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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Venusian Emissaries 'Beam In' For Cosmic Ray's Venus Lecture

I recently received the following correspondence from my friend 'Cosmic Ray' Keller, in reference to the 24 June 2017 Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania, Venus presentation. This report was made at the request of Shirley Baum, who runs the Warren Light Center, because so many people requested it after meeting with the two women on the campgrounds:

The Day the Venusians Came to Town

June 24th, 2017, proved to be a memorable day for all concerned at the Warren Light Center, Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania, summer solstice gathering. For besides being the 70th anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold sighting and the birth of the Age of Flying Saucers, this was the day the Venusians came to visit.

As it turned out, one gentleman, Rainbow Bear, was out walking a friend's dog when the Venusians first came down in a column of light in a clearing in the woods.

His dog started barking for no apparent reason. Suddenly, two women appeared in a shaft of light streaming down through the tree canopy and into a forest clearing. Both of the women were wearing the same type of uniform that from head-to-toe consisted of a red beret with bee insignia/crystal and gold pin, a reddish-maroon, black-trimmed jacket, a red silk sash around the waist, black silk pantaloons and leather sandals with big toe loops.

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One of the young women was white with straight blondish-light brown hair and light brownish-gray eyes and the other appeared to be Asian, dark complexioned with dark brown eyes. The white one had the appearance of being in her late teens or early twenties, while the Asian woman perhaps in her late twenties or early thirties. The white one approached the barking dog and just petted one side of its neck, whereupon the dog, a true Pennsylvania Heinz 57 mixed breed, completely calmed down. Rainbow Bear, still startled to see them, said, "Hello girls. I didn't see you! How did you get here?"

The white girl was the first to speak up. "They sent us here. They beamed us in."

"Well then, welcome to the Warren Light Center" said Rainbow Bear, adding, "What planet did you come from?"

"We came from Venus," said the white woman.

"I see," said the gentleman, adding, "What are your names?"

The younger woman said her name was Lady Columba and introduced her companion as Lady Aurora, whereupon Lady Aurora explained that her birth name was too hard for most Americans to pronounce, so she chose Aurora because of its ease in pronunciation.

"Why are you here?" asked the gentleman.

This time, Lady Columba answered, "We came to see the lecture."

Then Rainbow Bear said, "Follow me, girls;" whereupon he led them out of the woods and down a slight hill into the camp grounds and the lecture hall, a converted three-car garage that was filled to capacity, seating about 60 people who were listening to a New Age speaker who had gone slightly overtime. Dr. Raymond Keller, a.k.a. "Cosmic Ray," was still in the process of setting up his equipment as he would be the next lecturer.

The sun was low in the west and rays of bright light were streaming into the lecture area from behind the two young women, somewhat obscuring their entrance. Nevertheless, when they came down to the open door of the converted garage, they stood by the north side of the open door and waved to the Cosmic Ray. The professor ran out to greet them and find out who they were so he could properly introduce them later, when he started the lecture on the mysteries of Venus.

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What he learned was that both of the women were sent as emissaries of Queen Orda of Abejar (Venus). Lady Columba was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1902, and became a somewhat famous esoteric painter out in California in the 1950s, where she was a close friend and occasional secretary to the contactee Truman Bethurum. After her death in 1998, she was resurrected by Venusians at their space base Clarion on the far side of our Moon. Just prior to her death, her consciousness was downloaded into a special computer and key DNA samples were taken to reconstitute a younger, more resilient body for conditions in outer space. Then her intelligence was re-downloaded back into her Ethereal, reconstituted and younger form. Lady Aurora, on the other hand, was born at Rishikesh, India, at the base of the Himalayas, in 1880, under the British Raj. She worked as a guide for foreigners wanting to travel up into the sacred mountains. On 12 December 1927, however, she encountered a lost and hungry tourist in a Himalayan pass whom she took in and nourished back to health. The tourist was one of the ascended masters in disguise (an avatar), who rewarded her by making her a translated being and taking her to Venus (Shukra) with him.

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As the crowd was much larger than Dr. Keller or anyone else anticipated, and not knowing who might be in attendance, the professor opted to simply introduce the two women by their names and announce that they were "persons with a long-standing interest in the subject of life on Venus." The two young women did get out into the crowd, however, and talked to many persons there and answered any questions they may have had. A gentleman of Persian ancestry, identifying himself as Al-An, drove up in a limousine with California license plates and tinted windows to serve as the security guard for the women. At all times, however, those in attendance treated the two with the utmost of kindness and respect.

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