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Saturday, November 23, 2013

'Jellyfish-Like' UFOs - North Georgia

I received the following UFO sighting report from a reader:

Hello. I have been a fan of your kind of info my whole life, and have been reading Phantoms and Monsters for at least a couple years now. But I had never had my own up close and personal experience. I have had many sightings of distant lights and things that “could” have been UFOs, but not definitively. That is, until a few weeks ago...I finally had my own, up close and personal UFO encounter, and right next to my house of all places, in the middle of the day!

Early November, 2013

So it was at noon on a weekday and everyone was at work, except me. I was doing my usual walk through the forest below my house, next to a cove of Lake Lanier in North Georgia. As I was walking back up the hill toward my house, a strange glint caught the corner of my eye. At first I kept walking, but the curious urge finally got the better of me and i decided to turn around and look.

“That couldn’t have been what I thought I saw...”

Sure enough, directly above the cove of the lake, were four glistening UFOs in a diagonal line. In fact, this diagonal line detail was the strangest and most consistent of all its details. There were four of them, seemed like scout ships, and the color was some sort of shiny metallic sheen, perhaps dark gray or black, but the way the sun hit it would cause the illusion of a blinking light. It was as if they could control the way the sun hit them and the way i perceived the sun hitting them as a blinking sort of “code”.

They were each perhaps the size of a large dog ( I cant think of any other reference ) and seemed to be actually “connected” where they met diagonally, like they were really one body and not four. Their shapes were the typical UFO saucer-like shape, except the ends weren’t rounded but almost pointy.

I looked around and there was nobody home. I was alone to witness this. I sat down on the hill and watched. The whole thing lasted about fifteen minutes. I sensed they were on some sort of scientific observation mission, but of course this is speculation. Every now and then they seemed to converge and form one larger craft, but I couldn’t tell if this perhaps was the illusion of the four of them rotating their position in some strange way.

The more I observed, the more aquatic-like they seemed. They didn’t appear physical, or solid, but almost aqueous, like jellyfish, slightly wavering. I think they became aware of my presence because after a few minutes they darted behind some nearby trees. (We are in a thick forest area). I was about to go home, but decided to wait a few minutes, and sure enough they slowly pop out again, this time moving further back away from me onto the opposite side of the cove.

Now they begin their “roaming mission” from the looks of it. They would zoom low over the cow fields and hover there for a few moments, always in a diagonal line, but still free to rotate in any direction, but always bound diagonally.

Then they would fly back up quickly to treetop level, hang out there a bit, then kind of leisurely check out another area. They were constantly changing angle, direction, speed, rotation, etc...

After fifteen minutes, they began rising slowly into the sky. They kept rising and rising, the sun hitting them and making them blink. But whereas before, the blinking had been like a code, now it took on the form of a repetitive on and off blink, which repeated until it was just a tiny speck in the distant horizon.

Rick J.
Buford, GA

NOTE: I have been receiving a steady stream of reports describing 'bio-form' UFOs...many are said to be 'jellyfish-like.' Lon

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