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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Reader Submissions: A Vision, Giant Swamp Beasts, Huge Flying Creatures, Bear or Bigfoot?

Here are a few interesting reader submission reports:

A Vision

The following story happened to me in late summer 1984. A girlfriend and I were just east of Saskatoon along the Yellowhead HIghway giving her new van a test run on the open road. We stopped at the side of the highway for some reason. It was 2:25 in the morning and pitch black. At this time I got a panic attack and felt that 2 men wearing leather jackets were approaching, armed with either knives or guns. I shoved my girlfriend into the van, I jumped into the passenger seat yelling that we had to get out of there fast or we were dead. The panic attack lasted 15 minutes ending at 2:40.

The next night when I got to work my co-worker told me he had been held up the night before at gun point by two young men wearing leather jackets. From the time he was held up to the time the police picked the two men up was 15 minutes, 2:25 to 2:40 in the morning. Ron


Bear or Bigfoot?

My grandmother lived on a farm twelve miles east of Winchester, KY. She used to talk about the time she looked out her kitchen window and saw her two young granddaughters feeding biscuits to a bear across the fence. Fearing for their safety, she ran outside and said she 'scared that bear so bad it forgot to drop to all four and ran away on its hind legs". Hmmm...

I was seven years old in 1965 and my big brother and I rode one of our grandparents' horses over to our uncles' farm. As we were coming out of the railroad tunnel the horse reared in fright and I fell off, landing on my back knocking the breath out of me. As I stared up at the sun, my brother kept saying "Did you see that?" as he tried to control the horse. When we arrived at my uncles' house my brother told him what happened and my uncle said, "It must've been that 'bear' that lives under the railroad track". Hmmm...

Both of these incidents occurred in the early sixties near the tiny hamlet of Trapp, Ky. Greg


Giant Sloth-Like Beasts - Ware County, GA

One Autumn I caught sight of a large animal moving through the cypress trees of the swampy area that borders one of the fields I work. I live in Ware County, Georgia. I was working the field at the time and noticed the movement. It was late afternoon and still light out. The animal was huge, hairy and walked on all fours but I did see it rear up once. It reminded me of a black bear but much larger and lighter in color. I was about 200 yds. away from it but I still had a good look. I know for a fact that this was not a bear. I've seen black bears in the Okefenokee and this didn't look like one of those at all. I later saw a picture of an animal, a Mapinguari, that is supposed to be a legend. I swear that is what I saw. Have you heard of this animal? I haven't seen it since but there have been a lot of cypress trees tore up lately and I'm wondering if it has been causing it. Some people have said for many years that there are swamp bea in Ware County but I never paid it no mind until now. Henry


Huge Flying Creature - New Miami, OH

On Monday May 9th, 2011 around 5:45am, I was on my way to work headed north bound in to the village of New Miami, OH on Seven Mile Avenue. I left the traffic light at the southern most edge of town in to a dark stretch of road when a large flying creature swooped in over my car and snatched up a small animal in the road ahead of me at the edge of my head lights. As a construction worker, I feel I can judge the size of objects fairly well. This creature had a wing span of at least 12 feet and was jet black. It completely blocked the view out of my windshield and then some and moved at a very high rate of speed. I was traveling between 35-40MPH. It had to have been traveling at around 70-80MPH. Like I stated before is swooped down grabbed the animal and was gone over the trees very quickly. I've researched large predator birds and raptors indigenous to Ohio and there are none that fit the description of what I saw. If you have any other questions about my experience please feel free to email me back. Tex

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