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Monday, July 24, 2017

'Never seen anything like that around here...or anywhere'

Mr. Smith details his sighting of a 7-foot tall Bigfoot in North Carolina:

“I was trimming trees, cutting wood above the house up here in the woods and I just set the chainsaw down. It'd run out of gas and I started to come back down towards the house and get the gas can and when I did, I happened to notice something moving up in the woods. I thought it was either a dog or a bear or something just by, you know, the way it's moving. Then I got to looking at it and it's behind a bunch of multiple rose bushes. I got to notice in the rose bush, you know, which are pretty big up here and is every bit of 6 feet tall, at least. I got to looking at it and I kept thinking, you know, it was awful tall to be behind that bush and still be able to see it. I'd say it was 7 foot tall or better. Anyhow, I got to looking at it to, you know, I was looking through the woods and I thought maybe it's a bear, because I bear hunted for many years but it just didn't look like a bear to me and I kept watching and noticed that, heck, he kept, when it was walking, it stayed up on its two legs and it never did go down like a bear. He'll take him off a couple steps on the hind legs and then they'll go back down on the front legs but this, it never did. It was on two legs. It was real hairy. He wasn't just black, shiny black, it was black and silver. It wasn't just solid black. You could say it smelled like a wet dog and that day it was dry. He shouldn't be smelling like no wet dogs or nothing like that out there. None of my dogs been in the creek or nothing like that. It shouldn't have been anything that I would have noticed that she'd been smelling.

It didn't really walk out in front of me. It was a good 40 to 50 yards away from me. I can see it clear enough to know that it wasn't a bear. Closest thing I can think of it being is an ape or a gorilla or whatever they're called. That's the only thing close that I could even say it resembled because it didn't resemble a bear. A bear will stand up, he'll mark trees, whatever. The way it walked, it walked a good 15 to 20 feet that I could see walking upright. It was walking over the hill going down in towards the road, you know, it's a real bad thicket. There was an old water spring at the old school house down there they used to use. And there's an old reservoir up there and there used to be a road in there but now it's just all growed up and real thick. I mean the road is still there but, like I said, it's all growed up, nothing you can ride a vehicle on or nothing like that.

I can't explain what I saw, because I can't say that I've ever seen anything like it before. I feel like an idiot even mentioning it. You keep your mouth shut. You know you hear there are a lot of old-timers around here saw panthers and swear up and down they seen panthers. They say there is no possible way that there are panthers in this area. It resembled a man... I didn't get out of there. I looked and just kept thinking, you know, did I see what I thought I saw? You'll see bear here. You'll see deer turkey and everything right here, in this yard. But I ain't ever seen nothing like that. Really it don't bother me that bad because if it's been here, it's been here long and I ain't ever heard anybody else talk about it or never heard anybody say anything about it. I've heard of odd sounds. Howling. But then you know then again we've got coyotes. Stray dogs running around, so you never really know. I could see it run through the thicket and like I said I could see it a good ways. It was him behind the rose bushes but I do know it never did go down on its front legs. So I know it wasn't a bear. It was pretty much walking on two legs, this thing, it walked every bit of twenty yards and it never did. It looked my way but I can't say it looked at me. I mean, I'm not sure because I was trying to make sense of what I was seeing.

I believe there's something out there we don't know exactly. I can't say that I know that's what it is, but I do know it wasn't a bear. I hunted and everything else and it wasn't. Never seen anything like that around here or anywhere.”

Source: Youtuber TopHat1211, re-posted by Sasquatch Central on Published on 7 Dec 2013 (from a video titled 'Bigfoot Eyewitness Interview: The Smith Story')

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