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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Aggressive Bigfoot - McClellanville, SC

I received the following account this morning:

Hello - I got your email off the internet. We live in McClellanville, South Carolina near the high school. My wife and I were out back last evening moving lawn chairs and a table into the garage. There was enough light to see into the woods. It was raining steady when I heard a few grunt sounds coming from the woods. I looked out the door and saw two hairy forms quickly walking through the trees about 100 foot away. As I caught a glimpse of them the biggest one turned, stopped walking and stared at me. That's when I realized it was a Bigfoot. For a few seconds it just stood there looking at me. The other Bigfoot kept walking. Then it shook it's head and let out a grunt and took a few steps in my direction. I slammed the garage door shut and locked it behind me. My wife didn't see them and wondered why I was acting like I was. She still doesn't believe what I saw.

The big one was very tall, I'd say over 8 foot and huge. It was covered in ruddy brown hair and dark colored face. The other one was a few foot shorter. I don't think I'd ever been so scared. I've never seen anything like that in these woods or anywhere in this area. We've lived here for 27 years and I know the outdoors well.

I went back out this morning, but there were no footprints even though it's muddy back there. All this rain may have covered up any tracks.

We had something bust a garage window a few months ago but I had no idea who or what did it. Now I believe it was one those Bigfoot.

Thanks for reading my email. RS

NOTE: I called the witness this afternoon. He had contacted a local Bigfoot group who was going to investigate. He didn't have any additional information to add to his original account. Lon

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