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UFOs: Eyewitness Sightings

The following group of UFO sightings were transcribed from a recent Coast to Coast AM show on July 21st:

Connie in South Carolina called in tell of her UFO sighting:

“I saw a great big huge white light. I'm coming home from work one night and when I made my turn off the road, the light looked like it was coming towards me. So I kept making my turn when I got up to where I needed to be to make another turn, I thought, Is this thing following me? So I went straight ahead and then I couldn't see it anymore but then when I got to the red-light where I have to make a left turn, that thing was smack right in front of me. There was just one great big huge light. I mean it was so big I don't even how to describe it. It was huge and it was so bright it was almost like those small LCD lights. It was as bright as that only huge! And so I was only going like three miles an hour and there was somebody behind me, so I know they had to see it too. But it went over me. I cracked my window a little bit on the driver's side and I could see things hanging down from it and the bottom of it looked, I mean, it was just huge! It looked like metallic, like a nickel color, I guess, you'd say and, but I heard nothing, absolutely heard nothing, and then it just came over me and then it just headed more east towards the beach. That's my story on that but I don't know what that thing was. From when I first saw it, I think that was, like, maybe five minutes. It was so low, like, it was almost, I could have reached out and almost touched it, if I had a longer arm. The bottom of it was like, it was in a circle, I could see that and I was actually scared at first because I thought it was a plane.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - July 21, 2017

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Patty in Seattle, Washington called in to tell of her UFO sighting:

“I wanted to tell you that I've seen three UFOs - very odd incidents in the sky in south Seattle just in the last two weeks. I stay up all night. All of us Coasties do. Anyway, I'm waiting for the space shuttle to come by, you know, and I was just out. I'm always out scanning the skies. We live where there's a lot of airplanes but, you know, I've been around the airport for some 40 years so I know a plane from something else. Well, I was looking. I was looking at the moon and I just happen to have something catch my eye straight up overhead and it was this brilliantly glowing white orb. At first I thought it was a space shuttle but it wasn't due until 2:52 AM and this was at 2:22 AM and it it travelled for about 10 degrees of sky towards the east and then it powered up as bright as you could even imagine and then it went dim again and you could see it go down to the size of a tiny little star and go for about five or six more seconds and it just disappeared while all the rest of the stars were still visible. I have no idea what that was. I look straight out at Mount Rainier from here. I'm about probably 50 miles to the north of it and you see things around there. That's one of the other ones I saw. I was looking just to the right of Mount Rainier, I saw a circle of sparkling lights kind of like cop lights and they were all white and they were just flashing real fast. So I got my binoculars and looked at it and these whole circle of lights was travelling very slow to the east and inside of them there was two red ones and one blue one while the white ones remained kind of stable, the other three were kind of darting in and out of that circle and I don't know if that was some kind of military or, I can imagine what it could be, it wasn't helicopters. It was way too high up for helicopters, as a matter of fact is, that you know you can see above Mount Rainier and that's 14,000 some feet.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - July 21, 2017

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William in Mississippi called in to tell of his UFO sighting:

“I've been helping a friend out with security job and been working nights the last six weeks and I'm naturally watching the sky and last night I happened to look up and noticed a star, noticed the color changes and, all of a sudden, it looked like it separated. It looked like more than one. So I went to my vehicle, got my binoculars out and started really studying it and it literally had a small light that broke away and would move around it. It did this for probably five minutes. I didn't have any way to get any close-up picture of it. The phone would not get it. It was just a colored blur but it just really, you know, after six weeks of studying the night sky, you know, 10 to 12 hours at a time, it was really, really amazing for me to see something like that in the east sky and I'm on the coast of Mississippi. The closest city is Gulfport. It was actually in the morning about this time. In fact the stars just rose about an hour and a half ago.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - July 21, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Cindy in Redding, California:

“I have a UFO story. I live probably 80 miles south of the Oregon border in California and we live in a valley between Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen, so we sit way down in there and if you go southbound on our interstate I-5, you can see for like 30 or 40 miles down the foothills, if you look to the South. I was coming home from nursing school one day, about 2:00 in the afternoon. Broad daylight, no clouds, totally beautiful, sunny clear day, and as I look up I noticed something out of my peripheral vision. I looked up and there are three huge – HUGE! - and stacked like a pyramid or a triangle. There was 1, 2, 3 stacked like a triangle, huge UFOs. They were kind of almost cigar shaped but they were a little fatter and they had blunt ends. It didn't get pointy at the end. It was kind of a dull silver. They were all the same, dull silver. They weren't spinning, they weren't moving, there was no exhaust coming out, no windows, no nothing, and I'm like driving down the freeway thinking, I don't know how I didn't wreck my car since I just kept staring up. That was probably like 20 seconds maybe just driving down the freeway thinking, Can other people see this? because it's really crowded and then, on the left side, I see lights come flying past me and there was a highway patrol and the forestry department, everybody, lights on but no sirens, just flying down the center divider in the dirt, headed that way because they're probably like 20 miles south of me and it was like a couple thousand feet up in the air but enormous! This was back in '99 and I didn't have a cell phone. When I looked at all the lights passing me, they were just there for one more second and it's almost like they just backed up in the air and they were instantly gone, like disappeared. I didn't see them leave. It was crazy so I'm, okay, like, did they cloak themselves? It was just an instant and they were gone. I have a lot of family, it's long term Navy family, and I'm showing them clouds on slides over the years, going, okay, at that distance, and that's how big it was, I'm showing them clouds, how big do you think that is? And they're giving me, about a mile and a half to two miles in length is how big they think these were. They were, I mean, huge! Huge! I couldn't believe it. I mean three of them and they were a mile long. It's crazy. I know that sounds crazy.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - July 21, 2017

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