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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Stan Gordon: Recent UFO & Cryptid Activity Reported in Pennsylvania - August & September, 2015

Pennsylvania UFO / anomalies researcher Stan Gordon joined Sean & myself on Arcane Radio on Monday night. The podcast should be available late Tuesday. Stan recently posted a few recent reports on his website. Pick-up your copy of Stan's most recent book Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania's Unknown Creatures, Casebook 3

In August and September of 2015, there were numerous UFO sightings being reported from sections of Pennsylvania. I was made aware of a series of UFO sightings taking place in eastern sections of the state. Reports also came in during early September concerning some strange activity reportedly taking place around Cambria-Somerset Counties. There were also some interesting cryptid encounters reported as well. I am awaiting further information on some of these reports and will post additional details when available.

UFO Seen Falling From Sky from Johnstown Area-August 28, 2015

At about 9:50 PM, a group of people were outside of a residence near Johnstown, PA, when one of them pointed to the sky and asked, “what is that?” The observers are familiar with the aircraft that are constantly seen landing and departing from the John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County airport. What they saw, however, was quite unusual.

They could make out a series of lights that appeared attached to an object, but the shape was unclear.

What was observed appeared to be at the altitude of a small aircraft such as a piper cub ascending from the airport. It was moving towards the direction of Pittsburgh. They saw a bright red non-blinking light in the center that looked to be elongated. On each side of the red light was a non-blinking cream colored light. As the lights passed overhead, they heard no sound.

Some of the witnesses ran out to the drive way to follow the path of the object. The object was steadily moving and they watched it as it moved off in the distance toward the Laurel Ridge near Ligonier. At that point, the object looked different and they saw something that caused the observers concern. Over the mountains the object “looked like a clear bubble with a fuzzy looking outside edge”. Suddenly that object dropped straight down from the sky towards the ground. Those watching expected there would be an impact and explosion but they heard and saw nothing after that.

(Note) In recent years other witnesses around this general area have also reported seeing an object high in the sky that suddenly drops straight down to the ground without any explosion or crashes being reported. Here is one report from April 17, 2013.

Update on Possible Military jet UFO Pursuit on April 17, 2013 over Southwestern Pennsylvania

Skinny Floating Entity Reported in Butler County, PA

The following incident took place in late August or the first week of September of 2015. The witness was reluctant to report the encounter when it occurred. I conducted an extensive interview with the observer on September 30, 2015.

The encounter took place on a rural road in eastern Butler County, Pennsylvania, at about 5 PM. It was a sunny day and the witness was taking a leisurely drive through the scenic area. The driver kept focusing on the road ahead but looking around at a stream to the right of the vehicle and to the woods on the left. Suddenly about 15-20 feet away and about ¾ of the way across the road, the witness saw something that was hard to describe moving from right to left ahead of the car.

The driver at first thought it was a deer, then quickly realized it was unlike anything that should exist. That was because the first feature that caught the attention of the witness looked similar to the head of a deer. However, the head was angled straight up. “The head was not real pointy. It narrowed at the top then rounded off. The body was similar in color to a deer and appeared to be between 4 and 4 ½ feet tall. The body appeared smooth, and It did not have any apparent hair.

The being was only observed from the side. It never looked towards the car. No details could be seen on the face. The arms looked to be very short and out of proportion to the rest of the body. The arms were held in very close to the chest area. The hands were very small and gave the impression that they were either being held together or possibly holding something. The witness found it hard to describe, but there appeared to be something hanging down, possibly some type of fabric that was covering around the leg area. No legs or feet were observed.

The driver stated that this being just glided above the roadway. Even stranger was that behind the head an odd effect was noticed. According to the witness, “it looked sort of like a time-lapse picture. Like in a cartoon when the character is moving so fast, the body can’t keep up with it.” The witness commented that, “it looked like the head portion was losing streaks of body matter as it glided across the road.”

Within a couple of seconds the car reached the location on the road where the creature was gliding. The driver looked all around, but the being was nowhere in sight and was not seen again. The witness was stunned and could not understand how this creature could be gone in seconds. The entire observation lasted about 7-8 seconds. The witness also mentioned that it was unusual that the creature wasn’t seen as it came from the right side of the road and was only first seen when it was already gliding ¾ of the way across the road ahead.

Boomerang Shaped Object Seen near Springdale, PA-September 1, 2015

The witness had just arrived home at around 10:30 PM, when she noticed a very bright white light in the sky towards the west. A loud sound was noticed as the light approached closer. The sound was unlike that of a medical helicopter or other propeller driven aircraft. It also didn’t sound like a jet engine. The light appeared low in altitude. It was so bright and huge as it passed overhead that witness was able to determine it was not a medical helicopter.

The witness looked up and observed the bottom of a very large boomerang shaped object. There were what appeared to be evenly spaced dim white spotlights along the edge of the underside of the object. The lights each had a pale yellow ting and were non-blinking. The underbelly of the object had a greenish tinge to it, something like the color of an avocado. The object continued to emit the loud noise as it moved toward the east, then banked towards the south and quickly moved out of sight. The witness estimated that the object was less than a 1,000 feet in altitude. The witness wonders what she saw that day.

Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania's Unknown Creatures, Casebook 3

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