walking West on 45th Ave. in Plymouth, MN which is a western suburb of Minneapolis. The time was approximately 8:30pm (November 1990). I was lonely, I was depressed, and I was cold. Suddenly, I found myself standing in a beam of very white light. Almost like standing under an overhead spot light on a stage. I looked up and was blinded by the source. I looked down, shielded my eyes with my hand and looked up again, this time with my hand blocking the source of light. I saw the silhouette of a large black disc about 25 feet in diameter with an aperture in the center. The object was slightly north of me, hovering silently above the ground about 30 or 35 feet. The beam was emanating from the aperture. It moved into a position immediately over me, and I recall a deep "voice" coming from all around me. I didn't really say any words, but it had the feel of a voice. Then, I somehow was lifted off the ground, and began "floating" towards the light. The chronology of my recollections ends here, but I remember laying flat on a table or bench with a pair of eyes looking at me from head to toe and back again.

The next thing I remember, I found myself walking East on 45th Ave. I was relaxed, warm, and surprisingly very happy. Figuring it took me only another 5 or 10 minutes to run home, and considering that I arrived home just after 11pm, I cannot "offically" account for about 2 hours and 20 minutes of that evening.

I'm not sure I believe it all myself, but that is what I remember. And since I am a firm believer in ETs, I am beginning to think that maybe something DID really happen and I didn't just imagine all of this. However, recently the dreams have been turning into nightmares and I think I am afraid to undergo hypnosis and verify any of my recollections.

Sincerely, Jade
Minneapolis, MN

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