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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Weird Craft Flying Over Wisconsin -- Pop Star Ghost Hunter -- Very Sick After Abduction

Weird Craft Flying Over Wisconsin

2012 - Madison, Wisconsin

Dave in Madison, Wisconsin called in to tell of an amazing sighting that he had with his son. It's interesting that just last year MUFON had received a report from a witness who described seeing what looked like the Starship Enterprise.

“My son and I, a couple of years ago, were standing out on the front steps. We don't smoke in the house so we were outside. It was about 1 o'clock in the morning and there was a real thin cloud cover. All of a sudden the ground lit up like daylight and so naturally we looked up. I don't know if you've seen the movie Stargate and this is gonna sound like, yeah right, but there was a circular disk in the sky that looked just like the Stargate with the water type picture with the crystal-white lights and we saw three craft come through that opening. One was tubular like a bloated cigar, the second one was a triangle and the third one and this is another, yeah, right, but honest to god, it looked like the Starship Enterprise but it had it more of a tear drop shape with the head of the tear-drop, the larger part, forward and a left rear thruster and a right rear thruster. My son and I were totally speechless but honest to god it looked just like that Stargate movie where they enter that mercury type of substance, but the thing is, the next day the town reported that the sonic boom that everybody heard was from a meteorite and they came up with some little piece fragments that landed somewhere over in Minnesota but that was all a farce. I had spoken with an African America gal the next day and I said, 'Did anyone see something strange in the sky last night?' and she said, 'I was in southern Minnesota looking north and what I saw looked like sparks and lightning bolts and I don't know but it was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in our lives.' I was in the military. I worked with radar guided missiles and a lot of aircraft and this was nothing from this planet. Going back to 1987, I saw a triangular craft that looked like someone was dragging a window, a piece of window pane, through the air right over a major highway over a little bitty town and two fighter jets at treetop level were chasing this thing. it just blinked and it was gone. The fighter pilots had their afterburner on and they were breaking every aeronautical rule I could think of flying that low that fast over a major highway. The thing me and my son saw in the sky that night was the most incredible thing and I think almost anything is possible after seeing that. I rule nothing out after that.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - May 16, 2014

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Pop star Selena Gomez searches for ghosts wherever she goes.

The 23-year-old beauty has previously confessed she believes in supernatural spirits and uses a special ghost app to hunt them down. During an interview with US talk show host Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show on Wednesday (14Oct15), Selena couldn’t resist using her cell phone to detect spooks around the set.

“I believe in ghosts, so I have a ghost app,” the brunette told a surprised-looking Jimmy. “I believe that spirits can tap into technology, why not right?”

As Selena ran the test, Jimmy admitted he was feeling scared and reluctantly looked at the cell phone screen as it showed strange wave formations and random numbers. His uneasiness was only heightened when a sinister voice said the word ‘children’ just seconds after Selena had opened the app.

“Children…,” Selena repeated, before poking fun at Jimmy and members of the audience. “I don’t have any children so they must be mad at ya’ll.”

The singer has made no secret of her fascination with the spirit world and recently revealed to Billboard magazine that she uses the phantom app because she enjoys feeling scared. When Jimmy attempted to make light of the findings, Selena was quick to defend its validity. She regularly scouts locations for other beings and insists the app has previously mentioned people she knew “by name”.

During her appearance on the show, Selena also performed her sexy new song Same Old Love, which is taken from her latest album Revival. Despite carving out a successful career with her sultry voice, the star claims she used to feel “extremely insecure” having such a low tone. “But I realised it’s actually an asset to me now,” Selena smiled. - Ghost hunter Selena Gomez


Very Sick After Abduction

1979-10-00 - Anderson, Indiana: I was six years old in 1979, and I was in bed approx 9 pm. At approx 2-am a bright light flashed through the window and the next thing I know I was being lifted by a bright beam of light and was lifted up out a a window that was securely closed and shut. I knew it wasn't normal and I didn't know anything about UFO's and I knew something was taking me up into the sky. I felt scared and I thought I was never going to go back home. I tried to look back at my sister and ask her for help but I was paralyzed. I felt helpless. I went blank and woke up in a bed, in a pod with a filmy waxy, rubber cover. I tore open the cover, I felt like there was no gravity, floating, I looked around and seen many other pods. I could see other beings inside the pods. I grabbed onto the edge of this pod, and everything went black. When I did wake up I was very sick and taken to the hospital because I was throwing up and had a fever over 100. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and kept in the hospital for approx 3 weeks. There is no explanation for this event that happened to me. I feel that this event has effected me to the present day. I believe I would have to undergo hypnosis or something to this effect to actually remember. Thank you and please help me. - MUFON CMS


Couple Claims Haunting the Real Deal

STE. GENEVIEVE, MO (KFVS) - Do you believe in ghosts? One Ste. Genevieve, Mo. husband and wife say they've been living with ghosts for years, and they have proof to back it up.

Parts of Ste. Genevieve date back centuries, but for Bob and Stacy Browne, they say there's more than just history in their 210-year-old home.

"Yeah, they're not going to leave," Bob Browne said.

The Brownes say they have encounters with ghosts in their home on a regular basis.

"It doesn't bother us none," Browne said.

They say it can be as simple as touch on the shoulder or sounds of footsteps coming from upstairs when no one is there.

Audio recordings compiled by paranormal investigators in the home appear to capture messages from another realm.

Records show the home belonged to Dr. Walter Fenwick in 1805. He used it as a residence and office. He lived there with his wife and son, Zenon.

Both the doctor and the boy eventually died in the home. That's where the Brownes say their spirits are today. Read more at Haunted? Couple claims 'haunted house' is real deal



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