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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mamiwata: Upcoming Cryptid Horror Film...Based On True Events!

Mamiwata – based on true events - is the upcoming paranormal, horror film about an evil Mermaid.

Mamiwata, based on true events, is the first paranormal movie from Gabon Films. It is written by Chris Ferrantino, and will be directed by Danielle Fisher and Jordan Best.

In an interview about the movie, co-director Jordan Best described Mamiwata as “a thrilling, creepy horror tale that brings the audience into the heart of the African wilderness, where a group of scientists, searching for the cure to drug addiction, unwittingly unleash the wrath of the evil mermaid called Mamiwata.”

This movie is based on countless claims by Africans, (young, old, doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, teachers, politicians, students) of their encounters with Mamiwata, all over the African continent. The mermaid is believed to be a powerful water Spirit with the ability to heal and punish.

As part of Mamiwata Film Pre-Production phase, the filmmakers are engaging their future audience with the first of many future giveaways to movie fans around the world. Five lucky winners will be drawn to receive a $50 Amazon gift card on March 1st.

All the fans have to do is visit the film website http://mamiwatafilm.com/contest/ and enter to win one of the many prizes. Over the next twelve months Mamiwata Film will continue to give away free gift cards, movie tickets and much more. Join the community now and you’ll be the first to know about any new giveaways and fun contests.

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