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Friday, October 16, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: USAF Radar Operator Abducted / Raped By Reptilians -- Unknown Creatures -- Vanishing Bigfoot in San Diego

USAF Radar Operator Abducted / Raped By Reptilians

Former US Air Force radar trafficking operator Niara Terela Isley claims she was abducted several times in 1980, when she was 25 years old

Isley, who worked at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada, claims she was forced to have sex with aliens

Isley said she was taken to space between eight to ten times over the course of several months

The mother of two claims she was regularly passed between reptilians and forced to have sex with them every night

In the taped interviews, Isley said she was just 25 years old when she was taken to space between eight to ten times over the course of several months.

She said she had to operate electronic machinery to excavate dark parts of the moon to expand the 'military base' while she was in space.

The mother of two claimed she was regularly passed between reptilians and forced to have sex with them every night.

There were also 'grey aliens' and 'human personnel' on the base, Isley claimed, adding that they were forced to help with work.

Isley, who now lives in Colorado, said that after the incidents, she couldn't remember much of what happened, so she uncovered more of her memories through hypnosis.

Before the hypnosis, she realized there as a 'disturbing three-month block' of missing time in 1980, according to Aquarian Radio. Continue reading at 'I was kidnapped by reptile aliens and taken to the moon for sex': Former U.S. Air Force radar tracking officer claims she remembers bizarre incidents while under hypnosis


Unknown Creatures

Poland, Ohio - 1984-11-01: I went on a quick drive with my high school buddy and his two friends to have some beers before we had to play the halftime show in the High School pep band for our basketball team when we turned a 90 degree turn on an old country road and saw a creature that was about 4' tall with huge eyes and big ears that came to a point. It seemed to have longer arms in proportion to its body with what would seem to be hands almost touching the ground. I cannot remember if it had a color to it or not. As far as hair goes, I cannot remember that very well either. The ears and the eyes is what was so bizarre and it looked like it was kind of squatting there. We saw it for at the most 6 seconds but that was enough. I knew the spot well because my girlfriend and I used to park behind a little mound right where the creature stood. Just myself and the other student sitting next to me saw it. The light from the side marker in the front of the car is the light we saw it in as we were in the back seat of the car which was a 1970's Camero. We both turned to each other and I said, "Did you see that!" and we then went back and forth describing the thing like, " it had big ears," and then he would say " yea, and it seemed like it had some hair on them" etc...... My friend the driver tore off in a hurry as the tone of our voices were very serious. I was not friends with this student sitting next to me so they knew we were serious. We never talked about it after that.

I have to tell you I was raised in that area and was an avid fisherman and outdoorsman. I was in the scouts with the driver who became and Eagle Scout. I know every animal in the wild. It was not a gopher, groundhog or anything close. I am now 47 and I can almost see it in my mind. It was watching us drive by. About a half mile away is Carbon Limestone and there are a lot of quarries we used to fish and drink at. Oh, and we had barely had one beer that night. I saw a video about someon who saw something similar called a pukwudghie or something. All I know is what I saw and it was real I swear to you. I can give you the names of the others if you like.

Later in life I had another incident I really don't like to talk about but someone should know. I used to have horrible dreams and my wife at the time used to wake me. After our divorce, I woke up with a burning sensation on my arm. I mean it felt like I had burned my skin. There were 2 sets of 3 scratches on my right arm. I tried using neosporin, hydrodrgen peroxide, and soap for about 15 minutes until it calmed down. I do not wake easily and I watched the scratches welt up and start to bleed. I took a picture of them if you need it.

I have felt evil before in my life only a few times but that's enough to make believe that these things are evil. That is truely my opinion. I believe they are some kind of Nephelim like in the Bible. - MUFON CMS


Chinese police detain 3 for stealing body for ghost wedding

Police in northern China have detained three people suspected of stealing a corpse to sell as a bride in the ancient Chinese rite of ghost weddings, which join single people who died for a belated marriage in the afterlife.

The official Xinhua News Agency reported that the main suspect, a man aged 72, said he had heard about the death of a young woman in a nearby village in Shanxi province and thought of selling the corpse to relatives of single dead men. Xinhua cited police in Ruicheng county, where calls rang unanswered Friday.

Xinhua said the main suspect and two accomplices pretended to be relatives of the woman and negotiated a sale price of 25,000 yuan ($4,000) with a buyer. While they were raiding a village tomb for the body last weekend, their plot was scuttled by villagers who caught them in the act and alerted police.

The practice of afterlife matrimony extends back centuries and occasionally happens in poor rural areas where people are superstitious and believe in an afterlife, said Xu Keqian, a professor of Chinese language and culture at Nanjing Normal University.

The villagers hope that marrying off a single person after he or she has died will ward off bad luck associated with dying while still single, Xu said.

The male or female corpse is reburied in the tomb of the counterpart in a quasi-wedding ceremony to the accompaniment of gongs and drums, followed by a funeral service, Xu said.

In some cases, two corpses were married because they had been a betrothed couple who died before their wedding. - Chinese police detain 3 for stealing body for ghost wedding


Vanishing Bigfoot in San Diego

No date given – Balboa Park, San Diego

Jack from San Diego called in to tell of his bizarre vanishing Bigfoot sighting in Balboa Park.

“There's an area out in San Diego called Balboa Park. It's a really big park. There's two sections to it, there's the main park and then east of the park is an area called Morley Field. There's a road that connects the two and when you drive down this road, there's kind of like a ravine and it's wooded on both sides with a lot of pine trees. So I was driving down the ravine and out of the woods, all of a sudden materializes, I see like a transparent thing that became like a Bigfoot. It materialized, it ran across the street in full materialization. I slammed on my brakes and then it ran across the street towards the woods on the other side and then just slowly dematerialized and then disappeared into the woods.”

Source: Coast to Coast Radio - November 28, 2014

Transcribed by Jamie Brian



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