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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Toronto UFO Sightings -- Humanoid Trail Cam Photos -- Strange Encounter in Texas

Toronto UFO Sightings

This image was forwarded to me by a witness in Toronto, Ontario. This UFO was among several the witness has seen in the area over the past several weeks. Most of the anomalies have been orbs of various colors. Lon

UFOs, JFK, and Elvis: Conspiracies You Don't Have to Be Crazy to Believe

Earth: An Alien Enterprise: The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-Up in Human History

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Humanoid Trail Cam Photos

Odd humanoid images offered at Humanoid Trail Cam Photo (looks like an app...)


Strange Encounter in Texas

Elm Mott, TX - 11/1/1970 - unedited: I lived with my parents out in the country from Waco, Texas back in 1970-1971, teaching school. Somewhere around 11:00 p.m. I turned off the television in the living room, and went to my bedroom. My parents had already gone to bed, and were fast asleep. As I stepped into my bedroom I heard our border collie barking outside. I didnt think much of it because he oftentimes barked at possums or some other little varmints. Anyway, I turned out the light and got into bed. He continued to bark for some time, so finally I decided to peek out the window to see what he was barking at. We had a fairly long driveway from the house out to the dirt road that ran in front of the house. Much to my surprise I saw two bright lights, like bright headlights on a car, at the end of the driveway. I thought a vehicle had started to turn in, but stopped. I kept watching for maybe a couple of minutes trying to see the outline of a car behind the lights, but all I could see were the "headlights". Then suddenly the lights went off, and there was no car there. I just stared in amazement for a minute, and I noticed that the dog quit barking. I let the drapery go, and lay down in my bed. I lay there thinking about what I had just seen and heard, and trying to figure out just what I did see. Suddenly I heard footsteps coming from that area, through the yard, headed right for my window. I could hear the crunching of the leaves. It was in the fall of the year. The sound of footsteps came up to my window and stopped. I could not move at all, and I was extremely frightened. I felt like if I peeked out the window I would see some creature staring back at me. I wanted to scream, but nothing would come out. The head of my bed was between two windows. The sound of the footsteps then walked from that window over to the window on my left side, and stopped. I still could not move. Then I heard the footsteps walk out in the yard until I could no longer hear them. At that time I thought about jumping out of bed, and running down the hall to my parents room to wake my dad....when suddenly the sound of footsteps started coming toward the house again. They came back to the second window and stopped. I was paralyzed again. Then they walked back over to the first window and stopped. I still could not move. I couldnt even holler for my dad. The footsteps then started walking back out toward where I saw the headlights. Everything was quiet, and I found that I could move again. I leaped out of bed, and ran into my parents room, waking them up. My dad grabbed his gun and started for the door. I begged him not to go outside, but he did anyway. It seemed like forever before he came back. He told me he saw nothing, and for me to go back to bed. Needless to say, I couldnt sleep that night. The next day I went out front and called our dog to me. I closed my eyes so I could hear the way he sounded walking across the leaves. I also listened to my dad walking across the leaves. There was a definite difference in the sound of a 4-legged creature and a 2-legged creature walking on fall leaves.

If there had been a car behind those lights I would have seen it. We had a full moon that night. The yard seemed lit up all the way out to the road and beyond. This event occurred about 43 years ago, and is still vivid in my mind. I told some family and friends about it over the years, but they just laughed like I was telling them a funny story. I remember my fear, and that was no laughing matter. I never paid any attention to "ufo" stories before, and dont remember ever thinking about what the "grays" or other space creatures might look like....so I thought it strange that part of my fear, when the sound of footsteps stopped at my window, was the sight of one looking back at me. That was really frightening. Also, some people have suggested that I might have been dreaming, but dreams are always distorted in some way or another. My room looked exactly what it looked like...no dream. I have often wanted to go to a hypnotist and see if there was any thing else that happened to me that night. But ...I havent. Im telling my story now because I am 63 years old, and dont care any more if I am ridiculed. I have played and replayed this exact scene over and over and over in my mind all these years. I havent altered anything. I just wish I knew what it was that I saw and heard that night. - MUFON CMS

Earth: An Alien Enterprise: The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-Up in Human History

Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldy Beings


Halton C. Arp, Astronomer Who Challenged Big Bang Theory, Dies at 86

But Dr. Arp, an artist’s son with a swashbuckling air, was no friend of orthodoxy. A skilled observer with regular access to a 200-inch telescope on Palomar Mountain, he sought out unusual galaxies and collected them in “The Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies” (1966), showing them interacting and merging with loops, swirls and streamers that revealed the diversity and beauty of nature.

But these galaxies also revealed something puzzling and controversial. In the expanding universe, as discovered by Edwin Hubble in 1929, everything is moving away from us. The farther away it is, the faster it is going, as revealed by its redshift, a stretching of light waves — like the changing tone of an ambulance siren as it goes past — known as a Doppler shift.

Dr. Arp found that galaxies with radically different redshifts, and thus at vastly different distances from us, often appeared connected by filaments and bridges of gas. This suggested, he said, that redshift was not always an indication of distance but could be caused by other, unknown physics. Read more at



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