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Friday, January 31, 2014

Spooky Lord Baltimore Hotel

The first (and only) time I walked into the Lord Baltimore Hotel I sensed many raw emotions, good and bad. It was 1980 and I was there to meet a friend who was in town for a conference. We sat in the lobby over drinks and conversed about our past...but, in the meantime, I was being bombarded by distant sounds of yesteryear. It became so bad that I started to feel claustrophobic and had to make a 'polite as possible' excuse to leave. That was the one and only time I entered the building.

The hotel was named after George Calvert, Lord Baltimore and the founder of the Maryland colony. The hotel was built in the popular classic style of the 1920's. At the time the hotel was built it was hailed as the largest hotel built in the State of Maryland. The 23 story hotel was constructed in 1928. It was the last high rise built in Baltimore with the classic Art Deco ornamentation of the era.

There have been a few significant incidents at the hotel that tend to assure that spirit activity is present. The most famous happened just after the 1929 stock market crash when at least four people jumped to their deaths from the roof of the Lord Baltimore Hotel. Some time late, employees at the hotel began reporting strange sights, namely, people dressed in vintage clothing that disappeared at the end of the hall, two men and a woman at the back of a dark ballroom who would disappear when the lights were turned on and the Lord Baltimore's 'little darling', a small girl who appears in a long cream-colored dress and black patent leather shoes.

There is also the story of the woman who, in 1931, abandoned a 2-year-old child in one of the hotel’s rooms. A judge gave the child the surname “Lord,” before sending him to the Nursery and Children’s Hospital. No further information on the woman's identity or child's fate was ever recovered.

BTW, parts of Renee Zellweger’s film My One & Only were shot on site, as were scenes from Guarding Tess with Nicolas Cage and Shirley MacLaine.

Now known as the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel, it is an historic landmark hotel and is a member of the Historic Hotels of America...Lon



One psychic to another: Staff told me and mom about the (presumed) suicide of a young woman on the 19th floor and the elevators’ constant trips up there at night, with no one ringing the bell and no one emerging after the trip from 19 back to the lobby. I did not research the hotels being a hotspot, as I had no motive or reason or inkling beforehand to do so, simply put. I was there, for a wedding. After I felt the touch of spirits in the lobby and in the elevator, on the way up to our first “unsatisfactory” room, I asked about any ghosts in the hotel. We were told only about this woman's suicide on 19, and I stupidly insisted to mom that we go up there and explore the hallways.

After a time, she humored me.

It was a mistake to brazenly open myself when I have trouble with negative energies, which float in often enough, just sitting in the house! I asked the staff, repeatedly, in Mom’s presence, about ghosts seen in the hotel.

I ran into a spirit in the front lobby, opposite the desk and a real pain in the ass, other(s), in my room, 1620. Not one staff member (Mom can testify) ever mentioned a long gowned screaming child. That image, before my eyes, fully awake, was persistent and strong, and she was both frantic and terrified. So sad.

In another 20 years I’ll be better at this, in that I will learn how to avoid being sensitive enough to be up with bad dreams all night when any sinister spirits are around.

The clear fact that YOU were sensitive enough to get hit with a psychic attack (imposed imagery nightmare scenario of a serial killer) of a spirit’s peculiar mental illness, suggests, to me, at least, that you're more capable than you suspect of assisting and sensing the unseen

In comparison, Mom and Ian were so untroubled.


Employee's Experience:
Francesle (Fran) Carter has worked at the Radisson Lord Baltimore for many years. She currently functions in the role of captain, supervising a team of people overseeing the food, beverage, and setup needs of the hotel.

In 1998 Fran was on the 19th floor of the building preparing a small meeting room for future use. She was working at a table facing the wall with an open door to her left. She bent over the table for a few moments, absorbed in her work. Then she looked up and to her left at the doorway. A little girl wearing a long cream colored dress and black shiny shoes ran by the open doorway, bouncing a red ball before her.

Fran immediately ran outside calling after her “Little girl, are you lost?”

The hallway was completely empty. Fran, quite shaken at this point, turned around to go back to the meeting room when she saw two people walking down the hallway toward her. The first was an older gentleman dressed in formal attire. He was accompanied by a woman in a long ballgown. Frank asked them if they were looking for their granddaughter because she had just run by. She turned to point in the direction that the child had passed. When she turned her head back toward the two people, they had just vanished right before her eyes.

Fran was then so frightened that she called a security guard. He stayed there with her until she finished her work, and no more ghostly visitors appeared on the 19th floor that evening.

A few years later a guest at the hotel told Fran that she believed that her room had a ghostly visitor. She was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of a child crying. As she sat up in her bed, she saw a little girl crying and rocking herself back and forth while sitting in the window of her room. As the woman rose to go to the girl, she slowly faded away. The little girl was wearing a long cream colored dress with black shoes.

One evening a few years later, Fran was approached by a coworker who told her that three people were standing in the dark in the ballroom of the hotel. The hotel’s ballroom is a very large room, which can accommodate 1,250 people seated at banquet tables. Three arched ceiling length windows dominate the far wall of the room- the side of the room opposite the entrance doorway. When Fran entered the ballroom, she walked across the room in the direction of the windows. She noticed that there indeed were three people standing there in the darkened, moonlit room. One man stood before the far left window, another stood before the far right window, and a woman stood a few feet behind the two men before the middle window. They were all looking upward through the windows. Fran noticed that they were standing in what she described as a triangular formation.

Fran passed within 5 feet of the man standing in front of the window on the left. She noticed that he was wearing a dark, possibly blue, sport blazer with metallic buttons that gleamed in the darkness. He had an ascot tied around his throat and appeared quite the dapper gentleman. She thought that his clothing was odd, but at this point didn’t know that her visitors were out of the ordinary. She then asked them if they would like some light and walked by the man in the ascot to turn on the light switch, just a few feet from where he was standing.

Light immediately flooded the room- and the three visitors were gone! As earlier noted, the Lord Baltimore hotel has had its share of guests who were very reluctant to check out. It appears that some of them never did.


Haunted Baltimore: Charm City Spirits

Baltimore Ghosts: History, Mystery, Legends & Lore (second edition)

Baltimore's Harbor Haunts: True Ghost Stories (Schiffer Books)


The following accounts were posted at UFO Digest:

At a hotel, in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, the Raddison, where I booked a four stay at a 1920's restored gem, named the Lord Baltimore, ostensibly to attend a wedding of my wife's niece, I ran into a paranormal wall.

As soon as I walked in I felt the undeniable burning touch of a spiritual attachment; something had tried to crash my defenses.

We were shown to a 18th floor building corner room, a lovely suite, but when the bellboy opened the door, the reek near the window overlooking the corner was of death and suicide and I at once announced the room, was "unsatisfactory".

From the frying pan into the fire, we went back down to the front desk and up again in a haunted elevator to another lovely appointed suite where I had persistent and intermittent visions of a young girl emotionally bereft screaming a face of frozen horror!

I could not surmount my own dread and disquiet enough to offer her solace or attempt a loving message of healing.

After three sleepless nights, replete with nightmares, I was able to checkout and return home, the most horrid weekend ever spent in a haunted place.

That girl has appeared to many others, I learned later, after I wrote a mused letter telling this story and receiving answers that such a weeping young girl in a long cream colored gown has been seen crying, by guests and staff, alike. Continue reading at UFODigest

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