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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Witness Submission: Possible MIB Encounter?

I recent the following eyewitness report today (Saturday, January 4, 2014):

Hi - I found your name while searching Google. Something happened to me this week that I can't explain and, I'll admit, I'm scared.

My wife & I live in Medina Co, Ohio. in the greater Cleveland metro area. We've lived here for about 5 years in a two-story house in a residential division.

I received a hand-held radio frequency scanner from my wife for Christmas. Since then, I've been using it, for the most part, to scan the local police & fire channels.

On Thursday evening, I was working at my desk when I heard strange gibberish coming over one of the Medina County Sheriff's channels. I initially thought it was interference, then it started to sound like a conversation. The language was not recognizable and there was an odd humming sound in the background. This continued for about 10 minutes, then stopped. The radio started to scan the channel array.

Later that night, while I was in the living room, the gibberish started again. This time it was much clearer. It sounded as if the parties were having an argument, but I'm just speculating.

This evening (Friday), something very unusual occurred.

We had just finished dinner (about 7 PM) when we noticed a shadow from outside go across the dining room window. I looked out the window but didn't see anything. So I looked out the front door window and saw a plain white van parked on the street in front of our house. Then I heard my wife yell from the kitchen that someone was in the backyard. I rushed to the kitchen and turned on the security lights. Standing on the far side of the patio was a strange looking man dressed in a heavy black bodysuit and wearing a black cap. There were no markings on the suit or cap. I immediately noticed that he had a young-looking face, but very pale with large ears. He was holding what looked like a PC tablet device that would emit an occasional 'beep.'

I opened the door and asked him what he was doing. He looked at me with a blank stare, then started walking back toward the side of the house. I followed him back to the front of the house and to the white van. I asked him several times who he was and why was he there. I never received a response. He quickly got into the van and drove away.

I called the local police and filed a report. The officer mentioned that he was unaware of similar activity.

I didn't sleep well last night. I examined the yard early this morning and I didn't see anything out of place.

This incident is unnerving to us. I have heard of some Men in Black accounts, but I don't particularly find much interest in the subject. Can you explain what, if anything, is going on? Thank you for your time. DD

NOTE: I contacted the witness as soon as I received the email. I mentioned that he may want to file a report with MUFON and/or NUFORC. This report is not dissimilar to other MIB reports, but there is usually more mutual contact. The witness didn't want his name or specific location used...but he is seeking answers and agreed to his information being published. Has anyone in Medina County or the Cleveland area experienced similar activity? We'd be interested in your response. Lon

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