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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: The Real 'Vigo The Carpathian' -- 'Gollum' Entity Seen While Ghost Hunting -- A Sea of Shadow People

The Real 'Vigo The Carpathian'

You’ve seen a painting of Norbert Grupe. A heavy, creased brow and shoulder-length hair framing a frightening scowl, the massive work hung in the fictional Manhattan Museum of Art in Ghostbusters II. When the medieval sorcerer pictured within the painting begins to physically manifest, it is on the Ghostbusters to rally the city’s positive emotions and trap him back in the painting forever. Most people will only ever know Norbert Grupe as Vigo the Carpathian. But Norbert Grupe—a Nazi soldier’s son, boxer, professional wrestler, failed actor, criminal, and miserable human being who was never so happy as when he could make someone hate him—was once a man so beautiful that other men wanted to paint him.

One painting of Norbert was done by a brothel owner named Wolli Köhler, a friend from the days when they were young men living in the St. Pauli quarter of the city of Hamburg. Köhler painted Norbert Grupe as Jesus, with long flowing blonde hair below a gold crown. The painting shows “the devastated prince looking at his devastated world,” Köhler described it. “It is the broken prince. He is standing before his demise.”

Norbert did not meet his own demise with nearly so much grace. In 2004, he went to Rona Weber’s office in Santa Monica, Calif., and sat outside on a concrete flowerbed. Around eight in the morning, Rona looked out the window and saw her much older half-brother sitting there. Sitting and sitting. This wasn’t the first time he’d done this, and Rona wondered what the hell was going on with Norbert this time.

“I was afraid to go downstairs because I was afraid he was going to follow me up,” she told me.

Rona never wanted to introduce Norbert to her co-workers because he might say something to embarrass her. He was the kind of guy who would say or do what he wanted to whomever he wanted.

Years earlier, Rona said, she had been told she might not just be Norbert’s half-sister, but his daughter as well. Norbert had raped his father’s young wife, her father told her, and she could have been the result.

Eventually, Rona walked downstairs. When he saw her Norbert told her, in German, their native language, to “Come here and sit for a few minutes.” Reluctantly, she did. He told her he had prostate cancer and he was going to die. Read more at The Hateful Life And Spiteful Death Of The Man Who Was Vigo The Carpathian


'Gollum' Entity Seen While Ghost Hunting

1998 – Southern California's High Desert

A person whose name sounds like Input (?) told Dave Schrader of a bizarre sighting he had in 1998 while out ghost hunting.

“In my late teens to my thirties I would frequently go ghost hunting with my friends. This particular incident happened around 1998 and my idea of ghost hunting was going into creepy places and looking for ghosts. No equipment and no plans. Just us being stupid. We rarely even remembered to bring flashlights. The group consisted of myself and my three bestfriends, one of whom had brought along his girlfriend who in turn brought along her bestfriend. The six of us had begun investigating on an old abandoned and very unsafe creepy barn and hence succeeded in nothing more than freaking out the two girls. One of my friends suggested an old ruin we knew of so we went back to check it out. We arrived at the old ruin which was out in the middle nowhere in Southern California's High Desert at exactly midnight. The guys all got out of the truck. The girls refused to get out. We immediately spread out. The three other guys moved off to their right to explore the perimeter of the property while I headed straight for the ruin. The ruin was easily identifiable by the light of the full moon. All that remained were three foot tall cinderblock and rebar outline of a building on a slightly raised cement slab surrounded by rubble. It hadn't been a large building by the look of it having a short central hall with two rooms on either side. No sooner do I step foot on the threshold of the building do I look up and see something. The best way I can describe this thing is when you take black and white Play Doh and mix it together into a streaked, vaguely humanoid shaped Gollum with a round head. I watched this thing, visible only from the waist up, glide smoothly from left to right just outside the far side of the ruin. As it reached the far end of the building I calmly did an about-face and walked back to the truck. I wasn't scared. I didn't panic. Until recently, I just accepted simply that the sight of this thing had just overloaded my mind and my understanding of the world and had simply seen enough. As I reached the truck I realized that both girls were gazing past me towards the ruins with eyes the size of saucers. Though there was nothing there when I turned around both girls in unison described the exact same thing I had seen and claimed it was standing in the exact same spot on the threshold where I had just been when I saw it. There's not much else to say except the girls and I waited in the truck until the others back came.”

Source: Darkness Radio - May 19th 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Hiker finds 1,200-year-old Viking sword in Norway

A hiker has found a 1,200-year-old Viking sword while enjoying a short fishing trip in Norway.

Walker Gøran Olsen apparently sat down to rest on the border of Telemark in Haukeli, central southern Norway, when he discovered the ancient sword.

It was found in such good condition, archaeologists have suggested if the sword’s grip was replaced and the metal polished it could still be used today.

The sword is 77cm long, which indicates it was forged around 750-800AD.

“The sword was found in very good condition. It is very special to get into a sword that is merely lacking its grip,” Jostein Aksdal, an archaeologist with Hordaland County who examined the find, told the local.no.

He plans to lead a dig in the area in the coming spring, hopefully to discover more unfound artefacts. “If we find several objects, or a tomb, perhaps we can find the story behind the sword.”

Although a common sword in Western Norway during that period, Mr Askdal said the sword was a “costly weapon” and likely to have been used to “show power”.


A Sea of Shadow People

No date given – Texas

Rosie called in from Texas to tell of a bizarre experience she had with shadow people.

“I had to pick up my friend Brandy from work at about 10:00 pm at an outlet mall. I had arrived a bit early and I was playing a game on my phone in the meantime. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a shadow moving and as I looked up completely it became something different. It wasn't one, two... nine shadow people, it was a sea of shadow people walking in all different directions in the parking lot. They were heavy, dense black shadows each having a different silhouette. Some were short, tall, skinny, fat etc. They seemed to be dressed differently, as well. I'm not sure if I had witnessed a past occurrence happening or maybe it was happening in an alternate dimension. I would be interested to know if anyone has had an experience like this before.”

Source: Darkness Radio August 10, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian



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